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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Crusade View Post
Have you even been reading some of the Punk hater's comments? There are members like roadkill who blame Punk entirely for the ratings going down. That isn't a strawman, it's what people have been saying.

I never said Punk wasn't at fault. I even stated that he isn't a ratings draw . Where have I defended Punk other than saying that it isn't entirely his fault? Punk doesn't draw ratings, I get that. He isn't helping. But the writing around him has also been shockingly awful, the AJ/Cena storyline and the whole AJ scandal has been dreadful and it shows because not even Cena can pull the numbers up in his segment. The WHC storyline has been painfully generic and hasn't been drawing numbers either. None of the top stars right now are drawing anything significantly to suggest that it is entirely Punk's fault or even Punk's fault significantly. If it were, then especially Cena would be drawing significantly more than Punk and the numbers show that he isn't. Yes, I get that Raw for past few months has built round Punk but when even your poster child John Cena can't get the ratings to spike up in a storyline they have been building for months now that suggests that the ratings issue is a much bigger than one just one guy.

It's very easy to scapegoat and point the finger at one individual when in reality the problem is a lot larger than that. And that is what some Punk haters cannot admit: that Punk is only a part of the problem, he isn't the main or the whole issue here.

You could have someone like Austin or Rock in their prime who are two of the biggest draws this business has ever seen but if you don't have the right material behind them then people are simply not going to give a shit.
Some of the posters have terrible takes about CM Punk and go overboard with the hate, I won't deny that. But it's unfair to everyone else to just lump them into the same category as the idiots. It just devalues the entire opposing view in a really lazy and unreasonable way.

It's also just as easy to make excuses than it is to scapegoat.

My problem with this whole argument is this: One side makes a legitimate point or observation, and the other makes excuses for it. Just because "Punk haters" are annoying doesn't make everyone who talks about it a hater. It's constructive criticism.

Personally speaking, I don't want Punk gone, I just think the show's viewership would significantly improve if his reign was ended and they went in another direction with the title and the main storyline. Somehow that equates to being a "hater" though. I think I'm just being realistic. It's simply well past the point where it's "someone else's turn".

As for "the material sucks". . .dude, people have been saying that for years. That hasn't magically manifested itself when Punk got the title, so I don't see why that's suddenly the go to excuse when everyone was bashing Cena to hell and back as needing to be replaced. No one said a damn thing about his "material". It was just the guy. Now it's about the material, not the guy. . .because you guys actually like this particular wrestler.

I already addressed that argument in my last post though. I don't (and most don't) think Punk is the ONLY problem. He's just one of the biggest ones. Punk should always have a role in the show since he's one of the top 10 stars in WWE, it just shouldn't be as big as it is anymore. With guys like Punk, his title reigns shouldn't last more than 3-4 PPVs. He's more interesting chasing the title or being in grudge fueds. Sort of like the way Orton is more interesting chasing than actually being champ.

I don't think Punk is shit or something dude. His role just needs to be reduced for awhile. He's been champ way too long. It's boring now.
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