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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

And finally.. the match we all came to see.


this had to be the most divided crowd i've ever seen as both Rock and Brock would receive heel and face reactions all throughout the match.

The Rock comes out first to a massive pop from the homecrowd. rock walks around the ring to overwhelming ROCKY chants throughout. Brock then comes out to quite a bit less of a pop, including many boos which surprised me because of the big pop he recieved at the mentioning of his name at the beginning of the show. Rock and Brock stare each other down for a while. and finally get started about 5 minutes later. lockup to start won by lesnar (recieving a very big pop) rocky leaves the ring as it looks like he's playing the heel in this match. a few minutes later he comes back to the ring only to hear an incredible ROCKY SUCKS chant from the homecrowd. He then grabs the mic and says something along the lines of "hometown or not i'm gonna whoop his candyass" which caused about a 60-40 mixed reaction favoring the rock. another lockup.. another win by Lesnar. (yet an even bigger pop for lesnar) rocky once again gets out of the ring and walks around for a bit..once again receiving ROCKY SUCKS chant. rocky grabs the mic AGAIN and says, "so you guys cheer ROCKY.. ROCKY SUCKS.. make up your minds...... so you know what.. PISS ON YOU ALL.. and PISS ON YOU (pointing to brock)" rock then proceeded to leave to go back to the locker room. this as you can imagine caused A LOT of heat towards rocky. Lesnar then runs after him and pounds on him. he brings rock back in and finally an actual MATCH begins. not much technical wrestling, just a lot of brawling and restholds. one minute the majority of the crowd would chant ROCKY ROCKY.. and the next minute almost the same exact people would turn on him and start the ROCKY SUCKS chants. it was crazy.. these people couldn't make up their minds. brock dominated much of the match at first, and then it was back and forth the last few minutes. whenever brock got some offense the crowd responded with what i could only say a 50/50 mixed reaction. and when the rock got some offense he'd get a pretty big pop, with some boos here and there. The last couple minutes of the match went as follows... rock goes for and connects the People's Elbow.. getting a two count. (which recieved a huge pop by the way). they then traded blows for a while. Brock picks Rock up for the F-5 to yet another HUGE pop.. sets for the spin.. and 3/4 of the way rock gets out of it and hits the ROCK BOTTOM! rock goes for the cover.. 1....2....3!!! ROCK PINNED BROCK!! i may be wrong but i think this is the first time i've seen Brock lose cleanly. the finish received a big pop, yet sort of unexpected because i'm sure everyone expected about another few minutes in the match. Not the best wrestling match you'll ever see.. but one that you just had to witness live due to the constant switching of the crowd's reactions towards BOTH brock and rocky. a lot of the crowd seemed anti-rock to start off.. but by the end they seemed to go back on rocky's side.

Winner: THE ROCK

Post match: a very entertaining Rock/Brock promo. rock introduces brock to his family and friends in the front row.. including some Dolphins players. asked the crowd who would win in a real fight.. brock lesnar or zach thomas? the crowd seemed to back Brock on this one. rock said that in the beginning they booed him because he's supposed to be the bad guy and cheered brock because he's the good guy... but thanked us for the support anyway. he started the IF YA SMELLLL.. line which we finished it even though he was planning to say.. IF YA SMELLLL WHAT THE ROCK..AND BROCK.. IS COOKING. so once again he began his line.. and asked brock to finish it for him. after much teasing from the rock.. including finally doing the FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK...HOME..line.... brock grabs the mic and talks a little bit about the rock's family saying how beautiful of a family he has.. and also how he has a little of the rock in him.. just with a "B" in the beginning. lesnar ends his promo with.. IF YA SMELLLLL WHAT THE BROCK..IS COOKIN! and left backstage. Rock is now alone in the ring.. thanks his hometown fans for all their support and everything. and ends with his IF YA SMELLL.. line.

The card overall was pretty decent. some guy brought in a huge "2" sign and it was passed around all over the floor seats as someoene different would hold it up after every TWO count. The Rock/Brock showdown and post-match promo was well worth the money. the main event had practically everyone on their feet from beginning to end and like i said they'd boo Rock one second.. cheer him the next.. and same with Brock Lesnar. I'd never seen anything like that. it was a very entertaining show especially for Rocky fans such as myself.

Biggest pops:
1: The Rock (towards the end)
2. Brock
3. Undertaker
4. Torrie Wilson
5. Rey Mysterio

Biggest Heat:
1: The Rock (towards the start)
2: Team Angle
3: A-Train
4: Nidia
5: Brock
Not being able to see Hollywood Rock doing his GOAT antics on Brock is heart breaking :Rock2 Maybe they filmed it, but they never talked or referred to this match on TV/DVD/website etc. The most buzz about it came from Brock's book. Most people didn't know that it happened.

The "Know Your Role" sign on the bridge in Canada is awesome BTW. Wonder if it's from 1998.

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