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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Triple H vs Randy Orton @ JD 08 AKA The match that's not really bad but it's the most boring fucking thing you'll ever watch in your life ? .... Yeah you don't lose much by NOT seeing that match. I'll letcha know whether HBK-Y2J holds up though. BUT FOR NOW, HERE'S THIS ;

Best in the North Pole 5 Second Review ; The Road Warriors (life and Death of the Most Popular Tag Team in History

Since this is a five second review , I'll give you some quick hit thoughts about the doc ; pretty decent. No complaints here, as they spend a huge amount of time focusing on LOD PRE-wrestling such as the gym and bouncing and whatnot. For a fitness freak like myself it's fine but for your causal fan it probably sucks. As a WRESTLING doc it's not on par with some of the better features (or even above average), but if you're looking to pass some time away and you need something to watch you should check it out. Animal seems to put himself over alot though, I don't know why I get that vibe from him, but I do for some reason. If I were to slap a quick rating on this I'd give the doc.....



The Road Warriors vs Joe Young & Randy Barber (NWA 83) : Squash

The Road Warriors vs Arn Anderson & Paul Jones (NWA 83) : Squash

The Road Warriors vs The Briscoes (NWA 83) : **

The Road Warriors vs Mike Jackson & Tracy Stone (NWA 83) : SQUASH

The Road Warriors vs Baron Von Raschke & The Crusher (AWA 84) : **

The Road Warriors vs Larry & Curt Hennig (AWA 85) : **

The Road Warriors vs The Fabulous Freebirds (AWA Superclash 85) : ***

The Road Warriors vs Ronnie Garvin & Magnum T.A (NWA Crockett Cup 86) : **

The Road Warriors vs Ivan & Nikita Koloff (Russian Chain Match; GAB 85) : **

The Road Warriors vs The Midnight Express (Scaffold Match ; Starrcade 86) : 1/2*

The Road Warriors vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (Starrcade 1987) : ***

The Road Warriors vs The Midnight Express (NWA 88) : **

The Road Warriors vs Demolition (Wrestling Challenge 91) : * 3/4

The Road Warriors vs The Hart Foundation (Wrestlefest 91) : ***

The Road Warriors vs Hulk Hogan & Tenryu (Japan 91) : ***

The Road Warriors vs The Nasty Boys (Summerslam 91) : ** 1/4

The Road Warriors vs Money Inc (Summerslam 92) : **

The Road Warriors vs Sting & Lex Luger (Superbrawl 96) : **

The Road Warriors vs The Goddwins (RAW 1997) : * 3/4

As you can see, these are not The Steiner's we're dealing with here in terms of match quality. The match listing is PRETTY bad for a WWE Home Video release, and what's hilarious is that I probably overrated a ton of these matches due to just being finished with the WORST 3 disc match listing in WWE history (DVD that shall and will never be named). This match listing, while BAD, isn't HORRIBLE because of a few reasons ; there are a number of fun Road Warrior squashes here that are entertaining to see because of the horrified looks on the jobbers faces, the matches are all relatively short with none clocking in at more than 15 minutes I believe, and the matches that ARE rateable are usually below average-decentish matches.

We do however get 3 matches you should check out between ***-*** 1/4 , and the show stealer in the Hogan/Tenryu match. AWESOME, AWESOME shit right there and probably the best normal tag LOD match there is honestly. That's the only required viewing from this DVD ; the Japan tag with Hogan and Tenryu. Everything else you can skip, because there isn't anything memorable besides that whatsoever. It's LOD, the HOGAN of tag teams, what should you expect other than formula based matches that aren't that great. This is more or less a showcase of a TON of tag teams from the 80s and 90s (Briscoes, Harts, Nasties, Demolition, Arn & Tully, etc) in potentially each team's worst match ever

On a final note , only BUY this DVD if you're a Road Warriors fan or you don't care about match quality at all and love Hogan/Warrior-ish guys. If you're bored, check out the doc, and you SHOULD check out the Japan tag if you're a fan of tag team wrestling. If you don't like tag team wrestling, the obvious answer would be to stay away from the DVD. The Documentary passes, but the match listing brings this down to a slight fail for me.


PS: The Scaffold Match was the worst idea for anything in professional wrestling history.

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