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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw
Monday 19th January 2009
Live from the Bob Devaney Sports Center
Lincoln, Nebraska

*Opening Video*
". . . To Be Loved"


*Video Recap*
From the Royal Rumble Last Night!

The Straight-Edge Superstar looks wrecked as he gets up to his feet, very unsteady as he wearily looks into Cena's eyes, and Cena smirks at him. Punk's confused but not for long as Cena grabs him by the back of the neck and throws him down into the mat on his stomach. Cena jumps right down on him, crossing his legs to lock in the STFU!!!. . . . . Punk's in deep deep trouble with the crowd going crazy, split again as Cena puts Punk through hell. He's got nowhere to go and Cena's almost bursting a blood vessel to make him tap. Punk lifts his right hand up, trying to hold on with the crowd making a ton of noise. Cena holds on tight and Punk's just managing to hold on.

To his credit he keeps going and tries to drag himself towards the ropes, and as hard as he tries to stop him, Cena looks worried as Punk gets closer to the ropes, almost to within touching distance. Punk reaches out with all he has left for the bottom rope, and he might get there with a lot of the fans willing him on. He's going to grab it, but no, CENA STANDS UP AND DRAGS PUNK BACK INTO NO MAN'S LAND!!!. . . . . It's insane in the arena as Punk screams out with Cena desperate for him to tap, and it looks like he might. His hand gradually gets closer to the mat when out of nowhere, Raw's Homicide slides into the ring and stomps on Cena's head to a ton of heat.

There's some cheers too as Homicide puts the boots to Cena, breaking the hold with the ref powerless. Homicide's relentless as he pulls Cena up and fires him into the corner, following in with a hard clothesline and continuing to stomp & punch the hell out of the blindsided Cena. Punk crawls to the apron and rolls to the floor as Homicide inexplicably hammers Cena, but Cena fights back with right hands, fighting his way out of the corner. He blocks a right from Homicide and fires him into the ropes, and as Homicide comes back Cena takes him down with a LOU THESZ PRESS!

He unloads hell for leather on the Raw superstar, and as they both make their way back up, Cena slams him into the mat with the spin-out powerbomb, and with the fans cheering like mad, he signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, comes back off the ropes and hits it. Cena stands back up, in the zone and turns his head to see Punk slipping back in the ring with a steel chair. Punk stands up and runs at Cena, right into a kick to the gut with Cena lifting Punk up off his feet for the F-U!!!. . . . . Punk drops the chair and Cena turns to the cameras, getting ready to finish Punk. Homicide stands up though with the chair in hand and NAILS CENA IN THE BACK WITH THE IT!!!. . .

A ton of heat is thrown at Homicide as he drops the chair, glaring down without any remorse at all at the fallen Cena. Punk slowly stands back up with a sick smirk on his face and slaps Homicide on the shoulder. Cena though stars to stir, pissing Punk off, and the wannabe World Champion reaches down to pick the chair up and back away from Cena. A big pop breaks out in the crowd as Smackdown's General Manager, Tazz stomps his way down to the ring. He looks furious and he enters the ring staring at Punk and grabbing the chair from him.

Punk's pissed and he goes at it with Tazz with Cena slowly coming to and Homicide looking on. Tazz doesn't take any shit from Punk and tells him exactly what he thinks. Punk tells him it's no holds barred but Tazz says it's not meant to go down like this. Punk doesn't care and tries to grab the chair from Tazz, but the GM just shoves him back. He pisses Punk off even more and the former World Champion keeps taunting Tazz, calling him a joke & worthless. Tazz is getting angrier and Punk can see it. He keeps taunting him, telling him he can see he wants to hit him and dares him to.

Tazz resists with some fans begging him to hit Punk, and as Punk accuses him of having no balls again and tells him to get out of his ring, Tazz snaps and SWINGS THE CHAIR AT PUNK. . . PUNK DUCKS IT THOUGH AND CENA WALKS RIGHT INTO IT!!!. . . . . Cena falls in a heap with Tazz looking stunned. He can't believe what he's done and Punk just laughs, as does Homicide with the fans torn on how to react. The GM drops the chair and looks down in shock, then turns his back on the ring and leaving looking so guilty. Punk though loves it and he tells Homicide to pick Cena up, and the Raw superstar obliges.

Tazz turns round and watches with frustration as Homicide pushes Cena into Punk's path, and The Straight-Edge Superstar lifts Cena off his feet onto his shoulders, all smiles. . . GO TO SLEEP JOHN CENA!!!. . . . . Cena hits the mat and Punk turns to look at Tazz in the aisle as Stephanie McMahon runs out from the back, trying to get to the ring. Tazz grabs her though and tells her she's not getting involved again, much to Punk's amusement as he coolly covers Cena with Tazz holding onto a screaming Stephanie with the ref making the count. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . . 3?

YES!. . . . . DING DING DING!!!

"This Fire Burns" hits to mostly a barrage of boos as the cocky Punk stands up with his arms in the air with the referee heading over to get his world title. Tazz lets go of Stephanie in the aisle and she goes mad, yelling at him, asking him what he was doing. He takes a look back at the ring to see the disgusted referee pass Punk his title and raise his hand then turns back to walk to the back, leaving Steph to look at the gloating Punk as he turns round with his title, being congratulated by Homicide.

They laugh between themselves and Punk lifts the title high up into the air, directly at Stephanie, pointing to the title and laughing with Steph absolutely furious. He turns back and walks over to the apron, taunting the fans this time by raising his title up with most of the fans booing. He doesn't care at all with Homicide looking down coldly at Cena as he opens his eyes, clueless as to what went down. Punk turns back again and throws the title over his shoulder, looking over at Stephanie and laughing again, infuriating the Executive Vice-President some more.


Michaels is flat out, but Orton's not done as he stands back up and turns his attention to The Undertaker. With the fans cheering, Orton watches him turn into his path and leaps up for the RKO!!!. . . . . Taker avoids it and throws Orton down to the mat. The Dead-Man stares down at Orton and lifts his right hand up for a CHOKESLAM!!!. . . . . The fans are enjoying this as Orton claws his way back up, turning round with Taker grabbing him by the throat. With the fans cheering, Taker lifts Orton up off his feet but ORTON COUNTERS IN MID AIR WITH AN RKO!!!. . . . .

It gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as Orton stares over at Taker, watching him rolling around on the mat. The Viper picks himself back up again, as does The Game by the ropes. Orton turns his head and sees him getting up, and he runs right at him, right into a HIGH KNEE STRIKE FROM THE WWE CHAMPION!!. . . . . It sends Orton staggering away from the ropes, and Triple H follows him out with Orton turning into a SPINNING SPINEBUSTER!!. . . . . The incredibly focused WWE Champion picks himself back up, seeing the finish line in sight against all the odds.

He pulls Orton back up, once again setting him up for the PEDIGREE!!!. . . . . The fans boo as The Game gets ready to drill Orton, but The Viper counters again with the BACK BODY DROP!!. . . . . Both men pull themselves back up, and as they turn to face each other, Orton tries for an RKO!!!. . . . . The Game counters and shoves Orton into the ropes. Orton holds on, pissing Triple H off no end. The WWE Champion stares angrily at Orton and runs in at him, AND ORTON DROPS TO HIS KNEES AND PULLS DOWN THE ROPES TO SEND TRIPLE H TOPPLING DOWN TO THE FLOOR AND OUT OF THE MATCH!!!

Elimination #27: Triple H by Randy Orton.

The now former WWE Champion sits up on the floor in shock, livid to be out of the match and losing his WWE title. Orton stands there smirking back at him, very much enjoying the satisfaction of eliminating the man he blames for costing him the same title at Unforgiven and putting him on the shelf for two months at Survivor Series. The Game mouths something to Orton, not that it bothers The Viper one bit, but Triple H stands up and tries to get back on the apron. He's blocked by the two officials with Orton still watching as the angry former WWE Champion tries to get back at him. He's held back as Orton smirks and turns round, only to see Taker back on his feet and running at him, CLOTHESLINING HIM OVER THE TOP AND OUT OF THE RING & MATCH!!!

Elimination #28: Randy Orton by The Undertaker.

We're down to two, The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels!

Orton hits the floor to a mixed reaction with The Game stepping back. He looks down at Orton without remorse, then shoves his way past the referees to drag Orton back up. The Game takes all his anger out on Orton and sends him face first into the ringpost. The Viper falls to the floor as the referees again grab Triple H and pull him away. He doesn't put up much resistance this time and retreats, still staring at Orton who remains on the arena floor, face down with the fans booing as Triple H finally relents and leaves ringside one angry S.O.B.

