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Re: The Cult Presents - WWE 2011 - Entertainment Personified

WWE Survivor Series | Sunday 20th November, 2012 | Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

We are live in Madison Square Garden, the video package for tonight highlights the recent goings on in WWE, the ongoing struggle for the World Heavyweight Championship, the chance for the voiceless and the conflicting thoughts of The Rock, Alberto Del Rio or John Cena? now we cross ringside to a beautiful display of pyrotechnics before the 3 man announce team welcome us, Michael Cole, Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Jim Ross. The sold out crowd are ecstatic as the camera pans across their gleeful faces, plenty of signs benefitting CM Punk are shown clearly a popular figure here tonight.

However it's now time for action, and what a start we've got to the show, Team Rhodes versus Team Orton! The entrances are done and dusted as the Madison Square Garden faithful waiting in anticipation.

Traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Rhodes; Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Hunico, Drew Mcintyre and Tyson Kidd versus Team Orton; Randy Orton, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Chris Masters and Yoshi Tatsu

The crowd are certainly up for this, Randy's team take the early advantage with plenty of quick tags taking place. Tyson Kidd is the man being worked over, his yelps of pain audible. Several minutes pass, each member of Team Orton get some of Kidd before Yoshi Tatsu gets his chance. The facepaint wearing warrior has certainly had his differences with Kidd over on NXT in the past. Yoshi's aggression however proves negative in his downfall, Tatsu repeatedly hammers away at Tyson who out of nowhere sweeps Yoshi by the legs and locks in a Dungeon Lock! Tatsu who is a proud competitor did his best to get through the pain but to no avail as he tapped out!

Elimination #1 - Yoshi Tatsu via Tyson Kidd

Tyson soon after eliminating Tatsu takes time to gloat, clearly antagonizes the New York crowd as he's a proud Canadian, however he won't be proud of his foolishness, Sin Cara waits in the wings before charging at Kidd, nailing La Mistica! Kidd is planted with authority as he is eliminated!

Elimination #2 - Tyson Kidd via Sin Cara

It's time for two rivals to do battel once again now, there is certainly some fantastic lucha libre style wrestling on display between Sin Cara and Hunico. With the latter taking advantage, he grounds Cara before dragging him to the dreaded corner, plenty of quick tags are used before Cody Rhodes distracts the referee allowing some cheating in the corner. Cara has had a lot took out of him here as Cody is calculating in his strikes, aiming for Cara's knee. Again more teamwork by Cody and his cohorts, Drew Mcintyre comes in and lays an elbow on Cara's knee whilst Cody keeps him down. Drew definitely wants to take his chance on PPV here tonight but a lapse in judgment could prove costly, Drew whips Cara to the ropes and out of nowhere the masked sensation leapfrogs him before making a big tag to Chris Masters! The Masterpiece bounds into the ring, showing no mercy as he clubs Drew with axe handle after axe handle! Masters is pumped as he charges towards Rhodes' corner and cleans house knocking everybody off the apron! This is before turning his attentions back to a staggering Mcintyre who he puts in the MASTERLOCK! Drew hasn't got a chance, the referee calls for the bell before Masters throws Drew to the mat, Team Orton have the man advantage!

Elimination #3 - Drew Mcintyre via Chris Masters

Team Rhodes are regrouping on the outside, all three men huddled together as Sin Cara begs for the tag from Chris Masters who obliges. Cara points to the unaware trio on the outside before taking his run up an vaulting over the top rope, NO! ALL THREE MEN CATCH CARA, BARRETT HOISTS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS, WASTELAND THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Cara has been broken in half! HOLY SHIT chants sound out through the garden as the referee begins to count, Cara isn't going to make it, 8, 9, 10! CARA HAS BEEN COUNTED OUT!

Elimination #4 - Sin Cara via count out

The standstill is off now as the match resumes, Wade Barrett and Sheamus are the two men in the fray. Stiff shots are being hit by Sheamus, beating on Wade's chest with authority. Both men work each other for several minutes before Randy Orton makes a blind tag on Sheamus before entering and cleaning house. Barrett suddenly backs up into the corner and tags in Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, the man Orton wants. It's an all out brawl between the rivals and ORTON TAKES CODY'S MASK OFF! CODY COWERS IN THE CORNER AS ORTON HOLDS THE MASK HIGH! Barrett and Hunico are in there now though, hammering away at Orton, Chris Masters now enters on behalf of Orton and he clotheslines Barrett and Hunico over the top rope before exiting, the referee's attention is on the train wreck outside as is Orton's...CODY HAS THE PROTECTIVE MASK IN HAND, BAM! ORTON IS DOWN, CODY MAKES THE COVER, 1...2...3! Orton is out!

