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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Nervosa View Post
Only watched it once, and I loved it. Maybe I'm losing my grip on reality. Or maybe I just need to rewatch it.
I loved it too on my first watch. Got sucked into Nigel egging on Elgin. On the second watch, I thought it was fucking terrible though.

Originally Posted by Cactus
Random Rewatch:
Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin - ROH Showdown in the Sun Day 2

I really don't know why I was so high on this when I first watched this. It was probably the spots that lured me in on my first time but on a second watch I can really see how terrible this match was. There are admittedly some awesome looking spots like the top rope tiger suplex and the fisherman's buster to the floor but there really is nothing behind them and both guys brush themselves off and no-sell their way to next less-impressive spot.

Davey's flaws really can be seen here. Elgin is meant to be a fucking machine and he should be dominating Davey for a good portion of the start and middle of the match but he just keeps fucking reversing everything and it makes Elgin look like any other ROH midget. It's okay to reverse the odd move and hint at a comeback when you are doing a big man vs little man match but Davey really took the piss and killed any sense of structure that Elgin was building.

Don't get me wrong, Elgin wasn't exactly a star here and he's certainly no Mark Henry when it comes to establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. While Davey's levels of no-selling Elgin's suplexes did really annoy me, Elgin kept resorting to that 'Fighting Sprint' comeback way too many times and it was almost comical. One of the best parts of the match was due to Elgin trying to do his little comeback but collapses due to the punishment his ankle has taken. It's the first sign of selling in this match and it was awesome... until Elgin decides to resort back to no-selling once again.

I'm going on way too much. It's funny how I sometimes struggle to come up with 4-5 lines why I love a match but when tearing this match a new asshole, it all comes naturally. In a nutshell, Richards/Elgin is unstructured mess of a match which spots I would enjoy on their own, but it's really not worth the effort to sit through this sorry excuse of a match.

Rating: ★
I'm on the same boat with Edwards/Richards at BITW last year. I loved it initially, but on a rewatch it felt like bit of a mess and even if you visually sell a limb, it means jackshit if that injury isn't going to disable you from pulling of big moves. That's a main problem I have with Davey's selling when he does choose to sell.

I will give credit where credit is due and I will say that I loved ending spot where Davey boots Eddie in the head and the opening 10 minutes or so were solid stuff.
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