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Re: WWF 1995: The New Generation

Saturday Nights Main Event
February 18 | 1995 | Cincinnati, OH

The video package plays for Saturday Nights Main Event highlighting the feuds of the double main event. Vince McMahon and Jerry The King Lawler then welcome us to the show. They plug tonight’s matches and they hype this event up as the biggest Saturday Night’s Main Event in WWF history. Tonight for the next 2 hours we will be seeing six huge matches and could we see a new WWF Champion being crowned tonight as Owen Hart takes on his brother, The WWF Champion Bret Hart in a submission match. Rowdy Roddy Piper will be the special guest referee for this match. Will Owen Hart be walking out with two titles tonight? Or will Bret headline a third straight WrestleMania? Also in the other half of the double main event, "The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon and "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel team up to face Shawn Michaels and Sycho Sid with so much on the line. If Shawn Michaels and Sid win then Shawn Michaels will be headlining WrestleMania against Bret or Owen Hart. If Razor and Diesel win not only does the bad guy headline WrestleMania, then Diesel faces Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. Pamela Anderson is here tonight as she will be at ringside for that huge tag team match. Plus The Undertaker will get his chance to get revenge against the dangerous Papa Shango, plus so much more tonight. The 123 Kid's music hits as we go over to ring announcer Howard Finkell who introduces The 123 Kid.

Match 1 | The 123 Kid vs Doink the Clown
The 123 Kid comes out to a great ovation. Doink then came down to huge heat, he's got a big smile on his face. Before the bell rings, Doink wants to shake hands with The Kid, Kid's not falling for it but Doink tricks him anyway by squirting water from his jacket on The Kid's eyes. Doink is laughing wildly as he hammers away at The Kid as the bell rings. Doink with a fisherman suplex and gets a 2 count. Doink in control in the early going, The Kid then reverses an irish whip and knocks Doink down with spinning heel kick and gets a 2 count. Doink rolls outside the ring. He gets back in and locks up with The Kid. Doink with a go behind waist lock and Kid manages to take Doink down by the leg. Doink certainly didn't expect that as The Kid taunted Doink. Doink is still smiling so he slaps The Kid right across the face and hammers away at him with right hands. Doink sends The Kid to the ropes and knocks him down with a reverse elbow and follows up with a suplex and gets a 2 count. Doink tries a hiptoss but The 123 Kid blocks and nails Doink in the face with a martial arts kick and follows up with a roundhouse kick for a 2 count. Kid with a dropkick sends Doink to the floor. The Kid with a springboard crossbody on Doink to the floor. Kid sends Doink back in and Kid with some martial arts kicks to Doink in the corner. He whips Doink to the opposite corner and ran into a boot. Doink with a hard clothesline and got a 2 count. Doink isn't smiling anymore and he's angry.

Doink with some shoulder thrusts in the corner. Doink whips The Kid to the corner and follows up with a bulldog and got a 2 count. Doink tries a slam but Kid slips out and rolls Doink up for a 2 count. The Kid with a slam and bounces off the ropes and hits a quick leg drop and got a 2 count. The 123 Kid follows up with a clothesline sending Doink to the floor. The 123 Kid ran the ropes going for a plancha but Doink moves out of the way. He sends The Kid back in and delivers a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Doink is laughing and he tries the stump puller but The Kid surprises him with a roll up and gets a near fall. That was close, what a counter. Doink immediately got up and pummels The 123 Kid. Doink in full control here. Doink went up for the whoophie cushion but he's wasting a lot of valuable time as The Kid begins to get back to his feet. Doink's laughing on the top rope as he decides to go for an axe handle but The Kid with a dropkick crotches Doink on the ropes sending Doink crashing down to the mat. The 123 Kid sees this as an opportunity to capatalise as he went up the top rope as Doink begins to get back to hit feet. The 123 Kid delivers a moonsault and pins Doink for the 3 count to win the match. The 123 Kid celebrates his victory outside the ring and Doink's throwing a tantrum inside the ring. A great back and forth match to kick off Saturday Night's Main Event.
Winner: The 123 Kid
Match Time | 6:56

Backstage The Undertaker and Paul Bearer are in a dark room and Paul Bearer states that Shango's power of voodoo will have no effect on The Undertaker. They have a special surprise for Papa Shango. He shows a bodybag and tonight his Undertaker will make Shango suffer. Undertaker dedicates this match to the creatures of the night and vows to make Shango rest in peace tonight. The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase's music hits as we go back to ringside.

