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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Believe it or not, I usually skip JBL's segments when he has a mic. He's like SD's own Triple H in that he never shuts the fuck up and spends 10 minutes just to say the same ol' shit. I'm still a fan, though. Just not a fan of lengthy, dragged out promos that are based on cheap heat (how many times has he cut promos about Mexican stereotypes? I've lost count) or self-dick sucking (I'M A WRESTLING GAAAAAAWD AND A GREAT AMERICAN!). The match was good but I gotta be honest, I watched it yesterday before I went to bed and I've pretty much forgotten most of it already. I'm very excited for their JD2006 match, though. Have a feeling I'll like it but will wait until it's time to watch it.

Love EVERYTHING involving Taker/Orton including that casket match. Dunno why, but Orton wrestling in 2004-2007 is eye candy to me. And I've already seen the 4 way before, but didn't remember much save for the finish. A rewatch refreshed my memories and I still enjoy it as much.
Some of his promos were drawn out. The ones on Mexicans were my favorites though. Classic rich asshole bully. Brilliant. No Mercy crushes Judgment Day '06 imo. JD is good. Some people find it to be great. I'm sure you'll like it either way.

I was the same way with Orton. Except for that match. I rather was his match vs a one legged Hogan @ Summerslam '06 than that match. To it's credit, the Hogan match was A LOT better than I expected. Btw, the Orton/Eddie match went 15 minutes (including commercial) So, it should go about 11-12 total. I haven't since the night it aired (which explains the time I have) but I bet it's quality. Eddie rolling with his tweener shenanigans and Orton at his peak.

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