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Re: What do you hate about the WWE now?

Originally Posted by Post-Modern Devil View Post
Them wasting so many potential money making matchups on free TV that I have far less interest most of the potential "ME" matchups now than I should. It cuts deeper than most of the other problems in my opinion since not only does it go against the very POINT of wrestling, building up to big fights, it seems to have a hand in many of the WWE's other problems:

-The undercard is so weak because WWE's overreliance on the uppercard to carry the televised wrestling aspect (at the dilution of their PPV drawing power) has made the midcard/lowercard guys redundant.

-Its hard to feel most of the uppercard talent is particularly special when the company is so casual in giving away pointess matches between high tier talent on free TV. Perception is EVERYTHING in this business.

-A big reson why the top heels struggle to be consistently strong is because most of them are often fed to top guys in pointless TV matches because the company "needs" an opponent for the main eventers to face and the top faces are "too good" to be wrestling guys like Darren Young or Titus O'Neil of free TV.

One of the reason I like Ryback so much compared to other main event faces is that they know how to hype him up and make him seem like a big deal but are careful to not throw him in pointless competitive matchups with other top guys just because they need something to fill the show with. I just wish they had this mindset with most of the top guys and let the midcard/lowercard carry most of the wrestling aspect for TV while relegating the top guys primarily to promos and buildup.
Pretty much all the points you've mentioned. Along with:

- The oversaturation of an already stale product
- Social networking overkill
- Lack of competition
- Reliance on the stars of yesteryear because they've realized how much they fucked up in booking their own talent

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