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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho judgment day 2008

First off the bat this match is storytelling 101, at backlash shawn faked an injured knee to win his match against Batista, and the weeks leading up to this match Jericho called him the biggest actor in sports entertainment history. Until Jericho and shawn team up and shawn still sells that he has a knee injury, in which Jericho finally admits he was wrong only for shawn to super kick him and tell him he's not hurt.

This was such a unique feud as shawn was acting as the heel, and Jericho the babyface however the roles where reversed. This match was still at the time a babyface vs babyface contest. At the start I love how Jericho is still so adamant that shawn has a knee injury so he goes after it, some great counter wrestling here. Shawn gives Jericho a huge slap to the face and hides in the corner seriously how is he not the heel, that's how amazing this feud was. Jericho finally leaves his attack on the leg of shawn and with a desperation move he gets his knees to shawns rib. He then attacks the rib section of Shawn, which makes sense at wm24 shawn destroyed his ribs against flair. Abdominal stretch applied by Jericho, everything attacking the rib area of shawn. Kudos to shawn he really sold the ribs perfectly. Cool spot with shawn on the outside and Jericho attempt his spring board shoulder block, only to get hit with the super kick.

Shawn rolls him back in the ring and tunes up the band, only for Jericho to continually stay down as did shawn at backlash amazing storytelling. Shawn walks over right into the code breaker 1,2..... Kick out wow. Jericho then with hard shots to the ribs of shawn but gets caught in a desperation crossface, but finally reaches the ropes. Jericho goes for a lionsault but shawn blocks, then Jericho counters with the walls but then shawn counters with a roll up for the win.

In 15 minutes they told an unbelievably story, this is one of my favourite matches ever from my 2 favourites superstars of all time. I may be the biggest mark for this match in the world, but I think it's amazing I'm such a sucker for great storytelling. If you haven't seen this match, you don't know what your missing but I recommend you go back and watch the promo before this match so you fully understand how great the story of this match really is.

**** 1/4

Still Happened.
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