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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I liked it a bit more than Cactus, but yeah overall it wasn't a match that won me over when I heard the praise for it going in. Davey did sell for most of the match, even though the only time the selling actually really played into a sequence was Elgin's great slip when trying to stand after being in an ankle lock leading to Davey hitting a running kick. I thought the pacing and structure was off for the most part. They had this weird pacing where both guys would go on offence every 2-3 minutes rather than letting one guy get a consistent workover. This was particularly problematic when Elgin hit that beautiful counter on the outside to establish control and really should have been allowed to destroy Richards and make you question how he could come back and retain, but instead nothing really kicked off from that transition spot and they just sort of traded control before the finishing stretch.

I can see why people can look at how it made Elgin look legit (in the eyes of the ROH fans in attendance, as I didn't really think it came close to other breakthrough matches/performances) and why people who love the ROH style would dig it, but its just not a match for me. It wasn't as bad as I feared going in, but it was hardly that much better than I could have expected.

I really should watch more Allmark. I think I'll watch the Mason series over the next couple of days. I've seen bits and pieces of Wayne, a match with Escobar from June that was pretty good (but not as good as I'd seen others pimp it) and a brawl/No DQ match in some obscure setting which again had some great things going for it but overall wasn't 'amazing'. He has really good punches and is a good heel, also seems to be able to work a more general indy match and put enough structure, pacing and selling into it for a lot of the bigger spots to have meaning. The Escobar match for example had a few sequences that could have been really bad if they weren't timed/sold as well as they were, the suicide dive into a DDT on the guardrail being an obvious one here.

Watch this if you haven't already Yeah1993:

Really good and fun match. Think I'm right in saying it was Seabs who pimped this match and got me to check it out. Certainly didn't disappoint and another feather in the Finlay indy run.

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