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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
I've got a feeling that Ambrose, and Rollins will turn on Reigns once they are ready to split them up. I say this because I feel like we may get a segment between The Rock and Reigns at the Royal Rumble PPV. Rock telling him he was in the same situation as him with The Nation, and that he soon found it better for him to leave. This creates a certain level of paranoia on Dean's part who then informs Rollins about Reigns secret talk with The Rock. What I am getting at here is that ultimately you are going to have two top stars from this. Ambrose will be a top heel, and Reigns is going to be up there with Cena. Mark my words folks this Reigns guy is going to be a top notch face. Rollins has potential, but I don't see anything immediately happening for him.
I would think Rollins will be the first out of the group. He's a natural babyface, his look and wrestling style suits it. Reigns is more of a mystery right now (which is a result of him being very early in his career, he's not developed yet). I see him taking the Randy Orton route of turning face as he's kicked from the group, while Reigns remains for a while longer (as eventually breaks out as Batista did).

Ambrose is probably the only career heel here.

I agree that the Shield's best quality is they're being booked as fearless and strong. Not usless cowards like 99% of the heels get stuck as.

They never flee, ever, they only leave when they're done, or when they are physically forced into the crowd by others. They show zero fear when a big face shows up, like even when other heels might stand their ground, they get a big "oh crap!" face and shakily wait for the face to hit the ring. The Shield turn around when Ryback's music hits or Kane's pyro goes off, and they just wait there, ready for a fight (with a "bring it" pose).

It makes them seem like a real threat that can't be brushed off with a super face running down to clear the ring and make a tag team match playa. It's refreshing.

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