Elimination #5 - Randy Orton via Cody Rhodes

What a sadistic smile from Rhodes, he places the mask back on as Sheamus enters the match now, taking it right to Cody. Several minutes of action go by before Cody takes control of Sheamus, DISASTER KICK! SHEAMUS IS DOWN, RHODES MAKES A TAG TO HUNICO WHO CLIMBS THE TOP ROPE! Hunico seizes up Sheamus who is getting onto his feet before he leaps, BROGUE KICK! Sheamus nails Hunico before making a cover and eliminating him!

Elimination #6 - Hunico via Sheamus

The next elimination to occur is the one of the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION CODY RHODES! With Masters being isolated, Cody and Barrett took advantage until Sheamus bound in, the Irishman took Wade Barrett out over the top rope, of course the momentum took Sheamus over too, meanwhile Chris Masters took advantage and locked in a MASTERLOCK! Cody tried to fight his way out but to no avail... IT'S 2 ON 1!

Elimination #7 - Cody Rhodes via Chris Masters

The crowd are electric as Masters launches Cody aside, the Intercontinental Champion simply falls to the floor, his head bouncing back off the canvas. Wade Barrett slowly makes his way back into the ring now, he and Masters go at it for several minutes. The conclusion the match comes after some great teamwork by Masters and Sheamus, Masters grabs Wade in a Full Nelson allowing Sheamus to hit a Brogue Kick, to add insult to injury Masters locks in a Masterlock as the legal man to get the submission victory for Team Orton!

Elimination #8 - Wade Barrett via Chris Masters

Winners: Team Orton; Sheamus and Chris Masters are the survivors.

Following this match we get a video package...


We're back to the arena now where we've been informed of a situation backstage, that is where we cross to and if there were any doubts on Zack Ryder's condition tonight they've certainly been ended as the camera shows Ryder knocked out unconscious, Team Punk have surrounded him with concern as numerous paramedics attend to him. It looks like Team Punk need a new member for tonight!

However it's time for the next bout which is...

#1 Contenders Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships
The Usos versus Primo & Epico

This match is a nice calming session for the MSG crowd, although as expected it is very lively! Primo and Jimmy are the legal men here, BAM! OUT OF NOWHERE JIMMY IS NAILED WITH A DROPKICK. Both of these teams certainly want the title shot for TLC, The Usos are on fire! Jimmy makes a tag to Jey who vaults over the top rope, BIG SHOULDER TO EPICO! He's right back up and swings wildly, SUPERKICK! Jey is climbing up top... SUPERFLY SPLASH! It's over.

Winners and #1 Contenders The Usos

Backstage where we go again now, Matt Striker stands alongside Christian for an interview. Christian states that tonight he takes the first part of his stand against Teddy Long, he badmouths the GM calling him pathetic in trying to rid Christian from Smackdown. Christian says he will beat whoever Long has chosen and will prove he still deserves one more match!

We watch Christian make his entrance first before Theodore Long then comes out with a microphone in hand. We all wait in anticipation for his handpicked superstar... A RETURNING REY MYSTERIO!

If Christian loses he must leave Smackdown
Christian versus Rey Mysterio w/Theodore Long

Christian is still up in arms over this match as Rey takes it to him on his return to the ring. Mysterio and Christian engage in a pretty technical match until Christian talks trash to Teddy Long causing him to be distracted, Rey dropkicks him in the spine, Christian is set up for a 619... WHAT THE HELL!? A large man has jumped the barricade and he stands between Rey and Christian, the latter has now got to his feet. THAT'S BRODUS CLAY! Clay simply stares at Rey with a look of venom... CHRISTIAN IS SMILING AS HE TAPS CLAY ON THE BACK, OH MY GOD! BRODUS CLATTERS MYSTERIO DOWN TO THE MAT!

Rey Mysterio wins via Disqualification; Christian must leave Smackdown!

The assault continues from Clay, he drives Rey into the corner with some monstrous shoulders. Christian has exited the ring and has a tight grip on Teddy Long's brown suit jacket, he has rolled Teddy into the ring now as the GM backs up into a wall, a wall of a man known as Brodus Clay. Brodus grabs a hold of Long, nearly snapping his arms with force. BAM! Christian slaps Long across the face, almost being a slap goodbye, Christian and Clay leave together as Teddy and Rey are laid out.

After a brief Be A Star video we return backstage where Christian and Brodus Clay saunter, on their travels they bump into John Laurinaitas to some big heat. John congratulates Brodus on an impressive debut before welcoming Christian to Monday night's!

From here we cross to CM Punk's locker room, clearly he has a lot to think about with his team a man short. What an ovation! COO Triple H enters wearing his usual suit, his words are short and sweet as he claims he forgives Punk for not picking him on the team and he'll have Punk's back out there. Hunter leaves the scene as Punk tries to tell him something before he can go, however he doesn't speak quick enough as he holds his head in his hands, what he had to say clearly holds some significance.

