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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

Solid way to begin the show with Cena. Jam Cena?? What Cena had to say was on point, putting over how dangerous the Cell can be, I would’ve liked to see him go into detail about how it changes lives to really make a statement of how dangerous it can be. You’ve played up Del Rio’s fluke wins a lot in this promo, which might not have been a good move as Del Rio should be sold well if he’s going to compete in a HIAC but I can see why you did it. I think Del Rio wins at HIAC just because he hasn’t had that moment where he wins without any help or cheating. at Cena doing the fist pump. Solid opening to the show.

Love the symbolism of Rey’s mask on John’s desk. Xavier will be a solid edition to Raw, which will no doubt help to make this thread your own. Bourne jobbing to Clay was expected, unfortunately for Jam, at least he got a little bit of offense. The result was never in question and Clay needed the victory to continue his momentum and Bourne wouldn’t lose any because you’ve made Clay look like a beast after last week.

Striker always manages to piss people off with some of his comments I thought this was an okay interview, Punk was really good, Kofi was alright. Another good match, I actually like Riley and think he has some potential, but Drew needed to win to continue this thing with Ziggler. No way McIntyre lies down for Dolph at Hell in a Cell, if he’ smart he’ll go for the title and then Dolph can move on to something bigger.

Shinier belt

I stopped watching before Johhny became GM, but I looked back and can really see why he got so much heat. Dat gravelly voice. Johnny saying that the Raw Superstars were out to get him was gold, as it seems the opposite at the minute. Really good match here, your match writing is really good, imo. I expected Punk and Kofi to interfere, as despite Kozlov and Marella not exactly being the best champions, Truth and Miz shouldn’t win them just yet. Didn’t expect Triple H to make the save but it makes me think the tag match at Hell in a Cell will be utter chaos.

Dat HIAC video ... dat HIAC hype commentary.

No way was Brie gonna’ win this match, despite my personal feelings towards her I’m actually finding this Kelly thing to be extremely interesting, I don’t think she wins at HIAC to further her slide down into whatever she’s going to do. Very intrigued by this, not often you can say that for a Divas feud. I love his Miz is all fired up, shouting while Johnny seems as calm as they come. Oh, a surprise for Punk?? It’s Nash isn’t it??

Found it out interesting that even though Ryder was attacked in the beginning, he was still able to compete with the WWE Champion for ten minutes. Good way to show how tough he is. Del Rio picking up the win was expected and the transition from the earlier in the show when Del Rio was on top to now Cena being on top was good. Solid way to create some intrigue to the show at HIAC.

I found this show to be a solid go home show, you seem to be improving a lot on your promos and the match writing is still good. Booking was solid throughout, and you’ve created a lot of intrigue for HIAC with Punk’s surprise, Kelly’s stuff, U.S Title and of course the HIAC WWE Championship. Sorry if I didn’t go into detail in this review, just thought I’d give brief thoughts on it.
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