H.B.K. climbs all the way up to the top, fans going crazy as he LEAPS OFF TO DRIVE HIS ELBOW INTO TAKER'S CHEST, BUT TAKER DODGES IT BY ROLLING TO THE SIDE!!. . . . . They're both battle scarred as they pick their way back up, and Michaels blocks a right hand to fire jabs at Taker. Cheers come from the crowd and Shawn sends Taker into the ropes. The Dead-Man bounces off them and ducks an outstretched arm from Michaels, runs through off the ropes and hits Michaels with a RUNNING DDT!!!. . . . .

Michaels head just got drilled into the mat and Taker stands back up, pulls down one of his straps and raises his right hand to another big pop as Michaels sits up not knowing what planet he's on. Taker gets ready to strike, circling Michaels as he drags himself back up, struggling to keep his balance as he turns round with Taker grabbing him in a flash by the throat and PLANTING HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM!!!. . . . . Michaels is down & out in the middle of the ring, completely lifeless with Taker cutting his throat, signalling the end is near.

He reaches down and drags Michaels back up, no resistance from The Heartbreak Kid as Taker scoops him up and over his shoulder for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!. . . . . Michaels fights back, wriggling down his way The Phenom's back to another big pop. Taker can't believe it and Michaels shoves him into the ropes. Taker turns round against the ropes and Michaels runs at him for a clothesline, but TAKER DUCKS HIS HEAD AND LIFTS MICHAELS OVER THE ROPES. . . . . HBK LANDS ON THE APRON AND TAKER TURNS TO SEE SHAWN THERE HOLDING ON, AND MICHAELS THRUSTS HIS SHOULDER INTO TAKER'S STOMACH. . . . .


Elimination #29: The Undertaker by Shawn Michaels.

"Sexy Boy" blasts out and Michaels drops to his knees, shocked at his own achievement with the fans going crazy. Taker sits up on the floor and looks back in with frustration as one of the referees enters the ring to raise Michaels' hand and to present him with the WWE Championship. The emotional Texan throws his title up in the air in sheer ecstasy, almost on the verge of tears as he looks into the crowd. He walks off into the corner and climbs up to the second rope to applaud the fans with the title on his shoulder, soaking up the incredible ovation as confetti falls from the heavens and Taker grudgingly turns his back on the ring and head back up the aisle.

Michaels is struggling to take it all in, looking at the WWE title almost in disbelief before raising it again. He steps down and walks back into the centre, again raising his title proudly with the fans still cheering the new WWE Chmapion, just as the former champion walks back out into the arena. An angry Triple H glares furiously at Michaels, who turns round to see The Game standing there staring at him. Michaels drops the title on his shoulder and stares back, looking somewhat confused. The Heartbreak Kid cracks a smile and turns back to walk over to the ropes to pose with his title again, only pissing The Game off even more as he watches on with steam coming out of his ears.



Jim Ross:
Welcome ev'ryone to Monday Night Raw, live t'night in Lincoln Nebraska. It's less than 24 hours since last night's hist'ry making Royal Rumble where we crowned both a new World Champion and a new WWE Champion in 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels, an' King, HBK is here t'night live on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: Well I was wondering about that JR, 'cause technically he's a Smackdown superstar.

Jim Ross: You're not alone in that King. There's been a lot of people asking the question of what that means, if Shawn will stay on Smackdown or come over to Raw. Hopefully we'll clear that up t'night, an' there'll be one person who'll want t' know the answer t' that more than anyone let me tell ya, an' that's the now former WWE Champion Triple H.

Jerry Lawler: I can't imagine what kind of mood he's gonna be in t'night an' I don't think I want t' find out. He must be going out of his mind seeing Shawn Michaels win the Royal Rumble at number two when ev'ryone including Triple H himself was saying he couldn't go all the way to retain his title, then Shawn goes an' lasts the distance. It's a crazy situation JR.

A mixed reaction breaks out as the Executive Vice-President, Stephanie McMahon walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand, and she doesn't look at all happy.

Stephanie McMahon:
Good evening. . .

Steph looks into the crowd, most cheering her as she tries to keep her cool, clearly riled by something.

Stephanie McMahon:
Last night was undoubtedly an incredible night, however there was still one situation that tarnished what should've been one of the most successful nights in the history of the WWE, that being CM Punk regaining the World Heavyweight Championship.


Stephanie McMahon: I'm aware that this technically isn't a Raw issue but the scale of this problem is too big to ignore. It was clear for ev'ryone to see that what happened in the match between Punk an' John Cena was simply unacceptable. We had a general manager directly impact on the result of that match, and then he had the audacity to put his hands on me.


Stephanie McMahon: That can't be tolerated, and one of the reasons I'm out here t'night is t' let Tazz an' all of you know that I will be considering what action t' take against him over the next few days. I will announce what action I will indeed take on Smackdown this Friday night, however like I said, that's not the only reason I came out here. Given how the world title match ended last night, there needs t' be a rematch where we decide who legitimately deserves t' be the World Heavyweight Champion. With that said, live this Friday night, there will be a rematch where CM Punk will defend the world title against John Cena.

*Huge Pop*

Stephanie McMahon: I advised them both of my decision after their match last night. CM Punk however had a problem with that decision and decided to go t' the board of directors to voice his concerns regarding my so called intentions. Having spoke with the board earlier t'day I can confirm that the match will go ahead as originally planned and I will be on hand to ensure that there's no repeat of the ending from last night. Given what happened at Night of Champions however, I've been advised that if I get involved in the match in any way, I will be removed as Executive Vice-President and from the board in general, and in addition CM Punk will automatically retain the title.


Stephanie McMahon: It will also be the final one-on-one meeting between Cena an' Punk, but while informing them of that match last night, I also told them to be here on Raw t'night.

*Big Pop*

Stephanie McMahon: I agreed with Eric Bischoff after the show last night that both Cena an' Punk should be in the main event t'night in a tag team match. CM Punk will team up with the Raw superstar who helped him win the world title, that being Homicide.


Stephanie McMahon: Their opponents will of course be John Cena and a partner of my choosing. . . from Raw, The Undertaker.

*Massive Cheer*

Stephanie smiles at the crowd's reaction and "I'm All Grown Up Now" plays and she turns round to walk backstage.

Jerry Lawler:
Did you hear that JR? Cena an' Punk on Raw t'night? That's huge.

Jerry Lawler: It sure is King, an' what a main event it will be; CM Punk joining forces with the man who all but won him the world title last night in Homicide t' take on John Cena an' The Undertaker. I can't remember a main event as big as this f' a long time. . .

Jim Ross: . . . That folks isn't all we've got in store t'night. The World Tag Team Championship will be on the line t'night when Rey Mysterio an' Mystico, the incredibly exciting Mexican duo defend their titles against the two men who believe they should be champions themselves, Christopher Daniels an' Kaval in a no disqualification or count outs match. After the contr'versy we've seen between these teams, it's only fair we find out who really deserve t' be champions t'night.

Jerry Lawler: You've got t' wonder what condition Rey's in JR after the attack by Sheamus last night in the Rumble match. You've got t' think that gives the challengers the advantage here t'night.

Jim Ross: That's a fair comment King. Don't f'get we're also going t' hear from the new WWE Champion Shawn Michaels. What a night it's going t' be.

Stephanie McMahon is shown walking back through the production area and she bumps into the team of John Morrison & Justin Gabriel , who look to be in the final preparations for their upcoming match. She stops and looks at them, giving them the once over and looking very impressed by the oiled up duo as Morrison turns his head to see her standing there almost gawping.

John Morrison:
Oh hey Steph

Stephanie McMahon: Hhh. . . Hey. Oh, congratulations by the way on your victory last night. You guys did a good job. You looked good. . . real good.

John Morrison & Justin Gabriel: Thanks.

Steph pulls at her hair and plays with it.

Stephanie McMahon:
You're welcome.

She smiles and blushes a little, quickly realising she may look like a smitten teenager.

Stephanie McMahon:
Anyway, I've got work t' do gentlemen. Good luck with the match t'night.

John Morrison & Justin Gabriel: Thanks Steph.

She turns around and carries on walking, right into the path of the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk and the man who gave him a helping hand getting there, Homicide, both in their street clothes. There's an awkward feeling on both sides with the world title resting on Punk's shoulder as he & Homicide both stare right at the uneasy Executive VP.

CM Punk:
You just couldn't do it could you Steph? You just couldn't accept that I deserve t' be the World Heavyweight Champion, so yet again you go an' stick your nose where it's not wan'ed in my business. You're a joke. If you're not making a fool of y'self around those pretty boys over there you're all busy trying t' find a way t' screw me out of the world title, but y'know what? It's not gonna happen. It didnt happen last night when I beat you t' the punch. I had t' do something last night t' make sure Night of Champions didn't happen all over again, so I turned t' my reliable long time buddy here who just happens t' share the same feelings I do about you an' this company. As f' Friday night, I actually don't mind facing Cena one last time having just heard what'll happen if you get involved again, but if you do have some plan in the works, so will I, just so you know Steph. I guess I. . . sorry my mistake, we'll see y'Friday.

