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VGA splitter cable to clone monitor image to TV - best option?

Has anybody used a VGA splitter before?

What I want to do is to use it to plug into the back of my PC, have one cable running upto the monitor and have the other cable leading downstairs to the big television. Both showing the exact same screen. (I have a USB extension cable too, as well as a second wireless mouse and USB speakers ready with the big TV.)

Up until recently I used the TV as a monitor for everything so that isn't a problem, works great just not very practical, so I was looking at ways to still use it for sports/movies, and have the monitor for general internet usage.

Initially, I bought this...
Splitter cable I have already bought and tried...

... Which didn't work. The original monitor just has a blurred screen. Of course, it's ridiculously cheap but as I wasn't sure which would be best, I thought just try the cheap one first. If it works, great, if not then I haven't wasted any expense.

Has anybody used a certain type for a similar thing as me that they can recommend?

I was checking on Amazon, and this Splitter box has great reviews and seems remarkably cheap...

Ratings are 5stars and very positive...

...But I'm not overly sure how that would work. A splitter cable would be ideal for me, cloning the screen. I don't want separate screens. I want it so my wife can be upstairs on google one moment, and then I will kick her off to watch a movie the next minute, with it just being as simple as getting the movie to play on the PC and then switching the downstairs tv to the PC channel. Everytime I've googled it people have just said that it's impossible to have separate screens using a splitter, but I only want to clone it.

Anybody any advice? I don't think I would need to provide specs or anything as it's just basically getting a splitter cable/splitter box that's well recommended, but if they would help give me a nudge.

Thanks to anybody that would help. My problems are taking over this section, but it's great, I've always received ample help where as googling I could never find the same exact problem, and for quick helps like this I require to be part of their forum which I'm not.


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