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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Yeah, some of them are quality. Like the one on the border and the promo on Rey with the goofy clothing and the camel is actually among his better ones. I'm mainly talking about his promos earlier in 05 in his final months as champion and during the Batista feud. It was truly the same ol' shit but he has a gem from January which I found hilarious. He talks about winning some kind of award and that kids chant his name every morning on their breakfast tables. Too bad I can't find it on youtube or even dailymotion. It's from 13/1/05 if you wanna see it.

And I guess it comes down to opinions because the Hogan match was dragged down heavily by the fact that the Hulkster was barely able to move whereas the casket match I found entertaining. Glad the Eddie match gets over 10 minutes. Should be good enough as I didn't even know that the two wrestled each other before Eddie's death in a singles match.
Yep. The Batista program is where I was referring to. Nothing about that program was good. Decent brawl at Summerslam '05 was it. haha. I don't recall that, but I'll TRY and scope it out. Doubtful if you couldn't find it yourself. Maybe I'll get Yeah1993 on it. He's the magician for finding things on the streaming sites.

Oh yeah, of course. I seem to be the only guy who doesn't like the casket match. No bother to me. I simply couldn't get into it. Maybe if it lacked Bob Orton Jr, I wouldn't be so negative on it. Maybe. Yep. One of Eddie's final bouts too. Strategic move to place him in the ring with one of the bigger/better heels at the time. Get that return to the face side going. Explains the bout vs Kennedy too. I wonder if Eddie made that any good. I know I marked big time for the finish back in the day.

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