The World Champion smirks at Steph before turning away, but he turns back to the clearly angered Executive VP.

CM Punk:
Actually there is something else I'd like t' say while you're here. You know that Tazz an' I don't get along that well t' say the least but if I were you I'd cut the guy some slack after what he did last night. Yeah he made a mistake hitting Cena but at least he had the guts t' stand up t' you when it mattered.

Stephanie McMahon: I'll tell you what Punk. I'll worry about Tazz an' you can worry about defending your title against John Cena. How about that?

CM Punk: Worry? Why would I worry? The tide's turned Steph. I'm not worried at all. You're not the one calling the shots now. . . I am.

Punk smirks at her again, and as much as you can see it's eating her up inside, Steph keeps her cool as Punk and the serious as ever Homicide head back up the hall.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From the Royal Rumble Last Night!

Morrison turns round and sees Ryder running at him but ducks underneath as Ryder hits the ropes. Morrison turns and runs into the ropes, jumping onto the second rope as Ryder turns into a SPRINGBOARD ENZUIGIRI!!!. . . . . No, Ryder ducks and grabs Morrison by the tights, turns and now SENDS HIM SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RINGPOST!!!. . . . . Ryder backs up with a big smile on his face, looking very pleased with himself while Gabriel stands back up looking very worried.

Morrison falls back and holds his shoulder, but bravely tries to pick himself back up, using the ropes to help him as Ryder sets his sights on him, gearing up surely for the Rough Ryder. The fans try to make Morrison aware, but he doesn't have a clue, and as he makes it up, Ryder storms across the mat, jumping up for the ROUGH RYDER!!!. . . . . No, Morrison ducks it and turns to run the ropes, this time exploding & hitting the SPRINGBOARD ENZUIGIRI!!!. . . . . Ryder falls to the mat, not moving a muscle with the fans going crazy.

They're all cheering as Morrison drags his motionless body closer to the corner and then heads up to the top rope, making the crowd even louder. They lose their shit as Morrison takes a quick look down at Ryder, still not moving before leaping up into the air for STARSHIP PAIN!!!. . . . . BOOM, IT LANDS!!!. . . . . Morrison has it in the bag and reaches to the side to hook the leg for the cover with the ecstatic crowd again counting along with the ref as he runs across, drops to his knees and counts the fall. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . . 3!!!

"Ain't No Make Believe" hits to a big pop as Morrison stands up to get his arm raised by the referee, joined by Gabriel. Announced as the winners they take great satisfaction in the win, and as the ref lets their arms go, they enjoy a brief guy hug. They then head to the corners and hit the second rope to celebrate, showing their appreciation for the fans as Miz sits up on the floor looking pissed to see them looking down at him and laughing. He shakes his head and they step down and head to the other side of the ring, again posing for the fans before leaving the squared circle victorious, smiling all the way back up the ramp with Miz still angrily watching on the floor.


*The Opening Match*
John Morrison, Justin Gabriel & The Colons
vs. The Miz, Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig

The four fan favourites were the more fired-up team from the get go and they had the fans eating out of the palm of their hands with some fast pace action. They had the heels rattled from the early going, but The Miz managed to get them back in the match, but as the match went on they came back firing at the heel quartet. Morrison led the fight, dodging a Rough Ryder like last night before connecting with a step-up enzuigiri. This time Miz broke the count with a light stomp to the back of his former partner's head before all hell broke loose with everyone getting involved and ending up on the outside bar the legal men after Gabriel hit a springboard moonsault to take them all down on the floor. As Morrison & Ryder made their way back up inside, Ryder ducked a super kick but again missed with the Rough Ryder, putting the brakes on before turning round into a Moonlight Drive just as Gabriel was climbing back up on the apron. Morrison dragged Ryder towards the corner and tagged Gabriel, and the South African went straight up to the top rope, connecting with the 450 splash to pick up the win for him, Morrison and the Colon brothers. The fans gave all four a big reaction and they all enjoyed it. The Miz however didn't as he sat up looking on angrily from the floor.

Winners: John Morrison, Justin Gabriel & The Colons by pinfall.

Jerry Lawler: I'll say it again like I did last night JR, Morrison an' Gabriel were very impressive. They look like the real deal t' me.

Jim Ross: Indeed they do, but let's not f'get about the Colons either. Eddie an' Carlito did a good job too t'night. The future looks bright f' the tag team division here on Raw, that's f' sure.

We're taken backstage, to the entrance from the parking lot where the former WWE Champion, Triple H walks in. Boos can be heard coming from the arena as the still visibly fuming now former champion walks down the halls where Todd Grisham walks towards him with a microphone, trying to catch his attention.

Todd Grisham:
Triple H, can I get a quick word with you about last night?

The Game stops but doesn't look back as Todd catches up with him.

Todd Grisham:
Hun'er, can I get your reaction to Shawn Michaels' victory last night to become the new WWE Champion?

The Game turns his head and stares menacingly at Todd with Trips looking like he's set to burst a blood vessel. Grisham looks worried and he ought to be, but thankfully The Game turns his head back and walks up the hall, still pissed.

*Commercial Break*

"Priceless, baby I'm priceless. . . "

Ted DiBiase
and his girlfriend, Maryse walk out to the stage with DiBiase (in his ring gear) looking angrily into the crowd. He's in one hell of a mood tonight as he heads down the ramp with Maryse, just as angry following.


*Video Recap*
From the Royal Rumble Last Night!

Ted DiBiase and his girlfriend, Maryse are walking through the back, and as they turn the corner they see the United States Champion, Matt Sydal in his ring gear and standing with his girlfriend, Mickie James. DiBiase smiles, looking really pleased to see them and he walks up to the 2008 King of the Ring who turns his head, not looking at all impressed or bothered by Ted's presence.

Ted DiBiase: Well look who we have here babe. If it isn't the breakout star of the year.

Sydal doesn't pay any attention to his bitter remarks, and Mickie turns her head looking disgusted by Ted, not going down well with him at all.

Ted DiBiase: Hey, are you letting that ridiculous award you didn't deserve go t' your head?

Sydal & Mickie smirk, not rising to the bait.

Mickie James: We heard you alright. In fact we've heard you say the same thing several times. Maybe you should just get over it.

Ted DiBiase: Get over it? You're kidding me right? There's no way he was the breakout star of the year. . . I was.

DiBiase looks pissed as Sydal & Mickie turn to walk away, and Ted snaps. He clubs Sydal from behind and knocks him to the floor. He continues to pummel him, this time with boots to the lower back, and he pulls him up off his knees to send him crashing into the wall.

Mickie James: GET OFF HIM.

Mickie tries to pull Ted off her boyfriend but he keeps on stomping the ribs of the United States Champion. A group of officials surge into the scene and pull him away with Mickie immediately dropping to her knees to check on Matt. He's on his side clutching his ribs as a smug DiBiase walks off with Maryse.

Official: Matt, are you okay?

There's no response from Sydal as he just grimaces. The official checking on him stands up and looks back up the hall.


Mickie continues to attend to Sydal as he looks in agony on the floor awaiting medical attention.


The tension's clear as he makes it up to his feet, and Ziggler explodes into action, sneaking up behind him for the ZIG ZAG!!!. . . . . Sydal pulls away and Dolph falls back to the mat. The fans cheer again but Dolph isn't staying down for long though. Sydal takes a quick breather, looking absolutely spent, but as Dolph gets up and turns round, Sydal steps out to nail him with an ENZUIGIRI!!!. . . . . It goes crazy again in the arena as Dolph just falls to the mat in a heap, not moving a muscle as Sydal looks up, then crawls to the corner with the fans cheering like mad. Mickie wills him on, sensing he could be close to what will be an incredible victory.

Sydal slips under the apron and drags himself up the ropes, all the way to the top with Ziggler still out of it beneath him. The cheers grow & grow as the exhausted & injury plagued United States Champion takes a look down at him before jumping up into the air for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!. . . . . No, Ziggler rolls right into the corner as Sydal's ribs crash into the canvas to the shock & horror of the quickly deflated Greensboro fans. Mickie drops her head onto the apron again before doing everything she can to encourage him, shouting support to Sydal. Both men look wrecked as they drag themselves up, fighting their battered bodies with every inch of fight they have.

Sydal's in agony, holding his ribs as he just about manages to get to his knees, but Ziggler leans against the turnbuckle pads getting his breath back. He keeps his eyes on Sydal, and as Sydal just about manages to get back up, Ziggler charges at him from behind and jumps up off the mat for the ZIG ZAG AND GETS IT, EVERY LAST BIT OF IT TO SEND SYDAL'S BACK CRASHING INTO THE CANVAS!!!. . . . . Mickie turns round in a flash, sensing the worst as Ziggler rushes to make the cover, hooking both legs as the ref makes the count with the fans stunned. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . . 3!!!

