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Re: Raw 12/10/12 Discussion: Muppets, Mustaches and Mayhem! LOOK OUT!

Raw Thoughts:

* Loved the opening package they did for the Shield before Raw. Was really well put together and made them seem really important. Good work there by WWE.

* Opening promo was alright. Ziggler was good but not as on fire as he's been the past few weeks. Show was solid as expected but Sheamus just annoyed the fuck out of me. He took a cheap shot by Show on SD and can't touch him and he's out there smiling as if nothing happened. That is what I can't stand about faces like him, Cena and Kofi. If you won't sell the angle yourself how the fuck am I meant to care? It just makes me dislike Sheamus even more.

* The Vickie/Vince segment was again awkward as fuck. I really don't get why they do it like this, its just cringe worthy to watch. Kayfabe wise Vince should really just fire Vickie if he's having to make the decisions for her. Rolled my eyes at the announcement of AJ vs Vickie as a main event. Uggggh.

* Truth vs Barrett was nothing to write home about and did little for me to care. Truth going over Barrett I really didn't get to be honest. I guess they feel Barrett looks more likely to take the gold from Kofi so they need to have Truth go over. The exchanges between Kofi and Cesaro on commentary were lame.

* 4 way tag match was a good match. Really enjoyed it actually. Great to see the tag division receiving so much prominence now. The Usos's are hardly ever on Raw yet are still getting a reaction. Never understood why they aren't featured more prominently. They are also very solid workers and have good chemistry. Rhodes Scholars getting the win here was not surprising but was the right choice. Sandow was surprisingly quite over with the crowd. Got a good pop coming out. The Cody's Mustache chant was hilarious . Cody's tache maybe more over now than 3/4 of the entire locker room . Hilarious.

* Divas match was decent for the time it got. Alicia worked a lot better than I'm used to seeing her. I remember some of the matches she worked before were almost Kelly Kelly level of dreadful. Eve going over here I didn't get until I saw that there was a divas battle royal on the preshow. My guess is either Alicia will win the battle royal and get a rematch or prehaps AJ will win as the PPV is not far from where she lives and she'll get a shot only to be screwed out again giving us a potential teaser for an AJ/Eve feud down the line.

* Punk and Heyman's promos were typically good from them. Addressed a lot of issues and made a lot of great points. Pretty much did what it needed to do. It was solid but nothing special.

* Sheamus vs Ziggler was a great tv match as typical by these two who have great chemistry together. Great back and forth action. Great pacing and picked up well towards the end. The DQ finish I didn't mind until they had Sheamus kick the chair out of Ziggler's hand and make him look weak again. Ziggler better go over at TLC after being one upped by both Cena and Sheamus in recent weeks.

* The backstage segment with Khali, Hornswoggle and Vickie was hilarious but only because of the hilarious one liner Vince said about WWE being a family orientated show.

* I skipped the Del Rio squash. Its the same thing every week.

* Vickie vs AJ was as bad as I expected it to be. AJ got a great hometown pop as expected. I just hate the idea of Vickie ever being in the ring as she shouldn't even be there, shes not trained and her facing AJ should have been saved for when AJ finally gets her revenge on her. But obviously this was just for AJ to get screwed at her hometown to give her sympathy. The freak out done by AJ was over acted, she was trying way too hard and the screaming was just way too much. I'm just waiting for the day this stupid storyline ends and AJ actually gets work an actual match. This is doing nothing for her right now, she's already over and should be going for the divas championship now. The only thing I liked about this was Maddox's hilarious face expressions throughout the match which had me cracking up. First time I've actually dug Maddox's character.

* Kofi vs Cesaro was a good match. Cesaro is the king of TV matches, this guy just does unbelievable work in the ring. That tilt a whirl backbreaker catching kofi in mid air was awesome . Glad that WWE are getting behind this guy and building him up pretty well as US Champion.

* MizTV was a mixed bag. The Cody's Mustache chants continued which was hilarious . Sandow was so awesome and just fails to not be entertaining on the mic, made me chuckle several times. Cody's closing statement was strong but at times it seemed like he was struggling a bit. Whilst Miz is undoubtedly good on the mic he was just horrifically cheesy at times here and just really irritated me. Some of his jokes were just corny and so bad. I'm already getting turned off at Miz being a face and I thought he would be good at it. Thankfully, Sandow and Cody stopped this from being bad.

* The main event itself was a typically boring Cena/Show match but the aftermath saved it. I did really enjoy the ending with the Shield coming out and attacking Cena leading to chaos with Team Hell No, Sheamus and Ryback coming out. Ryback got a huge response coming out. The feed more chants were also really big. This guy is getting really over and keeps building momentum with the crowd support. Loved how the Shield are still not running away and are going full throttle and taking everything. Not enough heels like that these days. I loved how Cole initially marked out but then he completely ruined it with the LOOK OUT! LOOK OUT! When there was nothing to look out for . Completely made him look like a tool.

* Side Note: Anyone notice that Lawler was acting a little more heel tonight whilst Cole went complete neutral/babyface? Lawler was at least in part sympathizing with the heels tonight which was kinda strange. I wonder if WWE are going to do a slow burning heel turn for Lawler. It would be refreshing considering Lawler is awful currently now. We'll see.

Overall show was pretty bad. Had its moments though. Better than the first 2 weeks after SS but still not a very strong go home show for TLC overall.

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