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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

First off all, This is just my opinion on what i think should happen. Also i know technically Impact wrestling is the tv show name. Doesn't mean its not something they are still planning. Why else would we have the website be called it and house shows and world tours. Plus the outside world and business world is all ready referring the company to Impact wrestling. Just saying i think its something they are planning on phasing into. Since they spent years building TNA when they are still not even that big in the main stream.

To me this is the best way to build the company. It needs a proper wrestling identity the main stream world can take seriously. Impact Wrestling is a very good wrestling company name. Its short but meaningful and bold. The fact that they promote almost everything as IW makes me think over time they will change the name. Website is called it the world tours the house shows the impact wrestling roster.

Would you rather be a

TNA Total Non-Stop Action – World Champion


Impact Wrestling – World Champion

6 ppvs is around the right number. Its a dying concept and people dont want to invest big money as often every month.

Remember when wrestling had special shows on saturdays like saturday main event. Or even when wwe had its in your house half price conecpt. Every event had a different sub theme name to the show and it was a great idea. Take that idea but make it free on tv with 6 events a year. Have big build ups to ppvs.

They will make more money this way.

Company name - Impact Wrestling


Impact Wrestling's 2 hour Thursday night Reaction.

Impact Wrestling's 1 hour weekly – Cross the line

6 ppvs a year

Not in order

Destination x
New ppv name

6 Saturday night 2 hour live themed tv specials a year. Each event is themed in a different manner.

Just going to toss around silly bad names as examples

Impact wrestling's – Terror night halloween themed event.

Impact wrestling's – Rumble fest

Impact wrestling's – Whole F'n Show

Impact Wrestling's – Blank

Impact wrestling's – Blank

Impact wrestling's – Blank

Impact Wrestling - World TV championship

Impact wrestling – X Division Championship

Impact Wrestling's – Women Championship

Impact Wrestling's - World Tag team Championship

Impact wrestling's - World Championship

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