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Re: SmackDown in 2008

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
SD in 09 started to go to shit after the summer when Taker returned. The midcard went to the dogs when the Chosen One was constantly shoved down our throats. SD midcard scene was just great back in 2009. Great matches every week featuring the likes of Ziggler, Morrisson, Mysterio, Knox and Finlay. The thing I liked about SD 09 (just like '02 and '03) is that it wasn't just main event guys vs main event guys. They mixed things up as well. Edge vs Morrisson is a match that really made Morrisson stood out.

But once the Chosen One arrived and he got the IC title handled to him on a silver platter that was it. The division and the title was killed. Jericho and Mysterio really did a hell of a job reviving the title. It was the number 2 title behind the WHC not just on paper but in reality. It felt like it was an important title. Ziggler/Rey did what they did during the summer to continue that established credibility and then bam! McIntyre's handed it and does absolutely nothing afterwards. Maybe if McIntyre was a big star today, I couldn't have mind but to think that they fucked up a good thing to put over a guy who is today irrelevant just sucks really.

As for the main event scene, do i really need to explain Taker taking a page out of The Game's book?
I don't see Undertaker getting one final run with the championship as a negative or any form of bad. Wasn't a fan of the rumors towards Punk. That was terrible. It didn't matter. Look at Punk now. He's fine. Taker got a lengthy final run on top. It all worked out.

Blame the booking for the McIntyre flop. Well, I guess his incident in the hotel didn't help things. I wouldn't say he was shoved down our throats at all. He's very talented and they were building him up. How else do you build people up without a lot of exposure?

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