Tag Team Match
Divas Of Doom; Beth Phoenix and Natalya versus Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres

Utter domination comes to mind when watching this match. Beth and Natalya are clearly showing why they dominate the divas division. The finish to the match comes when Beth nails a GlamSlam on Kelly, meanwhile the two legal divas are Natalya and Eve, the latter has been placed in a Sharpshooter and has no choice but to tap out!

Winners: Divas Of Doom via submission

From this we head to a video...

WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs
December 18, 2011

World Heavyweight Championship
Mark Henry versus Big Show

What a thud! Several minutes in these two giants charge into each other, both men crash into the canvas. It takes both men a while to get onto their feet... WM-NO! Henry dodges it and bounds off Show has him by the throat! CHOKESLAM! The cover, 1...2...NO! Henry kicks out! Show calls for the WMD again, Henry ducks however and hoists Show up World's Strongest Slam! Henry makes the cover!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry

Backstage now with The Rock! Rock dons the famous white and black stripes whilst Josh Matthews asks how he is going to call the match, Rock simply takes the microphone and goes on his usual tirade of vocals, before claiming that Madison Square Garden will be rocked!

Team Nash make their entrance first before Team Punk then make theirs, and here comes Triple H! WAIT! CM Punk has a microphone and cuts off the music. Punk says he didn't say Hunter could join his team and that tonight belongs to the voiceless before stating Zack Ryder's replacement is a good friend of Punk's Curt Hawkins!? Hunter is livid but has no choice but to go to the back, Kevin Nash laughs at him from the ring whilst the teams ready themselves.

Traditional Survivor Series 5 on 5 Elimination Match
Team Nash; Kevin Nash, The Miz, R-Truth, United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero versus Team Punk; CM Punk, WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, Mr Money In The Bank Daniel Bryan and Curt Hawkins

Our first elimination occurs several minutes in and it is Jack Swagger who makes way, Swagger has Bourne in the corner and charges at him but Evan puts his legs up knocking Swagger down before Evan goes for the roll up, 1...2...3!

Elimination #1 - Jack Swagger via Evan Bourne

R-Truth is next almost immediately after Swagger. Truth charges at Bourne who dodges and tags in Kofi Kingston, Kofi quickly hits a Trouble In Paradise!

Elimination #2 - R-Truth via Kofi Kingston

The next elimination doesn't occur for a while however the man who goes is none other than Curt Hawkins, sadly it was inevitable after Kevin Nash got a hold him hitting a Jack knife Powerbomb!

Elimination #3 - Curt Hawkins via Kevin Nash

How cheeky from Nash, he begins to take the piss out of Triple H by doing the crotch chop! Evan Bourne comes in trying to get some offense in, Nash however is dominant, he simply tosses Bourne around like a rag doll before tagging in Dolph Ziggler. Dolph shows off for the crowd in attendance before hitting a Zig Zag, 1...2...3!

Elimination #4 - Evan Bourne via Dolph Ziggler

Team Nash are level again now, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan have some fantastic mat wrestling for a few minutes, eventually Bryan makes the hot tag to Kofi Kingston who vaults in, Kevin Nash is in now however and BAM! What a boot from Nash, Kevin makes a tag to The Miz now who enters and simply rolls Kingston over and covers him.

Elimination #5 - Kofi Kingston via The Miz

It's 3 on 2, Bryan is in and takes it straight to Miz, these two have history! Several minutes go by until Bryan eliminates Ziggler, forcing him to submit to the Labell Lock!

Elimination #6 - Dolph Ziggler via Daniel Bryan


Elimination #7 - Daniel Bryan via DQ

CM Punk is furious, he gets in Triple H's face. Simply questioning why Hunter did it, Triple H ignores Punk and simply exits the ring. Nash is down, Punk climbs up top, ELBOW DROP! Nash is out!

Elimination #8 - Kevin Nash via CM Punk

It's one on one, the finish however comes when Miz sets up for a Skull Crushing Finale, only to be hit with a GTS!

Winners: Team Punk; CM Punk survives

It's main event time...

WWE Championship
Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez versus John Cena
Special Guest Referee: The Rock

The end of the match is here, Rock has had his moments with both men here, he's also took Ricardo out with a Rock Bottom! Del Rio and Cena have left it all in the ring, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! 1...2...ROCK STOPS COUNTING AND SMILES AT CENA! John at first sees the funny side as he stands up, him and Rock still smiling. OH MY GOD! CENA NEARLY BEHEADS THE ROCK WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

Winner and still WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio

Madison Square Garden are furious, Cena has the jeers reigned in at him, he's not finished he mimics Rock's signature stance before hitting a Rock Bottom! That is before hitting a PEOPLE'S ELBOW! Survivor Series goes off the air with Cena standing tall over The Rock!
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