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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
Someone thinking that Punk is the biggest problem of the show now drawing does NOT = they think Punk is the only problem of the show. That's just a strawman argument for you to more easily argue against while you ignore the actual argument.
Have you even been reading some of the Punk hater's comments? There are members like roadkill who blame Punk entirely for the ratings going down. That isn't a strawman, it's what people have been saying.

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
It's dumb to act like Punk isn't significantly at fault when he's been spotlighted the ENTIRE TIME ratings have been falling. At some point, you have to open your eyes and see what the common denominator is. Punk gets the most air time, most of the mic time on the show period, and has the main story always circle around him.
I never said Punk wasn't at fault. I even stated that he isn't a ratings draw . Where have I defended Punk other than saying that it isn't entirely his fault? Punk doesn't draw ratings, I get that. He isn't helping. But the writing around him has also been shockingly awful, the AJ/Cena storyline and the whole AJ scandal has been dreadful and it shows because not even Cena can pull the numbers up in his segment. The WHC storyline has been painfully generic and hasn't been drawing numbers either. None of the top stars right now are drawing anything significantly to suggest that it is entirely Punk's fault or even Punk's fault significantly. If it were, then especially Cena would be drawing significantly more than Punk and the numbers show that he isn't. Yes, I get that Raw for past few months has built round Punk but when even your poster child John Cena can't get the ratings to spike up in a storyline they have been building for months now that suggests that the ratings issue is a much bigger than one just one guy.

It's very easy to scapegoat and point the finger at one individual when in reality the problem is a lot larger than that. And that is what some Punk haters cannot admit: that Punk is only a part of the problem, he isn't the main or the whole issue here.

You could have someone like Austin or Rock in their prime who are two of the biggest draws this business has ever seen but if you don't have the right material behind them then people are simply not going to give a shit.

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