Match 2 | 8 Man Tag Team Match | The Million Dollar Corporation vs The British Bulldog, Tatanka and The Smoking Gunns
The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase leads his Million Dollar Corporation down to the ring, Lex Luger, Bam Bam, IRS and King Kong Bundy. The British Bulldog then comes out with his team to a great ovation. There is some bad blood between both sides. The bell rings and it looks like The Native American Tatanka will start things off with the tax man I.R.S but The Bulldog wants Luger in the ring first but Luger doesn't want to start this match off first. Tatanka and IRS start off and they lock up and IRS knees Tatanka to the gut and gets a few shots. IRS with an irish whip, reversal by Tatanka and a back body drop by Tatanka. Luger and Bam Bam get in and get dropkicked by The Smoking Gunns. King Kong Bundy gets in and now The Bulldog is in as The Bulldog’s team all corner Bundy so Bundy thinks it’s wise to just get out of the ring. Ted Dibiase has a team talk with his team and IRS tags Bam Bam. Bam Bam gets into a slugfest with Tatanka and Bigelow gets the upperhand with a headbutt. Bam Bam sends Tatanka to his corner and The Corporation all take shots at Tatanka. Tatanka then ducks a clothesline and lands a dropkick on Bigelow. Tatanka now has Bigelow by the arm and tags in Billy Gunn. Billy with a few forearms now and comes off the ropes and knocks down the big Bam Bam. Billy tags Bart and now The Gunns double team on Bam Bam and send him to the floor and The Gunns taunting Bam Bam. Bigelow frustrated in the early going. Bam Bam got back in and locks up with Bart and rakes his eyes and sends Bart to the ropes and Bigelow with a flapjack on Bart.

Bigelow tags in King Kong Bundy who comes in and drops a few elbows on Bart. Bundy then misses a splash and Bart tags The British Bulldog. Bulldog hammers away at the big King Kong Bundy. Bulldog off the ropes tries to take Bundy down with a shoulder block but Bundy doesn’t go down, Bulldog tries again and this time he knocks Bundy down with a clothesline. Bulldog tries a bodyslam but Bundy falls on top of Bulldog and almost got a 3 count. So close. Lex Luger wants the tag and Bundy tags Luger and here we go Luger was waiting for this. Luger hammers away on The Bulldog, Luger misses a clothesline and a dropkick by Davey Boy. Bulldog whips Luger to the corner and follows up with a back body drop. You don't often see Lex Luger being thrown around the ring like that. Bulldog tries a press slam on Luger but Luger rakes Bulldog’s eyes and tags in IRS. IRS gets a headlock on The Bulldog taking him down to the mat. Bulldog powers out and nails IRS with a clothesline. Bulldog then military presses IRS and then tags in Bart Gunn. Bart with some left hook punches on IRS, Bart tags Billy and sends Billy in with a slingshot clothesline on IRS. Billy then comes off the ropes but Bigelow with a cheapshot allows The Corporation to take control. The Corporation then exchanged quick tags and dished out a lot of punishment on Billy. Billy then avoids a charge from Bam Bam in the corner who goes face first in the turnbuckle and now both men are down. Bam Bam tags Luger in and Billy made the tag to Tatanka. Tatanka and Luger go at it, Tatanka chops away at Luger and does his rain dance but Bam Bam comes in and nails Tatanka with an insiguri to shift the momentum back to the Corporation.

