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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

What an opener that was! I think you've definitely improved on your promos but you can always improve on that. There was just one time or two times where I think Cena and Del Rio sounded a bit off but the rest were fine. This kind of felt like the ending of a RAW episode instead of the opening segment. If this is how your opening is like, then your ending has got to be strong as well. Del Rio looked very credible in this segment. So you seem to know how to build Del Rio well here, good job with that. Good job on the opening! JAAAAAAAAAAAM CENAAAAAAA! Cool kid.

Xavier Woods huh? Not sure what he'd do really. Help out the midcard? Help review the Crusierweight Division? I don't know but having new guys called up to the main roster is always exciting. Oh man, poor Evan Bourne here. Couldn't you pick someone else to job to Brodus? Haha. That's all I'll really say on that. Oh and that I like this Brodus Clay much better.

Really good interview here. I thought Punk would dominate this segment but Kofi dominated that segment for sure. Kofi is definitely someone who could elevate to main event status if you do it right so I'm glad you're trying to do that. That line about them being tag champions before was great, giving them more of an advantage. Snarky little comment from Punk to Striker afterwards, haha. Very interesting scenario you've drawn up with Drew and Dolph. I actually have a feeling that Drew will lay down for Dolph and they'll not let him into their business deal or whatever. A Drew/Dolph feud will be great to see and should make the US Title mean that much more.

Oh Big Johnny, what a heat magnet. I really don't like the guy but I guess that makes him the right fit for this new stable that is formed on RAW. I was kind of pulling for Awesome Truth to win the titles here since I'm not a big fan of Koztino. But they got a huge rub with that win, so hopefully they bring credibility to the tag titles. Everything put in motion here was brilliant! Faction war coming up, love it!

Storyline for the divas division is always good in my books. Maybe an Eve heel turn at the PPV? Who knows. Liked that we got some reaction from the Johnny L. Administration. One phone call huh, wonder who that may be. Kevin Nash? Hmm, interesting segment you've got here with Otungacutty. Hope you don't bring them back with a dancing gimmick or anything. They'd actually be a good addition to the tag team if Otunga learns how to wrestle and Mike learns to talk. I await their re-debut.

Main event was what it was, pretty standard. I did think you made Ryder look pretty good. He was attacked but still continued on the match with the WWE Champion and he got to be in the main event. Ryder could've really been something but they messed that up so I'm glad you recognize that. He'd be a good addition to the midcard and maybe go higher than that if you build him up really good.

Overall, it was a good episode. I like the back and forth with Del Rio and Cena. I really liked the opening, it was stronger than the ending. The matches were fun to read and I know that you've been having fun writing them. I'm always a fan of the rundown of the PPV card, so I read the commentary on that. No complaints from me man. Good job!

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