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American Hardcore Theater: ECW's Real History

In this thread, I'm going through the real history of the ECW. Not every single show, but most of them. I always kind of looked at Pro Wrestling a little bit differently than most people did. I don't put much stock in whether or not a guy can "Work" a match, or if there is proper Psychology in a match. I just want to laugh, say "Holy Shit!", and see some good looking women. In other words, I just want to be entertained. If I want real, traditional wrestling, I'll go watch the NCAA National Championships.

While the ECW may have been a complete, and utter failure as far as "Wrestling", I think they were a huge success as far as "Sports Entertainment". ECW was not wrestling, it was something in between wrestling, and an action movie. A live action movie where the actors only get 1 take to make it look good.

So lets get into this. Many don't know that the ECW was the spiritual successor the Joel Goodhart's Tri State Wrestling Alliance. The TSWA put on similarly raunchy shows for the Philadelphia crowd with local wrestlers, and the occasional big name headliner. Some time in 92 Tod Gordon bought the company, and changed the name to Eastern Championship Wrestling. The most common misconception about the beginning of ECW is that they were under the NWA umbrella from day 1. This is false. The ECW started out independent. They didn't join the NWA until Paul Heyman took over the booking in the fall of 1993.

Everyone seems to have polarizing views of the ECW, and that is understood. Some people grow up and live in completely different households, with completely different lifestyles, resulting in completely different opinions of things. I'm completely open to any rational debates, or discussions from anyone at anytime here so feel free to drop in with any comments, criticism, or general ECW discussions.

Lets get on with the show!

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