The British Bulldog tried to get in but the ref sends him back to the apron while Tatanka was getting isolated in the corner. Ted Dibiase even got a few cheapshots on Tatanka. King Kong Bundy tags in and gets a bearhug on Tatanka, Tatanka breaks out of the hold and comes off the ropes but Bundy catches him with a powerslam and got a 2 count. Tatanka then avoids an avalanche from Bundy and Tatanka made the tag to The Bulldog. Bulldog comes in and knocks Bundy down with a clothesline. Bundy tags Lex Luger in. Luger wanted a test of strength with The Bulldog. They try a test of strength but Luger tricks The Bulldog and kicks him to the gut. Luger with a suplex and gets a 2 count. Luger gets a chinlock on The Bulldog. The fans get behind the Bulldog and Bulldog breaks out of the hold and both men come off the ropes and knock each other down with a double clothesline. Lex made the tag to Bam Bam and Bulldog tags in Billy Gunn. Billy hammers away at Bam Bam and then backdrops IRS. He went for a pin but Bam Bam breaks it up. All 8 men now brawling in the ring and now the fight spills to the outside with Bam Bam in the ring with The Gunns. The Gunns hit a double dropkick on Bam Bam. Bart off the ropes but Ted Dibiase pulls the ropes down to send Bart to the floor. Billy came charging into Bam Bam who drops Billy with a samoan drop. Bam Bam now going up top and comes crashing down on Billy with the diving headbutt. Bam Bam went for the cover and got the 3 count and the victory for his team. The Corporation celebrate their win down the aisle with their manager Ted Dibiase.
Winners: The Million Dollar Corporation
Match Time | 9:07

Backstage Shawn Michaels is with Pamela Anderson and Michaels starts flirting with her and she wasn't impressed. Michaels seems super confident that he will be going to WrestleMania to face the WWF Champion. Him and Sid are going to teach Razor and Diesel a lesson they will never forget. Michaels thinks Pamela's his good luck charm and once he wins tonight then him and Pamela are going on a date. Pamela doesn't seem interested at all.

Match 3 | The Undertaker vs Papa Shango
Papa Shango made his way down with Doink and Doink's not in a great mood after losing to The 123 Kid. Papa Shango is a very dangerous individual and will Undertaker finally meet his match tonight? Papa Shango thinks he's the most powerful man in the WWF and Undertaker doesn't have what it takes to bring Papa Shango down. Lawler said Undertaker is nothing more than Shango's zombie and once he gets through with The Undertaker, he will control him through the power of voodoo. The Undertaker’s music hits and the crowd is going nuts. Undertaker making his way down with Paul Bearer who has a bodybag with him. Undertaker's had his way with many superstars and Shango is someone who can match The Undertaker because he is one powerful individual. The bell rings and a staredown to start, Shango attacks first but Undertaker fights back with a throat thrust. Shango with a rake to the eyes grabs Undertaker by the throat and drives him back to the turnbuckle and Shango chokes The Undertaker in the corner. Undertaker grabs Shango by the throat and drives Shango to the corner and starts choking Shango. Undertaker whips Shango to the opposite corner and comes charging in and ran into a boot. Shango with a scoop slam and Shango starts choking The Undertaker and the ref starts the count and Shango breaks the hold.

Shango then sends Undertaker over the top rope but Undertaker lands on his feet. Shango grabs Undertaker by the hair and brings Undertaker back on the apron but Undertaker grabs Shango by the neck and bounces his head off the ropes. Undertaker then walks the rope and drives a right hand across the neck of Shango. Undertaker then bounces off the ropes and plants Shango with a big ddt and gets a 2 count. Undertaker then misses an elbow drop and then Shango whips Undertaker hard into the turnbuckle. Shango punches Undertaker in the corner and then uses his boot to choke The Undertaker. The ref starts the count and Shango breaks the hold and argues with the referee. Doink pulls The Undertaker out and gets some cheapshots on The Undertaker and sends him back in. Shango gets a chinlock on The Undertaker, Paul Bearer raises the urn as Undertaker powers out and sends Shango into the ropes and delivers a flying clothesline. Shango rolls out of the ring and they brawl outside and Undertaker grabs Doink by the throat and Shango nails The Undertaker from behind. Shango bounces Undertaker’s head off the apron. Shango then whips Undertaker into the steps and then sends him back in the ring. Shango really taking it here to The Undertaker.

