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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Cena-Lesnar from Extreme Rules is like a top TEN company match for me ever, so like... Obviously it's my MOTY , with Punk-Bryan KIND OF close (since it's almost ***** too believe it or not), and some others (HHH-Lesnar, HHH-Taker, Punk-Jericho WM) in the distance. FUCK. When I'm done this project I'm going to see all of this again.

In regards to Punk being better than Benoit & Guerrero in the ring ; he ISN'T. Is he THAT far off ? Nope, I really believe he isn't despite how much some people may hate that idea. If I were to say who's the better TOTAL PACKAGE of the three however ; the discussion would get really interesting between Guerrero and Punk.

I went back through the years and started GRADING guys out of 20 ; out of 10 for their in-ring skills, and out of 10 for their mic work, to determine who is the best "total package" in history, as well as breaking the list down into tiers. You can only be a "total package" in my eyes by having a 7.5 or over in both categories, so although they're better than some of these guys and SCORED HIGHER, (Benoit & Bret come to mind) they didn't average out well enough to make the cut. I'm talking about people who can wrestle just as good as they can cut promos.

The "Ric Flair" Tier

Ric Flair (Obviously) : 10/10 In-Ring , 10/10 Mic skills.

Ric Flair is the Greatest Wrestler of all time in my eyes. I've made that well known to pretty much everybody out there that will read my stuff, and as far as perfection comes in the industry, whether it be consistency OR great primes, Flair has EVERYBODY beaten. If I listed my top 10 GOAT matches, Flair would be in atleast 4 of them, and if I listed my top 10 promos ever, he might be in half of them. I just LOVE the guy.

The "Nearly Damn Perfect All Around" Tier

Steve Austin : 9/10 In-Ring, 9/10 Mic 18 total
Eddie Guerrero : 9.75 In-Ring, 8.25 Mic 18 total

The "All Time Great" Tier

Randy Savage : 9/10 In-Ring, 8.5 Mic 17.5 Total
Mick Foley : 8/10 In-Ring, 9.75/10 Mic 17.75 Total
CM Punk : 8.75 In-Ring, 8.75 Mic 17.5 Total
The Undertaker : 8.5 In-Ring, 7.5 Mic 16 Total
Triple H : 8.25 In Ring, 7.75 Mic 16 Total

The "CLOSE To All Time Greatness" Tier

John Cena : 8 In-Ring, 7.5 Mic 15.5 Total
Shawn Michaels : 8 In-Ring, 7.5 Mic 15.5 Total
Chris Jericho : 7.5 In-Ring, 8/10 Mic 15.5 Total

Probably missing alot of guys, but those are probably the 10 guys that I'd consider to be the best all-around talent that the WWE has ever seen. Guys like Benoit (10 In-Ring, 6 Mic) , Bret (9.75 In Ring, 7 Mic), and BACKLUND (9.5 In Ring, 7 Mic) would have a higher overall score (this being BETTER) than nearly half of the guys on my list, but it's a "complete packages" list so whatever.

In regards to Punk ; I think he definitely has a shot to hit that "Top 5 Total Package" status and beat out Savage & Foley in the future if he can. Personally, if he went out and had the same past two years in terms of match quality and promos for the NEXT 2-3 years, I could probably justify in my own mind putting him second. I don't think we'll ever see another Nature Boy, the Michael Jordan of wrestling in my eyes.

TRUST ME... I know how flawed alot of this is, so don't get on my case for it Now it's off to watch some HBK-HHH

"He's not the biggest. He was never the strongest. He was never the fastest. He was overlooked. He went in the sixth round. So with that being said, all of the intangibles that a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked it with him because it was burning from inside of him" - Ray Lewis on Tom Brady

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