"Perfection" hits to some heat from the crowd with most fans shocked as Ziggler leans back on his knees and throws his arms into the airs, absolutely ecstatic at winning his first title in the WWE. The referee walks over to the apron and collects what is now Ziggler's title and Mickie leans on the apron looking devastated for her boyfriend.


DiBiase's entrance into the arena is met by a chorus of boos, not that he cares as he coolly looks up at the ring. Maryse wishes him luck and watches him walk down to the ring, but as he climbs up on the apron, Maryse is left stunned as Matt Sydal, the former United States Champion brushes past her. With his ribs still taped up, he paces down the aisle furiously with the fans cheering. DiBiase steps inside and sees Sydal. The King of the Ring tries to jump up on the apron but the referees stops him, much to Ted's amusement as he looks down at him and laughs, enjoying what he's seeing.

He leans over the ropes and taunts the angry Sydal, but unbeknown to Ted, Backlund approaches from behind and lifts him off his feet and over the top rope, and DIBIASE FALLS OFF THE APRON AND DOWN TO THE FLOOR!!!. . . . . A huge cheer breaks out as DiBiase hits the floor in shock. He throws a fit with Backlund jumping up & down, and even Sydal enjoys it, easing his mood as he backs away laughing. Maryse runs down to her boyfriend who stands up and points at Sydal, blaming him as Sydal backs up the aisle laughing back at him. The referees then tell to Ted he has to leave ringside, which he does reluctantly, going after Sydal who walks backstage.


We're back to the ring with Ted's music coming to a halt and he's stood in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand, still with a face like thunder.

Ted DiBiase:
Right now I should be stood here as the new WWE Champion and ev'rybody knows it.

*Lot of Heat*

Ted DiBiase: Boo all you want but you know as well as I do that I was going t' win the Royal Rumble the last night, but thanks t' one man, the so called Breakthrough Star of the Year, I'm not.

*More Boos*

Ted DiBiase: And I promise I'm not going t' f'get about it anytime soon. I was even going t' come out here t'night and say I felt sorry f' Matt Sydal losing the United States title last night after he made me lose my temper earlier on. It was never my intention t' do that I swear, but when he followed me out to the ring when I was all set t' go on an' win the Royal Rumble, he had ev'ry intention of making sure I didn't reach the heights he could only dream of.


Ted DiBiase: Sydal, you had no place being there and you need to understand this. . .

?: . . . Whoa whoa whoa, hold on there a minute.

Raw's Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff walks out to the stage, microphone in hand to a decent pop as he looks down with a wry smile on his face at DiBiase, and he doesn't look happy to see his boss standing there, and the same goes for Maryse.

Eric Bischoff:
Ted Ted Ted, you never fail to amaze me. Did I really hear you say he made you lose your temper last night? I'm not sure exactly what was said but I think it's safe t' say that it probably didn't go down like that given how I too have been on the receiving end of one of your backstage attacks. Fortunately however I've been told t'day that Matt Sydal will recover in good time. In fact he'll be ready to compete in just under three weeks at No Way Out when you'll get t' put your theory of who deserves t' be the Breakout Star of the Year t' the test. It'll be you an' the King of the Ring one-on-one.


Ted DiBiase: What, you think that bothers me? I can't wait t' prove my point by beating the overrated. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . If you don't mind, I wasn't finished. I was going t' say, seeing how he's unable to compete at the moment and he's not on the Raw roster anyway, you will be in action t'night. Not only that, you're going t' take on someone who has a lot in common with your opponent at No Way Out. He too was a champion last year. Also, unfortunately he wasn't successful last night. and he was attacked too. That's put him in rather a bad mood t'night, and I don't know if it's just coincidence, but like Sydal he hails from St. Louis Missouri.

*Big Pop*

DiBiase shakes his head slightly, thinking he knows what's coming.

Eric Bischoff:
Ladies an' gentleman give it up f' Ted's opponent t'night, RANDY OR-TON!.

"I hear voices in my head. . ."

The crowd erupts with a massive pop as Bischoff steps to the side and Randy Orton struts out to the stage looking ready to do someone some serious damage. DiBiase looks on, clearly unhappy at the challenge that awaits with Maryse too looking worried as the intense Orton walks slowly & purposefully down the ramp to the ring. Bischoff's got a smug smile on his face as he turns back and heads backstage with the fans going mad for Orton as he enters the ring, eyes locked on the uneasy looking DiBiase.

*Match 2*
Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase w/Maryse

DiBiase had every right to be worried as The Viper was out to let out some serious frustration & anger from last night. He punished Ted from the start, showing some serious aggression that was met with strong approval from the fans. Maryse was a worried girlfriend on the outside, and Ted had her to thank for giving him some respite and a way into the contest when she grabbed Orton's foot as he ran the ropes. He stopped & turned round, stared down at her and let her know in no uncertain terms that she's playing with fire. Ted snuck up behind him and stomped all over him. Orton was kept grounded by Ted but fought back into it, dodging a missile dropkick before dragging Ted up into an inverted headlock backbreaker. DiBiase was in trouble but he came back into it by his own accord, rolling away from a pointed knee drop, but it all turned around again when Orton reversed an irish whip to the corner and followed in with a massive clothesline.

Ted stumbled out with his head dropped, and The Viper took full advantage, grabbing DiBiase's head under his arm and throwing him round to hang his legs on the ropes to drill him for a spike DDT off the ropes. Maryse managed to save him by putting his foot on the rope to stop the count getting to three, but it quickly proved to be a mistake as Orton backed off and stalked him for the running punt to the head. Ted didn't have a clue as he clawed his way up to his knees, but as Orton stormed across the ring, Ted pulled his head back and tried going for Dream Street in desperation. Orton though quickly slipped behind, and as DiBiase turned round Orton leapt up and hit the RKO to get the win. After the bell Ted rolled outside with Maryse checking on him while The Viper gazed into the crowd, not looking at all satisfied or pleased with the win, looking a menacing sight.

Winner: Randy Orton by pinfall.

Jim Ross: When Eric Bischoff said Randy Orton was in an angry mood t'night he wasn't kidding.

Jerry Lawler: He sure wasn't JR. You know my hist'ry with that spoilt brat an' even I feel sorry f' him after that. Randy meant serious business t'night.

Jim Ross: No doubt about that King. We've seen a more determined Randy Orton since his return a few weeks ago. That's not a good thing f' anyone on the road to Wrestlemania.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From the Royal Rumble Last Night!

Here comes Rey to an almighty roar. The fans go crazy for him as he slides into the ring, under an outstretched arm for Sheamus, runs through into the ropes and comes back to take Sheamus onto the second rope with TILT-A-WHIRL HEADSCISSORS!!. . . . . It's getting loud in here as Rey dials up, turns back into the ropes, runs back across and connects with the 619!!!. . . . . Sheamus is sent back pedalling from the ropes in a spin as Rey Rey steadies himself on the apron, but he has to block a right hand from Edge, then hits him with a forearm to put the Canadian down.


Mysterio's eliminated the Intercontinental Champion and the crowd love it. Rey breathes a sigh of relief as he leans back against the ropes, but Sheamus is furious as he stands up, staring up at Rey from behind. He grabs Rey by the legs and drags him out of the ring under the bottom rope, then sends him crashing into the steel steps to a ton of heat. Sheamus is told to leave by the officials on the outside. He doesn't go anywhere and pushes them away with Rey hurt on the floor.

The livid Irishman picks up the top step that was knocked over by Rey when he crashed into them, and despite the officials begging Sheamus not to use them, he BRINGS THEM CRASHING DOWN INTO REY'S STOMACH!!!. . . . . The fans continue to boo as the remorseless Intercontinental Champion lets go of them, and this time he's ushered back by one of the referees while the other checks on Rey, and the World Tag Team Champion looks hurt.

Sheamus steps away this time, still staring at Rey before turning around as the other official goes to help the other, trying to help Rey up. Rey doesn't look like he should be on his feet as Sheamus turns round and sees him on his feet, and he doesn't like seeing that. He walks back round the ring and charges at Rey, making the refs shit themselves as THE CELTIC WARRIOR LEVELS REY SQUARE IN THE HEAD WITH THE BROGUE KICK!!!. . . . .

Rey falls to the floor again to yet more boos with Sheamus standing over him sadistically, breathing heavily before raising his arms into the air to an absolute bombardment of heat from the Greensboro faithful. EMT's come running down the aisle to check on Rey as Sheamus again walks away, and Rey's tag team partner, Mystico comes out to check on him too with the fans hurling abuse at the Intercontinental Champion as he heads backs up the aisle.


The Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus is shown in the locker room watching a television, presumably the footage just shown given his very angry expression. He looks at the bottle of water in his hand and turns to throw it against the wall, getting even more agitated.