Papa Shango grabs the urn off Paul Bearer waiting to strike The Undertaker but the ref takes it off him and hands it back to Bearer. While the ref does this, Shango grabs his voodoo stick and a flame shoots out right in Undertaker’s eyes, caught him right in the face, right in the eyes and Undertaker falls outside the ring. Doink sends Undertaker into the post. The referee starts the count and Undertaker made it back in by 8. Shango taunts The Undertaker as the crowd boos Shango heavily. Shango says the end is near as he calls for the Shoulder breaker and Shango hits it. Shango is not done yet, he scoops Undertaker up and hits it again. Shango’s not going for the cover as Doink points to Shango and tells him to hit the tombstone on The Undertaker. Shango scoops The Undertaker up and drops him with a tombstone piledriver and The Undertaker sits up. Shango and Doink can’t believe it and the crowd is going nuts. Shango strikes Undertaker with right hands but it has no effect on The Undertaker so Shango comes off the ropes looking for a clothesline but Undertaker catches Shango by the throat and chokeslams him. Doink got on the apron and Undertaker with a big boot on Doink as Doink falls to the floor. Undertaker calls for the tombstone and scoops Shango up and plants him with the tombstone and gets the 3 count for the victory.
Winner: The Undertaker
Match Time | 8:24

Following the match Undertaker goes after Doink and sends him back in and hits a chokeslam. Undertaker gets the bodybag ready for Shango but wait a minute Bam Bam Bigelow ran down and ambushed The Undertaker. Bam Bam whips Undertaker to the corner and squashes him with a corner clothesline. Ted Dibiase now making his way to the ring and he's got a big smile on his face. Doink and Shango back up now and along with Bam Bam they all beat down The Undertaker. Paul Bearer got on the apron trying to hit Bam Bam with the urn but Bigelow gets the urn off him and knocks Bearer down with the urn. Bigelow went up top and hits a moonsault off the top rope on The Undertaker. Bigelow gets the mic and issues a challenge to The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Ted Dibiase starts laughing and Bigelow, Doink and Shango stand tall in the ring over a motionless Undertaker. Dibiase, Bigelow, Shango and Doink then leave to huge heat.

Backstage Jim Ross is standing by with Jim Cornette, Hakushi, Yokozuna along with Shinja and Mr Fuji. Cornette thinks The Smoking Gunns got lucky on Raw and if they were to ever face Hakushi and Yokozuna then they would lose the tag team titles. With the speed of Hakushi and the size of Yokozuna, they are unstopabble. Let this be a message to all the top teams in the WWF because no one can stop this team.

Backstage Todd Petingill gets a word with Mr Bob Backlund and Backlund talks about his recent change in attitude. Backlund says he's seen the light, he was sorry for his actions over the last couple of months. He apologised to the fans but now he's going to give them back by becoming a champion again which will soon happen because he now has the support of all these great fans. Owen Hart appears and tells Todd that he shouldn't be wasting his time by interviewing a loser like Backlund. Todd should be interviewing the Intercontinental champion and soon to be WWF Champion by the end of the night. Owen vows to humiliate Bret on this historic night because once he beats Bret, he will go to WrestleMania as the WWF Champion and The Intercontinental Champion. That will make The King of The Harts, the leader of the new generation and into a new era. Speaking of the new generation, he tells Backlund that his era was over years ago and he shouldn't even be part of the new generation.

Owen calls Backlund ungrateful, he didn't even thank Owen for helping him win the title. Backlund became great again for three days only because of Owen Hart. Backlund didn't even repay the favour by softening Bret up when they fought a few weeks ago, Backlund had the chance but he spared Bret. Owen calls Backlund a coward and he's going to show Bret tonight that he's not a quitter. Owen predicts that Backlund will be a loser tonight and Owen predicts that he will be a winner, a winner with two titles around his waist. Owen points the Intercontinental belt in Backlund’s face and said Backlund would never ever win a championship again in the WWF. Backlund snaps and brawls with Owen and officials come down and seperate both men.
Match 4 | Diesel and Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels and Sycho Sid
Howard Finkell goes over the stipulations of this match and introduces Pamela Anderson who comes down to a good reaction. Pamela will be at ringside to watch this match. Who will she be accompanying down the aisle at WM, will it be The Heart Break Kid or The Bad Guy. Shawn Michaels music hits as Shawn and Sid come down to a mixed reaction. Shawn is very confident. Can Diesel and Razor put their differences aside for this match? Razor Ramon then comes out to a huge ovation followed by the former WWF Champion Diesel who comes out to a huge ovation. What a match up this is going to be. Trash talking to start and Diesel wants to start this off with Michaels but Michaels doesn't want to get in so Sid comes in and starts off with Big Daddy Cool Diesel. Diesel and Sid have a staredown and Diesel shoves him down and here we go slugfest to start this off. Sid rakes Diesel's eyes and hammers away to the mid-section of Diesel. Diesel reverses a whip and sends Sid to the corner and delivers a corner clothesline. Diesel nails Sid with a few elbows in the corner. Wait a minute Michaels goes over the corner and Diesel knocks Michaels off the apron with a right hand. Big Daddy Cool means business. Diesel whips Sid to the ropes and hits a clothesline and gets 2. Diesel has Sid by the arm and tags in Razor. Razor knocks Sid down with a right hand. Sid then reverses an irish whip, Razor ducks a clothesline and Razor comes off the ropes but gets caught by a big boot. Sid chokes Razor on the ropes and makes the tag to Shawn Michaels. Michaels with a dropkick and gets 2. Michaels goes to work on the arm of Razor. Michaels tries sending Razor to the corner, Razor with a reversal but Michaels leapfrogs on the second ropes, trying a crossbody but Razor catches him and drops him with a fallaway slam.

