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Re: Official 2012 KoBTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
I, personally, am not bothered about any extra time. I think the time restrictions for that last round were good enough for the size of the task at hand. However, if the jobbers want any more time*
How dare you insult our incredibly respectful judges that way? How rude it is to have someone try and tarnish the name of our wonderful judges, who have taken their time and effort to go above and beyond their duties in this bracket. I believe this gentleman has committed an act of slander, which may I suggest, should be points off of his Finals entry, if not immediate disqualification. That should teach FluxCrippleCapacitor to not run his mouth off at the wrong people.

*May I note that I am in no way whatsoever taking these comments out of context

Originally Posted by Melvis View Post
I sit back from the tower window and rest my sniper on my knee. Turning to look at Kirby, I sigh. The stupid Jigglypuff wannabe tilts his head and shrugs, as 619IDH walks in and says "I take it you saw what happened." I note how he doesn't call me King anymore. I scowl. Working with him is a completely fruitless exercise; the man he hired to take out Flux only managed to injure him, not kill him. Not to mention Kirby keeps stealing the crown and using it as a frisbee.
Kirby keeps Melvis occupied for the next several minutes. I notice that the man who will almost surely be the former King is losing his touch day by day. He is also losing his faith in me. This was supposed to be our battle and ours alone. But through carelessness, we let an honorable upstart intervene. He possess the one thing neither of us do - the respect of the people. His tyranny and my trickery have turned them all away into the arms of this 'Flux' character.

I pop in a Wrestlemania 20 DVD and turn to the main event that evening. The roles we are all playing fit the scenario far too well to just be happenstance. The reigning King undoubtedly draws parallels to Triple H. Flux resembles Chris Benoit's story far too much for coincidence. So I will study Shawn Michaels here. I must find out what he did wrong and mend those flaws. Also, must teach the little round pink one how to actually turn heel. No one likes a lifelong babyface even if he has...well...a babyface.


Potshots and banter aside, the only thing I care about is this stuff all getting done and assessed within the rest of the year, everything wrapping up by the 31st. Whatever order of events you deem is good for that is fine by me. I do have plenty of stuff to get to personally, but don't extend that deadline too long. I'll just have to suck it up and meet it


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