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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II

Originally Posted by Deck the skyfalls View Post
IT had 6 stories going on simultaneously (different time periods but all being shown throughout the movie). A lot of the actors just put on wigs and makeup to play different characters in a different story. Hugo Weaving was a woman, Halle Berry played a white girl (and a black slave earlier), and a lot of the actors were made to look korean. But the defense argument is that they wanted the audience to be able to tell who the characters were and that their "embodiment" carried on throughout the years. something like that. It was cool.
Got to give it a download. I'm far too curious. Have to see it for myself.

Originally Posted by StoneColdJedi™ View Post
Can't even say that, as much as I would love to give you the slightest of opinions, positive or negative. Not at least publicly.

What's wrong with Ms. Watson?
Understandable. Like I said, I'm already going to check it out. Hopefully in theaters a day or two after it opens.

She's no Portman. Although, she's not bad.

Watched The Dark Knight Rises atm. It's great. Nowhere near my love for The Dark Knight, but hey, still a success.

Spoiler for The Dark Knight Rises:
Called that swerve towards the end. Not the details behind it. Only the fact that Miranda would go heel. I really, really liked how it tied into Batman Begins. I wasn't expecting that to come into play. Gave it a more finality vibe. Didn't like how it made Bane come off as a second fiddle villian. I was fairly lukewarm on him during it. That voice was weird. I didn't expect it. Maybe my knowledge on Batman comics/cartoons seemed to block out that Bane sounds like an old world philosopher in a massive body. And his death was so sudden, it confirms my fact that he wasn't as big of a deal as Miranda turned out to be. Funny how that works. LOVED the ending. Best part of the film. I now fully understand more as to why Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored to play Batman in the Justice League movie. I'm so DOWN for that.

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