Ramon with some devastating right hands on Michaels. Michaels with a rake to the eyes. Razor ducks a right hand and Razor lifts Michaels up but made a quick tag to Sid as Razor hits an atomic drop sending Michaels to the ropes, Razor going for a clothesline, Michaels with a baseball slide and Sid levels Razor with a clothesline. What a smart move by Michaels making the quick tag. Michaels and Sid then took control of the match with Sid driving a knee to the midsection of Razor following up with an elbow to the head. Sid then rams Razor's head into the turnbuckle, quick tag to Michaels who comes off the top with a double axe handle and gets 2. Michaels then keeps Razor down on the mat with a headlock, Razor gets back to his feet and breaks free. Razor now off the ropes, Michaels tries a hiptoss but Razor counters into a backslide and gets a 2 count. Michaels got up and hit Razor with a clothesline. Tag made to Sid and now Sid with a scoop slam and follows up with a legdrop for a 2 count. Sid sends Razor to the ropes, Razor with a knee to the face and then a boot to the midsection. Here we go Razor's Edge but Sid catapults Razor over the top to the floor with a back bodydrop. Diesel having some words with the ref and Michaels gets some cheapshots on Razor sends Razor back in. Razor's taken a big hammering. The crowd very much behind the bad guy and Pamela Anderson is looking on as Sycho Sid hammering away on The Bad Guy. Razor in a world of hurt, Sid with a camel clutch on Razor. Razor in a lot of trouble but Razor powers up and has Sid on his shoulders and drops Sid down on the mat. Awesome power from Razor, Sid landing right at the back of his head. Both men recover and Sid made the tag first to Shawn, Razor tags in Diesel and here we go, Diesel's been waiting for this for a long time. Michaels doesn't want any part of Diesel. Michaels bails out of the ring and Diesel ends up chasing him outside. Michaels back in stomps away at Diesel.

Michaels works on the shoulder of Diesel but Diesel shows his power by throwing Michaels to the corner and lands a few elbows on Michaels face. Diesel with an irish whip to the corner with authority sending Michaels to the floor. Sid helps Michaels back in. Diesel with a big back bodydrop on Michaels. Diesel really taking it to Michaels. Diesel then comes off the ropes only for Sid to pull the ropes down sending Diesel to the floor. Michaels goes up top and delivers a crossbody as Razor is complaining to the official over what Sid just did. Michaels sends Diesel back in and tags Sid. Sid hammers away at Diesel in the corner, Sid with a big right hand to the gut hammering Big Daddy Cool. Diesel fights back with some forearms. Michaels with a distraction and Sid with a knee to the back sending Diesel to the floor. Sid then slams Diesel on the apron and then sends Diesel into the ringpost. Sid then holds onto Diesel as he tags in Michaels as Michaels gets a few shots on Diesel. Razor gets the fans behind Diesel. Michaels with a slam and Michaels now going up top and lands a big elbow on Diesel and gets a 2 count. Michaels now off the ropes but Diesel catches him with a sidewalk slam and both men are down. Both men made the tag and now Razor and Sid battle it out with Sid sending Razor to the corner. Razor avoids a charge as Sid eats boot in the corner, Razor on the second rope drops a bulldog and gets a 2 count. Razor off the ropes now but Michaels with a knee to the back. Diesel tries getting in but the ref sends Diesel back to the corner and Sid and Michaels do some double teaming on Razor behind the ref's back. Tag made to Michaels.