We cut across the back where Leticia Cline is standing by.

Leticia Cline:
Joining me at this time are the number one contenders for the World Tag Team titles, The Epitome of Excellence, Christopher Daniels an' Kaval.

The camera zooms out and there stand Christopher Daniels & Kaval in their ring gear looking very serious indeed with their title match later on.

Leticia Cline:
Gentlemen later on this evening you'll be challenging Rey Mysterio an' Mystico for the tag team titles and having just seen what happened last night in the Royal Rumble between Rey an' Sheamus, I have to ask you f' your thoughts on the rumours that Rey's nowhere near 100% t'night.

Christopher Daniels: To answer your question firstly Leticia, what happened to Rey was very unfortunate. I'm sure in some way we'll be painted as villains despite having nothing t' do with what happened. The fact of the matter is we've always been very respectful of both Rey and Mystico's ability, and all we've wan'ed is the chance we know we deserve after ev'rything that's gone against us. We came here t' be champions, there's no denying that, but we want it the right way. We're the Epitome of Excellence f' a reason, an' just t' point out, we didn't give ourselves that name. It was given to us. We pride ourselves on being the best. We came here t'night with our mission to come out on top in an incredible match against incredible opponents. The problem that we have however is that we've never been defeated, even by the champions we respect. T'night is about justice. T'night Kaval an' I will finally become the World Tag Team Champions.

Leticia Cline: You just said y'self that there has been some controversy surrounding y'selves an' the titles which is why there will be no count outs or disqualifications in your match t'night. Do you think that added stipulation favours either team?

Christopher Daniels: The best way I can answer that is by saying that we try to win our matches in one way only, by demonstrating our ability over our opponents. We've been here around four months Leticia and we've never, not once cheated in any shape or form to win any match we've been in. The rules t'night make absolutely no diff'rence to us. What it does do is it ensures there won't be a repeat of our last encounter when we should've walked out as the champions. T'night though we will.

Leticia Cline: Alright, thanks guys an' good luck t'night.

Showing they mean business, Daniels & Kaval look intently into the camera.

*Match 3*
Melina vs. Mia Rain

Melina was clearly up for this one, but so was Rain. She quickly let Melina and the crowd know she wasn't about to roll over for the former Women's Champion, and after ducking a roundhouse kick late on, it looked like Rain was about to get the win. She reacted in a flash to lift Melina off the mat and into a falling gutbuster, but The Paparazzi Princess shocked her and some of the crowd by getting her shoulder up at the count of two. Rain was furious, and her frustrations got the better of her as she urged Melina to get back up, but when she did, she slipped away from Rain's clutches and caught her out of nowhere with the Extreme Makeover, a spinning facebuster to get a solid win. As Rain left the ring frustrated holding her jaw while Melina celebrated, the former Women's Champion then asked for a microphone, getting one passed to her by Lilian Garcia.

Winner: Melina by pinfall.

Melina: As you all know at Night of Champions I lost the women's title to Queen Kong. Ever since she arrived here she's looked unstoppable, but at Night of Champions I came close and now I honestly believe I can beat her. Some of you will think I'm crazy but I know I can do the impossible. Thankfully I have a rematch clause an' next week I'm going t' use it. Not only will I use it but I'll take my title back an' be the first person to beat. . .

Queen Kong's music hits and the Women's Champion walks out to the stage looking as scary as ever with her eyes fixed firmly on Melina in the ring. Melina kneels down and places the microphone on the mat and prepares for her arrival, not shying away from her rival despite showing some understandable concern as Kong gets to the ring. Melina watches her up the steps and into the ring, and Kong stares over menacingly at her and slowly removes her title belt. She drops it on the mat and walks slowly towards Melina, staring right into her eyes.

Melina doesn't flinch and ducks a right hand from Kong, then connects with a spin kick to the stomach, and then another to put the champion down on one knee to a decent pop from the crowd. She turns back to run the ropes but runs back into a falling clothesline, knocking the wind out of her sails. Kong stands up with fire in her eyes and brings Melina up with her, setting her up for a powerbomb. She lifts Melina effortlessly up in the air, but Melina hammers away at her and counters with a hurricanrana.

The fans love it as they both pick themselves back up, and Melina levels Kong with a roundhouse kick to another big pop from the fans. Melina stares down almost in shock at flooring Kong as "Paparazzi" blasts out again, but Kong sits up and Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim walk out from the back and head down the ramp. Melina turns and sees them, choosing to leave the ring as they show her their support with Kong staring right at them furiously, but Melina looks back, looking like she believes she has what it takes next week.

Jerry Lawler:
Melina said herself that some people will think she's crazy f' thinking she can beat Kong, an' I'm one of 'em JR. I don't know if anyone can beat her.

Jim Ross: Well King, people said the same about Andre The Giant an' The Undertaker but they were beaten. I've never seen any woman as dominant as Queen Kong but she has t' lose one day. Who knows? It might be next week an' Melina believes in herself. She did come close to an upset at Night of Champions an' she's got Kong rattled t'night. I think it'll be closer than ev'ryone thinks.

Jerry Lawler: So you're going f' a Kong win too then JR?

Jerry Lawler: We'll see. All I'm saying is Melina's got a chance an' she's ready. Unlike ev'ryone else we've seen, she's not scared of Kong an' she got under her skin. You've got t' give her a shot.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From the Royal Rumble Last Night!

The fans are left disappointed again, and both men are struggling as they try to make it up to a vertical base. Kofi's up first and he kicks Jay in the gut. Lethal grabs his boot though and spins his brother round, and in the blink of an eye he lifts Kofi off his feet for the LETHAL INJECTION, A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX LIFT INTO A NECKBREAKER!!!. . . . . Kofi hits the mat with force and rolls over onto his stomach towards the apron. Lethal turns his head and looks over coldly at Kofi lying there. He coolly shifts across the mat to make the cover, hooking the near leg confidently as the ref makes the count. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . . 3?


Kofi manages to get his foot on the bottom rope to the relief & delight of the crowd and Jay can't believe it. He sits up and glares at the referee with fury in his eyes. The ref signals the two count and Jay snaps, rushing back up to his feet and dragging Kofi up with him. Kofi barely offers any resistance as his furious brother pulls him into a place for a DDT. Lethal stares into the crowd, hell bent on putting Kofi away. Holding onto Kofi, Jay runs into the corner, jumping onto the second rope for a SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT!!!. . . . . No, Kofi counters and throws Jay forward & down into the canvas. A big pop breaks out as Lethal lands awkwardly on the mat, sitting up and holding his lower back.

Kofi though lets go of the ropes, focusing on his brother and he gets ready for the Trouble in Paradise. The fans continue cheering as Kofi steps away from the ropes clapping his hands above his head, but as Jay unwittingly picks himself up off the mat, Kofi's mood changes dramatically. He looks very uneasy and stops clapping, and as Jay turns round, Kofi freezes completely. Jay's stunned but takes full advantage of his brother's hesitancy and leaps up off the mat to hit the TROUBLE IN PARADISE HIMSELF!!!. . . . . Jay just nailed his brother with his own finisher, going for the right cover with the fans looking on nervously as the ref counts Kofi's shoulders. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . . 3?

YES, IT'S OVER! Jay beats Kofi and advances to the Royal Rumble match. "Lethal" hits and Jay stands up with a smug look on his face as he gets his arm raised. The fans are shocked and Lethal revels in it, walking over to the apron and smirking at them. He then turns round and sees Kofi coming round, taking great pleasure in that too. Jay walks across the mat to leave the ring, taking one last look at his brother before leaving the ring and walking back up the aisle. Kofi sits up and begins to realise what's happened, looking in his brother's direction as Jay turns back and smirks again having scored the big win over Kofi. He then turns his back on him and carries on backstage, leaving the incredibly disappointed Kofi to dwell on the loss.


*Match 4*
Eugene w/Goldust vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal walked out with a slight swagger after beating Kofi last night, but when the bell rung he was all about the action. Eugene frustrated him though and the fans behind him the whole way, really getting under Jay's skin. He was all over the place after he missed with a double axe handle off the top, getting kicked in the stomach and lifted into an aeroplane spin. The fans were loving it and Eugene followed it up with a battering ram and then dragged him away from the ropes to make a cover. Jay kicked out but Eugene kept the pressure on, hulking up after a comeback by Jay, and just as it looked like he was going to hit the big leg drop, Jay rolled away from it. As they both picked themselves back up, Lethal was clearly livid, determined to put the match to bed, and he looked close after catching him with the Lethal Combination, an STO backbreaker into a reverse STO. Eugene kicked out though, and even after Eugene ducked the Enzufury, Lethal pulled back from a Stunner attempt to plant him with the Lethal Injection, a belly-to-belly suplex into a neckbreaker, and it was enough to give him the victory. He got his arm raised looking slightly relieved to have got the win but he then soaked up the heat from the crowd, revelling in it with another victory under his belt.

