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Re: What do you hate about the WWE now?

Just about everything. I can't stand who they push versus who they don't. I hate Cena more than any wrestler ever, and VM Punk I just don't like that guy as a person though I don't find anything wrong with his talent level.

Too much Titantron and fireworks has killed it's overall effect. Too many promo "rap offs" or whatever where both guys get a mic and proceed to bore the hell out of everyone with cliche's.

The "what" chants, which means I hate the average WWE fan these days for not letting the dumbest thing ever die its rightful death.

Big Slow as champ - whatever. The 1990s called and said you can keep him.

The music, they haven't used a decent song since the early 2000s, but I can't fault them 100% for that as the music industry as a whole has sucked balls for at least a decade. I have to relay upon the Euros to get some decent metal every now and then because the USA music scene is all about two things: 1) Hip Hop that has long since worn out its welcome as a genre and should have died out in the early 2000s (at least hair metal and grunge had the good graces to die out after they became tired), and 2) dub step, auto tune pop crap sandwiches.

Probably the biggest issue I have that made me stop watching completely other than clips from youtube linked in the WWE forum was the asinine way in which the Lesnar vs Cena match was handled. Couldn't take it after that.

End of personal rant... get off my lawn!

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