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Re: CSE (????? Sports Entertainment)

Thursday, January 3rd 2013

Another show opens with John Cena. This time, he is actually in person as he comes down to the ring. He has the Money In The Bank Briefcase in one hand and a framed copy of the documents saying he owns the company in the other. He flashes both of them around like they are titles as he comes down to the ring. He gets in the ring, places his shit on the floor and grabs a mic.

John Cena:
Yo yo Cena is in the house tonight
And you know I aint leavin unless I win every fight
People say I think I'm rambo, and I'm trying to mimic
So I thought I should bring back my Eminem gimmick
Cena Sports Entertainment, I own this promotion
Now Vince is the one rubbing me with some lotion
Watch the raitings rise
as real wrestling fans cry
I'd suspended Rob for longer if I caught him getting high
I'll have to thank my ghost writer, for this 'freestyle' pre-written
But I have the money in the bank and I'm going to cash it-in
So Punk you better be ready, don't try to act cool
Everyone knows your fucked up on drugs in the hospitool
Im going to break your back and fuck you in the ass and make you humble
And then retain the title over the rock AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE!

John Cena VS Dolph Ziggler
Cena was distracted and Ziggler quickly hit the Zig-Zag. At the cover, Cena kicked out on a 1 count and then quicky hit the STFU on Ziggler, making him tap out @ 0:33

Kaitlyn VS Layla VS Aksana
The most attractive woman nearly got the pin after her respective finisher, but It was broken up. The most dyke looking diva hit a botched DDT on the attractive one to score the pinfall @??????

Backstage, the Rock is shown leaving the Woman's locker room, with lipstick on his neck, goosebumps on his arms and electricity running through his body

Rey Mysterio VS Sin Cara in a Lucha Rules Match
Actually not a shit match. They wrestled a good 20 minutes in the first fall, with a total of 116 Arm-drags or outside dives performed. Cara pinned Mysterio after a top rope arm-drag for the first fall @ 21:10. After a bit of chain wrestling, Mysterio quickly hit a rolling arm-drag and a rollup to even the score up @ 23:24. Mysterio then tripped him into the ropes, hit the 619 and Midget Splash to win the match. However, the ref wouldn't count it as he didn't perform an arm-drag therefore the pin was invalid. While Mysterio was arguing with the ref about the arm-drag stereotype not being true, and Lucha's can perform other such moves, Cara nailed Mysterio WITH A MOTHER FUCKER SPRINGBOARD ARM-DRAG! Cara pinned Mysterio to win the match @ 26:18

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