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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Hoxsfan206 View Post
Can you please actually explain how they're the same? NWO had totally different objectives, and the nexus comparison is just completely off. Are they the same as DX too? No matter what you guys would say "they're copying so and so!" Just for the simple fact that they are a stable even though their objective is completely different. Maybe you think what they're doing is stupid, but as of now it's somewhat original because lets be honest, you can say anyone or anything in the WWE right now is copying something from the past.
Here we go. Look, I already said that their video promo was a cheap rip off of the NWO. That is it. I realize the NWO had a totally different thing going. I already said that the NWO were the reason WCW became a big deal. In no way shape, or form The Shield is anywhere near the level of the NWO. They aren't even worthy of being compared to The Nexus, and The Nexus were awful, and so was The Corre. Other than that I am not making a comparison of how much these stables are alike. They aren't anything alike at all, other than sucking, and this excludes the NWO. Even the Wolf Pac was better than this shit.

All they do is come out, and interfere in matches. Big deal. This has been done over, and over, and over again. There is nothing new to this. The NWO was at a time where jumping ship to another company was a big deal, and the internet wrestling community was just being born. Things like this were still fresh for many live viewers. Today there is no "WCW" to jump ship to. There was a story behind the NWO, and it was fascinating. The Nexus was suppose to have this "big picture", and it turns out that it never did. They were all just fed to John Cena, and that was it. The Corre isn't even worth mentioning.

Nothing against S.E.S, but I didn't think they were anything special either. The best part about S.E.S was CM Punk. His whole gimmick could have gone over without S.E.S, and it was going over, and then they created S.E.S. I never liked to associate CM Punk with the occult because he doesn't rub as that type of person, but I guess the WWE was ok with the Manson look. He played it well, but I felt as though the other two were just a waste of space. Luke Gallows was seriously better as Festus. Punk made S.E.S what it was, and most people have a hard time calling S.E.S a legit stable anyhow since fans can hardly remember the other two.

If the WWE really wanted The Shield to make an impact they would have done it with Ryback. Right from the start with Ryback, he should have done short interviews where he would be asked questions like, "Ryback, what is your purpose?". Ryback says that he is part of The Shield, and explains what The Shield is. After every promo he cuts his final words should be "The Shield is a symbol of protection, under which I'm am to serve, and protect with force, integrity, truth, and justice." Ryback has the look of someone who could play this somewhat militant role.

Allow him to go over like he did with the fans before he starts cutting these promos. That's when the mention of The Shield starts to take place. For months we would hear about how he is part of this organization to protect the integrity of this great business. All the while Ryback is going through jobber after jobber like he actually did. Then, once it's gets to the point where it's Ryback vs Cena vs CM Punk, The Shield debuts. Ryback would be the leader, and the others would actually be these people.

Big E Langston - You mean to tell me he wouldn't look intimidating in Shield attire? Langston is a beast, and I think he certainly would have been a great part of this group. His overall look just screams fear, and I realize he is a bit short, but the all black would add to his intense look. I'm not a big fan of his, but I certainly do think that this guy would be a nice equalizer for any stable.

Roman Reigns - I don't have a problem with him in this group either. I think he fits right in actually. There is potential with this guy, and I think they have a star in the making with him. His look, and presence are solid. We know he has the pedigree, but we just have to wait, and see. The jury is still out on this guy. However, I do feel he fits right in to The Shield.

Ryback - I think had he turned heel in the Triple Threat match vs Cena, and CM Punk the crowd would have went nuts. His build was going great, but remember before his triple threat match his balls got smashed by Brad Maddox. The Shield, and more specifically Ryback could have called this an injustice, and thus being the reason Ryback turned heel. He claims that after losing his match to CM Punk he realized it was then time to equal the playing field. That's where Langston, and Reigns come down, and attack Cena, and CM Punk.

It is obvious judging by the mere booking of The Shield that this was a random idea with no real long term thought process. They had no build coming in to this stable. That's the problem with this stable. You have to be creative, and figure out how to make it grow. The idea I presented suggest that Ryback, this monster of a man who has been on tear mentions it only on rare occasions that he is interviewed. That gives it this mystique, or at least people will start questioning what the fuck he is talking about. Hell, have Langston, and Reigns work as jobbers vs Ryback who he has squashed. That way he can go back, and say that he knew exactly who he was going to put in The Shield the day he wrestled them. Ryback, Roman, and Langston would have owned.

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