Winner: Jay Lethal by pinfall.

A serious looking Kofi Kingston is watching the events in the ring backstage on the screen at the interview set when Todd Grisham walks towards him, armed with a microphone.

Todd Grisham:
Hey Kofi. Is there any chance of a quick word with you?

Kofi turns round, not looking too willing.

Kofi Kingston:
Yeah I guess.

Todd Grisham: Well there's a lot of people who want t' know just exactly what happened in your match last night with your brother Jay when you seemed t' freeze just when it looked like you were about to go for the trouble in paradise an' win the match. What was it that was going through your head?

Kofi Kingston: Y'know Todd I don't know how t' answer that. If I knew myself what happened I'd say so.

Todd Grisham: I can't help but wonder if after ev'rything that's happened with your brother recently as well as losing the Intercontinental Championship last year, what happened with Kelly an' Cody if this bad time you're going through got t' you last night?

Kofi can't believe what he heard and stares in shock at Todd, who stands there waiting for a response.

Kofi Kingston:
Are you kidding me Todd?

Kofi looks at him in disgust and storms off with Todd bemused as to what he said that rattled Kofi, just as Kofi walks right into Chris Jericho. They give each other the eyes briefly before Kofi brushes past him and keeps on walking with Jericho turning round shaking his head. Dressed for action against The Big Show he turns back and sees Grisham standing there, and Todd looks keen to get a word from him.

Todd Grisham:
Chris, you're about to go one-on-one with The Big Show, who you eliminated last night in the Royal Rumble. Are you at all worried at the prospect of having to face The World's Largest Athlete 24 hours after eliminating him in the Rumble?

Chris Jericho: Why would I be worried Todd? You said yourself that I eliminated the largest athlete in the world last night, and last week it so happens I defeated him in the gauntlet match as well. If anyone should be worried being aware of that information it's The Big Show, not me. He may be the biggest athlete in the world but I am the best in the world at what I do. That's why I have bettered him twice in a week. T'night that dominance will continue, I assure you of that.

Looking very sure of himself, Jericho walks past Grisham with his match against The Big Show up next!

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*Video Promo*

>3 Weeks!<


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

Gauntlet Match for Number 30 in the Royal Rumble
The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho tried to play dirty with Show determined to push on, and he looked all set for the first fall of the gauntlet when he managed to pull Jericho slightly away from the ropes and plant him with a chokeslam, only Jericho rolled under the bottom rope. Show couldn't take advantage and after several seconds he went outside after Jericho who was crawling on all fours close to the ring-steps. Show walked towards and tried to pick him up, but the resourceful Canadian reacted with a drop toe hold to send Show face first into the steps. Still groggy himself, Jericho struggled back up onto the apron and into the ring as Show started to stir, crawling to the apron as the ref counted to 10, giving Jericho the first fall by count out. Big Show dragged himself back up onto the apron looking devastated to have been counted out and Jericho sat up laughing & pointing at him.


*Match 5*
The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho entered the ring looking very complacent while Show entered it with purpose. The Canadian quickly found out how much trouble he was in when he found himself backed up in the corner and on the receiving end of a forehand chop to the chest. Show didn't relent, and after Jericho fought his way out of a bearhug and thought he was on the comeback trail, he came back off the ropes to be lifted up off his feet and above Show's head. The World's Largest Athlete pressed him up & down before dropping him into the canvas to a big pop. Jericho was suffering and rolled out under the apron by the ramp, and when he managed to make it back up with the ref counting him out, he turned his back on the ring and headed up the ramp to a ton of heat, getting counted out with Show looking on in shock. He was furious as the ref counted to ten and as he was announced the winner, shaking his head in disgust as Jericho walked backstage and "Crank It Up" played. Show walked over to the ropes and shook his head again, showing the fans his frustration.

Winner: The Big Show by Count Out.

Jim Ross:
Well so much f' Jericho bettering Big Show again t'night. All he's done is show he's a coward.

Jerry Lawler: I wouldn't exactly put it like that JR, an' if you ask me, staying away from Big Show's probably a wise move t'night.

Jim Ross: Either way King, Jericho ran his mouth as he's done ever since he's come back t' Raw but he couldn't back up t'night. He didn't even try f' cryin' out loud.

Making their way through the back are the World Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio & Mystico with Rey walking somewhat gingerly after the assault at the hands of Sheamus last night.

Jim Ross:
When we come back folks, the world tag team titles will be on the line when The Epitome of Excellence finally get the rematch they've wan'ed since Night of Champions with no count outs or disqualification. You won't wanna miss this folks I promise y'that. Don't go far whatever y'do.

*Commercial Break*

*Match 6*
World Tag Team Championship
No DQ or Count Out
Rey Mysterio & Mystico (c)
vs. The Epitome of Excellence

Both teams walked down to the ring with their game faces on, both looking focused for the match in hand, but Mysterio was walking awkwardly after the attack by Sheamus last night. It had an effect early on too when he had an irish whip to the corner reversed and his back crashed into the pads. He was holding his lower back when he struggled back up, and he got no sympathy from the challengers. He showed typical fight to bring Mystico into the match, and he took the fight to Daniels & Kaval. As the match was in its closing stages, both teams came close. Kaval looked to put Mystico away and went looking for the Tidal Wave, a springboard roundhouse, but the Mexican dodged it and nailed him with a super kick. Kaval managed to get his shoulder up at two. Daniels then thought he had it won when he caught Mysterio with the Best Moonsault Ever, only for Rey to kick out at two. He was furious and set the battered Mexican up for the Angel's Wings, but Rey countered by sweeping both of Daniels' legs using his hands and flipped forward for a jackknife cover. Daniels kicked out at two and had to again when Rey caught him with a leg feed enzuigiri. Rey then made the tag to Mystico, showing the effects of the attack last night as he watched on from the apron with Mystico taking the fight to Daniels. It looked like Daniels was going to fall victim to a tiger feint kick (Rey's 619) from Mystico, but he pulled his head back at the last second. Mystico wasn't done though and thrust his shoulder into Daniel's gut before hitting a springboard sunset flip, only for Daniels again to kick out at two.

As they made their way back up, Daniels reversed a whip and Mystico came back off the ropes to catch him with tilt-a-whirl headscissors into a single arm DDT. The fans were on their feet as Mystico raced into the cover, but Kaval stormed the ring to break it up at two to a ton of heat. The fans were furious, and so was Rey as he surged into the ring to take Kaval down. Rey stood back up and looked down furiously at Kaval when a chorus of boos broke out, and as Rey then turned round, the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus charged at him and took his head off with the Brogue Kick. The crowd booed the hell out of Sheamus as he stared down at Rey with contempt and without remorse. The ref was powerless but tried to get Sheamus to leave, but all the Irishman did was kick Rey under the bottom rope. With all three men squirming in the ring oblivious to it, Sheamus dragged the motionless Rey up to fire him into the guardrail by the ramp, but he wasn't done there and scooped him up again at the foot of the ramp, lifting Rey into position for the White Noise, and he nailed it onto the ramp to an almighty thud. He stood up to even more heat, just smirking as he backed away from Rey as Daniels & Mystico sat up in the ring looking stunned. EMT's ran down the ramp past Sheamus as Mystico crawled to the ropes to get a closer look, looking concerned for his friend & partner. Daniels looked to take advantage by sneaking up behind Mystico and rolling him up, but only got a two count. They both shot up with Mystico reversing an irish whip, but Daniels held on and caught Mystico with a raised boot as the Mexican ran at him.

It sent him spinning away, but as he turned round and Daniels ran at him, Mystico caught him with another super kick. Kaval tried to dive across on to Mystico to stop the count, but Mystico saw him coming and broke the cover himself as Kaval landed on his partner to a big pop. With the EMT's still attending to Rey, Mystico took the fight by himself, backtracking to the ropes as Kaval stood up and ran at him, only for Mystico to lower the ropes and send him down to the floor. The fans were going crazy, and as Daniels clawed his way up to his knees, Mystico went right after him, right into a low blow as he tried to help him up from his knees. The crowd crapped all over Daniels as he stood up intensely, looking into the stands without regret as he then leaned forward to bring Mystico up, setting him up for the Angel's Wings, and he hit it to even more heat. Kaval was sitting up on the floor and watched as his partner made the cover, getting the three count to win the titles for The Epitome of Excellence. Their music hit to a ton of heat as Kaval looked on showing a brief smile on the floor, and he then collected the titles as he stood up and then entered the ring with the EMT's still helping Rey on the ramp. Daniels was passed one of the titles and hugged Kaval before the emphatically raised the titles into the air in front of the furious crowd. Mystico had already rolled out of the ring and as he made it back up he went over to check on Rey too with the new champions celebrating in front of a disgusted crowd.

