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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

Originally Posted by Lariatoh! View Post
Yeah like I said those guys probably had their sights set on WWE, but TNA had CM Punk, they got rid of Aries before rehiring him back, now he is a world champion and they never gave Shelley a chance in ten years. Instead they kept signing over the hill acts that kept putting glass ceilings over deserving talent. Daniels should be maybe a 2-3 time WHC by now if management had any sense. They are only really just now realizing what they have had (and released) for a decade now, although probably still won't give him a title feud, even if it could be a good filler for Hardy between now and Lockdown. So many missed opportunities. At least Joe has one title reign und his belt. But TNA just keep making the same mistakes i.e. Devon, a guy that never drew a dime as a singles competitor and is close to 50 in their top storyline.

Guys like Magnus are so marketable and talented, they should be leading the way not being put on the sideline. TNA are doing better, but they still need to improve and focus on turning their wrestlers into true superstars.
I think that's the reason a lot of those wrestlers don't want to join TNA. Once in a while, you get a guy who gets a chance to succeed like Aries but most times the marketable stars get stuck off of TV or released like Desmond Wolfe or Petey Williams. I think the only reason Alex Shelley left was to finish college and compete in NJPW. He's stated many times that that was his dream. He can still come back whenever he wants to and I would welcome it. I wish Dixie would put out the money necessary for Desmond to get motivated and come back as well as Petey Williams. I like what they're doing with Daniels and Kazarian, I'm hoping they have something planned for Magnus if he returns during the UK shows!
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