Michaels uses aggresive tactics and then comes off the top but Razor catches him with a right hand to the gut. Razor whipping Michaels to the ropes but Michaels counters with a swinging neckbreaker and gets a 2 count. What great action here, so back and forth. Razor then blocks a clothesline attempt and hits some big right hands on Michaels sending Michaels to the floor. Razor does his stomp on the canvas taunt, he's getting fired up and Sid from behind nails Razor with a clothesline stopping the momentum of the bad guy. Diesel again wants to get in again but he's held back by the ref. Michaels now back in tags Sid. Sid sends Razor to the ropes and catches Razor by the throat and drops Razor with a one handed chokeslam. Sid hears the boos from the crowd and tells the fans to SHUT UP. What power posessed by Sycho Sid. Michaels calling for Sid to finish it. Sid goes for a powerbomb but Razor counters with a backdrop and tags Diesel. Diesel comes in and sends Sid into the corner and delivers some knee lifts. Diesel with snake eyes and follows up with a big boot which stuns Sycho Sid. Diesel with a boot to the mid-section and scoops Sid up and drops him with a Jackknife. 1,2 and Michaels breaks up the pin and Razor tries getting in but Michaels knocks him off the apron. Sid and Michaels send Diesel to the ropes and Diesel knocks them both down with a clothesline. Razor now back on the apron as Diesel tags Razor.

Razor hits Michaels with a spinning punch and a right hand on Sid. Michaels back up and Diesel clotheslines Michaels to the floor. Diesel with a big boot on Sid which stuns Sycho Sid. Razor scoops Sid up and drops him with the Razor's Edge. Razor went for the cover and got the 3 count. The crowd is going nuts and Razor Ramon will now be going to WrestleMania to face the WWF Champion. Shawn Michaels and Sid are irate as they back up the aisle and Diesel taunting Michaels that he's now got him in a match at WrestleMania. What a match up that will be. Razor calls Pamela Anderson inside the ring as Diesel and Razor hold the ropes open. Pamela celebrates with Razor and Diesel and Pamela Anderson will be accompanying Razor Ramon down the aisle. The question is who will Razor face and we will find out later on.
Winners: Diesel and Razor Ramon
Match Time | 16:50

A promo is aired for WRESTLEMANIA XI, The WWF's greatest spectacle WrestleMania will be coming to Hartford Connecticut on Sunday April 2nd. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon, The Undertaker, Owen Hart, The 123 Kid and Yokozuna are all featured in the promo. The promo also featured the celebrities we will be seeing at WrestleMania which includes Pamela Anderson, Jennifer McCarthy, Salt 'n' Pepa and Lawrence Taylor.
Backstage Todd Petingill interviewed Ted Dibiase. Dibiase boasts about how strong his Corporation is and tonight we also found out that The Undertaker is no match for Bam Bam Bigelow. The man who eliminated The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble and won the bounty and his job is to destroy The Undertaker. Undertaker may have won the battle against Doink and Papa Shango but he's certainly not going to win the war because The Undertaker is a marked man on The Corporation's hitlist and he's going to fall victim to Bam Bam Bigelow. Hahahahahahaha!

Match 5 | Mr Bob Backlund vs Double J Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett and The Road Dogg come out to huge heat. Bob Backlund then came down with The 123 Kid to a good reaction. Backlund was involved earlier on with an altercation with Owen Hart. The 123 Kid's already warning Road Dogg not to interfere. The bell rings and both men lock up. Backlund with a wrist lock on Double J and immediately takes Jarrett down with a back suplex. Jarrett back up and Jarrett gets a takedown on Backlund and Jarrett starts strutting in the ring and mocks Backlund's crazy stance. They lock up again and Backlund backs Jarrett to the corner, Jarrett tries to distance himself from the crazed Backlund and Jarrett makes the ropes but Backlund whips Jarrett from one corner to the other and slams him. Jarrett rolls out the ring and he's frustrated in the early going. The Road Dogg having some talk with Jarrett and Jarrett back in. Lock up again and Backlund sends Jarrett to the ropes, baseball slide by Double J as he points to his head and Backlund charges in and Jarrett with a hiptoss. Jarrett goes to work on Backlund's arm, Backlund rolls out and sends Jarrett to the ropes, sunset flip by Double J and gets a 2 count. Backlund back up tries going for the chicken wing and Jarrett rolls out of the ring. Backlund follows and chases him outside the ring and both men back in as Jarrett stomps away on Backlund. Jarrett drops a few elbows. Abdominal stretch by Jarrett as he holds onto the ropes for more leverage but the ref catches him and Jarrett has to break the hold. He goes back to the hold but Backlund uses his strength to break the hold with a hip toss. Backlund with a double arm suplex gets 2.