Winners: By pinfall, and the new World Tag Team Champions, The Epitome of Excellence.

Jim Ross: What the hell is wrong with Sheamus? He had no reason coming out here t'night, as if he didn't do enough damage last night. Now he's gone an' cost Rey an' Mystico the tag titles. I'm absolutely disgusted by what I've just seen.

Jerry Lawler: You're not alone there JR. It looks like Sheamus will be lucky getting out of here alive t'night.

Jim Ross: If it was up t' me King he wouldn't. Thanks t' him we've got new tag team champions in Daniels an' Kaval, who admittedly can't be blamed f' what happened here t'night, but the bottom line is we have new tag team champions.

John Cena is shown making his way through the back, game face well & truly on.

Jim Ross:
There he is folks, back on Raw f' what might be one night only, John Cena. When we come back it'll be our main event featuring that man right there teaming up with The Undertaker t' take on the two men who cost him the world title last night, Homicide an' the World Champion himself, CM Punk. This folks, you can't afford t' miss.

*Commercial Break*

Looking very pleased with himself, the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus is walking backstage, but as he turns a corner, he walks right into an angry Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff:
What the hell were you thinking? Why'd you do that? Do you have any idea what you've done? You just cost Rey an' Mystico the tag team titles, an' f' what?

Sheamus: Yeah I do realise as it happens, t'ank you very much.

Eric Bischoff: What, that's it? You. . .

Sheamus: . . . Hold on a second Bischoff. You want someone t' blame fella, look at Rey. He's de one t' blame f' me not winnin' de Rumble last night. He's de one who stopped me bein' both de dubya-dubya-e champion an' Intercontinental Champion at de same time. It's not my fault he had t' pay de price. If dat ain't what y'wanna hear dat's not my problem.

Bischoff can't believe what he heard and shakes his head looking disgusted.

Eric Bischoff:
You really are pathetic you know that? In fact, you know what I'm gonna do?. . .

Bischoff steps to the side as EMT's carry Rey Mysterio towards & past them on a stretcher with Mystico following. He stops at seeing Sheamus and stares right at him, not getting much remorse from The Celtic Warrior as Bischoff stops one of the EMT's.

Eric Bischoff:
How's he doing?

EMT: We don't know f' sure yet. We need t' get him to hospital t' find out how bad it is.

Eric Bischoff: Alright thanks, you guys go.

The EMT catches up with the others and Mystico follows with Sheamus smirking, seemingly enjoying the trouble he's caused, and Bischoff is not amused in the slightest.

Eric Bischoff:
You think is funny do ya? Well let me tell you somethin' champ. You might think you made Rey pay but after what you've done t'night you will too fella.

Bischoff's clearly livid and storms off past Sheamus, leaving the Irishman with something to think about.

*The Main Event*
The Undertaker & John Cena
vs. CM Punk & Homicide

Punk walked out to the stage with a smug smile on his face alongside Homicide, but despite helping Punk to the world title last night he remained his usual serious self. Cena hit the ring before Taker and he didn't wait for his partner as he went right after Punk & Homicide, who sensibly left the ring just before Cena could get at them. Cena was pissed and threw his T-shirt into the crowd without looking into the stands after pulling his shirt off in super quick time. He barely looked at his partner as Taker entered the ring before retreating back to the apron after not getting any acknowledgment or response from Cena. Homicide was paying for his actions with Cena all over him in the beginning, and when Punk finally got in there with Cena, he too felt the brunt of Cena's anger. It came down to those two too, and after hitting a running knee strike in the corner, Punk went for a running bulldog out of it, only for Cena to counter and shove Punk forward, right into the referee and knocking him down. He stayed down too and as a shocked Punk turned round, Cena walked out and caught him with the F-U.

The fans were cheering, but there was no-one to count the fall. Homicide then jumped off the apron and grabbed a steel chair before sliding in the ring. He went right after Cena, but Cena caught him with a right hand. Homicide picked himself back up with Taker stepping over the top rope too. He ran at Homicide and clotheslined him back down, and this time he dropped the chair which Cena picked up. Punk sat up though and pushed Cena back into Taker, knocking The Dead-Man down onto one knee. Punk stood up and aimed a stiff kick at Cena, but he sidestepped it, and then turned round to swing the chair at Punk, but the World Champion ducked and Taker walked right into it, just like last night when Tazz nailed Cena. Taker fell to the mat and Cena looked on in shock and dropped the chair, but Punk quickly turned him round to lift him up for the GTS. The fans booed but Cena quickly slipped down and got Punk up for another F-U when Homicide stood back up.

Cena put Punk down and ran at Homicide to clothesline him over the top, staring down at him as Punk approached from behind to roll him up, using the ropes as leverage as well as holding Cena's shorts with the ref conveniently back in the land of the living to make the count, giving Punk a cheap win. The World Champion quickly slipped out of the ring with "This Fire Burns" blasting out to a ton of heat. Cena stood up, seriously pissed as a smug Punk collected his title as Homicide picked himself back up. They walked round the ring to the ramp with Punk laughing at Cena and then the crowd with Cena watching their every step. Punk turned round on the ramp and lifted his title into the air defiantly. Cena watched furiously, much to Punk's amusement as Taker sat up behind Cena, and as Punk & Homicide headed back through the curtain, Cena turned round and got a death stare from an angry Undertaker, letting Cena know just how angry he was as Raw came to a close.

Winners: CM Punk & Homicide by pinfall.

Jim Ross:
CM Punk's struck lucky t'night but he's got a real fight on his hands Friday night when he defends the world title against John Cena. Cena might've made a mistake here t'night an' if he does that again on Smackdown then we might just see Punk hold on to his title.

Jerry Lawler: The way The Undertaker's looking at 'im JR I think Cena should worry about making it t' Smackdown.

The new WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels is shown walking through the back looking like a very happy man indeed, seemingly on his way to the ring with the WWE title draped over his shoulder.

Jim Ross:
Well when we come back King we're going t' hear from the new WWE Champion. Whatever you do folks, don't go anywhere.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

"Sexy Boy"

Lilian Garcia:
Please welcome the new WWE Champion, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn MI-CHAELS.

The entire crowd are on their feet as 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels struts out to the stage with the WWE title draped proudly over his rightly shoulder. He stops & looks out into the crowd and drops to his knees at the top of the ramp, doing his trademark pose to a huge pyro explosion behind him. He stands back up with a big smile on his face, slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp into the ring, where he spins round like the good old days with confetti & balloons falling from the rafters. The fans are still on their feet applauding as his music stops.

"H-B-K, H-B-K. . ."

Michaels soaks up the ovation, taking it all in as he's passed a microphone by Lilian who leaves the ring for Shawn. The new WWE Champion applauds the fans and they quieten down eventually, allwoing him to speak.

Shawn Michaels:
After over 20 years in this business I thought I'd done it all an' seen it all. . . well I guess I was wrong.


Shawn Michaels: If you asked me this time last week whether I honestly thought I'd be stood here t'night after winning the Royal Rumble getting this reaction from you guys as the new WWE Champion I'd have t' say I was dreaming a fair bit. Don't get me wrong, I've always believed in my ability, but at this stage of my career with the unpredictability of the Rumble match, the odds were against it. Even until yesterday morning I was still thinking that, then I had a realisation. I've known f' a while now that the end of the road might not be that far away an' I said t' myself that I've got take ev'ry last chance I get. Last night was more than a chance. I've been in a lot of Rumble matches in my time but never has the WWE Championship been defended, only once has it been on the line in the Rumble but knowing that the winner automatically goes to the main event of Wrestlemania t' defend the title at Wembley Stadium, the first time Wrestlemania goes outside the States an' Canada, well let's just say I said t' myself, hell I wanna piece o'that.


Shawn Michaels: The main event of Wrestlemania is the place we all wanna be. F' all I knew I might never get the chance t' be in that spot again, let alone as WWE Champion. I knew that last night may well be the last chance I ever got t' get there again I went out last night t' do ev'rything I could t' make that happen.

*More Cheers*

Shawn Michaels: Even when I drew the number two spot I stayed positive. I've done it from the start, albeit a long time ago but I kept that faith, that belief I could go all the way, an' I did, an' now I stand here in front of all you people who've supported me all this time as the WWE Champion one more time.

*Big Pop*

Shawn Michaels: It means more t' me than you can possibly imagine, standing here in front of all the people who made me the man I am t'day, an' that helped spur me on last night. When it came down to just me an' The Undertaker like it did two years ago, I thought here we go again, but the support you guys gave me pushed me over the line. Now I've got the chance t' headline the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley where ironically only me an' The Dead-Man competed over 15 years ago at Summerslam. That was a great night that'll live me f'ever an' I can't wait t' go back there after all this time. It's been a wild ride since then. I've had a lot o'highs an' a few lows, an' hand on heart I can honestly say, I've had 24 hours t' think about but last night was the biggest vict'ry of this long long career.


Shawn Michaels: Don't get me wrong. I've had some great moments in my career but last night, going from the start t' the finish, outlasting 29 men, being WWE champion again an' going t' the main event of Wrestlemania, it doesn't get any better than that.

*More Cheers*

Shawn Michaels: I had t' dig deeper than ever before but it was so worth it. When people said Triple H had no chance of going the distance t' retain the title, they said it f' a reason 'cause it was tough believe you me, but I got there. I fought all the way to the end an' made the impossible possible t' keep the dream. . .


The former WWE Champion, Triple H strolls out to the stage in jeans and a T-shirt to a barrage of boos as he stares down furiously at Michaels, and The Heartbreak Kid turns to look up at his former best friend giving him the dirtiest of looks. The crowd continue to boo the livid former champion as he slowly makes his way down to the ring, not taking his eyes off the new owner of the title, and Michaels too watches him all the way up the steps and into the ring. The Game stands up and gives him the eyes before kicking his way through some balloons to get a microphone of his own. He's passed one and he turns back to walk right up to Michaels, breathing heavily as his music stops, bringing out the boos as he just about manages to stop himself attacking Shawn, who stands there cool as ice looking back at The Game. He takes a deep breath and steps back, still struggling to keep his composure.

Shawn Michaels:
Well I guess you've not come out here t' give your old buddy a pat on the back, so are we gonna get all this over an' done with or what?

Triple H: Get all this over an' done with? Shawn, I don't think you understand this situation. This might be your dream, your last chapter or however it was you put it but this isn't something we settle here an' now then just move on. You're standing there with my title, an' this dream of yours you're in right now, regardless of our hist'ry is the start of the worst nightmare you'll ever have.

Michaels realises just how serious The Game is and the smile is fading fast.

Triple H:
Last night I was forced into a position no one else has ever been in, f' good reason. Expecting anyone to defend the WWE Championship in the Royal Rumble, let alone as the number one entry is beyond unreasonable, yet I came that close to doing just that. Ev'ryone wrote me off, ev'ryone, but I knew if anyone could do it it was me. I gave it ev'rything, absolutely ev'rything. I fell that little bit short but it doesn't mean it's over Shawn, not by a long shot. You've been in this business long enough t' know that ev'ry champion has a rematch clause in their contract, and you can talk all about how you're going to fulfil this last dream of main eventing Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion, but Shawn you're going t' be defending it against me.

*Major Heat*

The Game gives Shawn the eyes again, and Michaels is all business now too as he stares back at Trips.

Triple H:
The rematch is watertight, an' since you're guaranteed to defend the title at Wrestlemania, that means there's only person you can defend it against. . .

Shawn Michaels: . . . Hun'er, I honestly mean ev'ry word I'm about t' say. . . I hope that happens.


Shawn Michaels: We might not be the best of friends as we once were, an' since I'm officially a Raw superstar again the thought of you an' I dancing on the grandest stage of them all, well it just makes this all even better.

Michaels extends his hand to Trips who looks shocked & appalled.

Triple H:
Let me make something clear t' you Shawn. This isn't going t' be about two long time friends battling it out f' the right to be called champion. Now you have my title, this is personal, and through hell or high water I won't stop until it's back around my waist.


Triple H: And it will be Shawn, mark my words. You might've overcome the odds last night but lightning won't strike twice. That title will be my mine again, even if that means one of us gets seriously hurt, that's the price that we'll have t' pay.

Shawn Michaels: Hun'er I'm not gonna stand here an' say anything other than that right now I'm damn proud t' be the WWE Champion, but at the same time I have perspective. There's nothing better in this business than bein' right at the top. All my career it's all been about getting t' this level. With you, the last year it's taken over your whole life. It's not healthy my man. Look at what it's cost you. You've lost your friends, your wife an' your kids. There are some things worth more than this title Hun'er, an' now you don't even have that.

The Game stares right at Michaels, not appreciating in the slightest what Shawn's trying to say.

Shawn Michaels:
Becoming a father changed my life. From that day family came first second an' third. Eventually you're gonna realise that an' the sooner the better before it's too late.

Triple H: I don't need a lecture. The only concern you should have Shawn is for your own well being. You know better than anyone what I'm capable of, what I've done t' people, an' at this stage of your career, the last person you wanna piss off is me.

Shawn Michaels: You wanna tell it like it is, lay it all on the line, fine let's do it. Friends or not I see a man who's sacrificed his family because of an obsession, an unhealthy obsession. You're obsessed with the WWE Championship. It made you turn your back on two of your best friends in Ric Flair an' Batista. You forced them out of this business an' f' what? This title. It's this title that's brought you out here t'night, but it's not just that you don't have it anymore. It's written all over your face Jack. You're just not obsessed with getting this title back. It's eating you up that I did what ev'ryone said you couldn't. Even you said many time over the last few weeks that it couldn't be done, that no one could go all the way an' win the Royal Rumble, but low an' behold it happens, just not t' you. Yours truly, not f' the first time went the whole way an' this time I happened t' walk out WWE Champion, an' you my man you've gotta get over it, because as you put it, through hell or high water I'll do what it takes t' keep this around my waist.

*Big Pop*

Triple H: Don't you worry about me Shawn. I will deal with it. I'm going t' deal with it right now.

The Game drops his microphone and pulls off his T-shirt, and walks right up to The Heartbreak Kid, getting right in his face with Michaels standing firm, not intimidated at all.

Hold it right there Hun'er.

A pop breaks from the crowd as Eric Bischoff paces out from the back with a microphone in hand and Triple H turns round looking up furiously at him.

Eric Bischoff:
Trust me Hun'er you don't wanna do that t'night. You'll wanna hear what I've got t' say.

The Game & Michaels both look up, curious as to what Bischoff has to say.

Eric Bischoff:
I couldn't help but hear you talk about this watertight rematch clause you plan on using. See in theory you were right. However in exceptional circumstances that clause can be declared void, and I feel I must advise you that these circumstances include putting your hands on a referee, a fan or your boss.

The fans cheer again, feeling sure they know what this means with The Game feeling the same way as he glares up staring daggers at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff:
Now seeing as you put your hands on me several weeks ago, that means only one thing, I have ev'ry right to declare your rematch null an' void, and that's exactly what I've done.

*Huge Pop*

The fans are making a racket as Triple H stomps over to the ropes and mouths something up at Bischoff, absolutely furious at having his rematch taken off him.

Eric Bischoff:
What that means is, we need to determine who will challenge Shawn at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship. In three weeks we'll find out who that'll be, because at No Way Out there will be a number one contender match. Those superstars involved will be determined by three qualifying matches that will take place right here next week. After what we saw earlier t'night, The Big Show an' Chris Jericho will go one-on-one with no count outs.


Eric Bischoff: That way there's nowhere f' Jericho t' run. . . It's also going t' be The Undertaker going one-on-one with someone who earlier on stuck his nose where it wasn't wan'ed in the Intercontinental Champion Sheamus.

*Another Pop*

Eric Bischoff: That leaves just one match, an' Hun'er that involves you. You're gonna be facing the man who last night eliminated you from the Royal Rumble and who you then attacked. If you're having problems with who that is, let me intr'duce t' you just who you'll face next week.

Bischoff steps to the side with The Game looking up at him, still furious.

"I hear voices in my head. . ."

The crowd goes nuts as Randy Orton slowly walks out to the stage and stares down intently at Triple H. The Game stares back with Michaels looking on behind him in the middle of the ring. Orton now walks down the ramp to midway and stops, getting a closer look at Trips and gives him the eyes, sending him a clear message going into next week as the show comes to a close with Orton & Triple H staring intently at each other and The Heartbreak Kid standing in the shadows watching.

Spoiler for WrestleMania Teaser:

*End of Show*

Quick Results

John Morrison, Justin Gabriel & The Colons df. The Miz, Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig
Randy Orton
df. Ted DiBiase
df. Mia Rain
Jay Lethal
df. Eugene
The Big Show
df. Chris Jericho
The Epitome of Excellence
df. Rey Mysterio & Mystico
CM Punk & Homicide
df. The Undertaker & John Cena

>Superstars Tapings<
df. JTG
Kofi Kingston
df. Orlando Jordan

>Confirmed for Next Week<

Number One Contender Qualifying Matches
No Count Outs

The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

Randy Orton
vs. Triple H

The Undertaker
vs. Sheamus


Women's Championship

Melina vs. Queen Kong (c)

>Confirmed for No Way Out<

Number One Contender Match for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXV

The Big Show or Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton or Triple H
vs. The Undertaker or Sheamus


Matt Sydal vs. Ted DiBiase

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