Backlund then focuses on Jarrett's arm softening him up for the chickenwing. He whips him to the corner and ran into an elbow. Jarrett up top nails a double axe handle and gets 2. Jarrett tries a figure four but Backlund with an inside cradle gets 2 1/2. Jarrett back up sends Backlund to the ropes and gets a sleeper hold. The 123 Kid gets the fans behind Backlund and Backlund breaks the hold with a back suplex. Backlund again positioning himself for the chickenwing, take a look at Backlund's face. If Backlund gets that chickenwing then it will be all over. He tries going for it but Jarrett grabs the ropes before he can lock it in. Backlund hammers away at Jarrett in the corner but Jarrett with a thumb to the eye, Jarrett with a swinging neckbreaker gets 2. Backlund then ducks a right hand and a big atomic drop and Jarrett goes right into Roaddie who got on the apron and Backlund with a roll up gets 2 1/2. Dropkick gets 2. Backlund measuring Jarrett up for the chickenwing but Road Dogg grabs Backlund's ankle from the outside as the ref didn't see it. Jarrett from behind gets a chopblock on Backlund. The 123 Kid chases The Road Dogg around ringside and Road Dogg got in the ring and The Kid knocked him down with a spin kick. The Kid taunts Jarrett and Jarrett tells the ref to get The Kid out of the ring. Jarrett then goes to work on Backlund's knee doing some damage. Jarrett puts the figure four on Backlund and with The Kid keeping an eye on Road Dogg, Road Dogg tries not to assist Jarrett here. Backlund made the ropes and Jarrett has to break the hold.

Road Dogg has The Kid distracted and Jarrett rolls out of the ring and sneaks up on The Kid and Jarrett with a chopblock on The Kid. Jarrett rolls back in and went for a right hand but Backlund blocks and Backlund unloads with some right hands. Backlund building some momentum. Backlund looking for the chickenwing and he has it locked in and all he needs to do is take Jarrett down but wait a minute Road Dogg's on the apron again and Backlund breaks the hold. Jarrett from behind knees Backlund who goes into The Road Dogg knocking Road Dogg off the apron and Jarrett rolls Backlund up with a handful off tights gets a 3 count to win. Jarrett stole his way to a win and Jarrett points to his head and celebrates with Road Dogg who sacrificed himself to help Double J win. Jarrett then puts the boots to The Kid on the outside but Backlund ends up saving him as Jarrett and Road Dogg retreat up the aisle. Backlund went back in the ring and helped The 123 Kid back up as he stares down Jarrett and Road Dogg. Road Dogg raises Jarrett's hand in the air and what a victory for Double J.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett
Match Time | 7:43

Backstage Todd interviews Diesel. Diesel is delighted that he's finally got what he's wanted. After what Shawn did at the Rumble, Big Daddy Cool has now cost Shawn the opportunity of a title shot at WrestleMania and now Shawn's prize is a match against Big Daddy Cool. So no dates with Pamela, and Shawn's not going to be checking in The Heart Break Hotel, he's going to be checking in to the hospital. He's going to get the VIP (Very Intense Pain) treatment from Big Daddy Cool. There's no place to run for Shawn and there's no place to hide because now it's time for Big Daddy Cool to give Shawn the beating of his life and there's nothing that Sid can do about it.
Jack Tunney announces matches for WrestleMania XI
Jim Ross is in the ring and he's in the ring with President Jack Tunney. Ross said what an event this has been so far and we still have the WWF Title match to come, it certainly feels like a ppv extravaganva. Jack Tunney has an important announcement to make for WrestleMania. He makes an official statement that after Razor and Diesel's victory that we just saw, Razor Ramon is now the #1 contender for the WWF Title at WrestleMania and he will be facing either Bret or Owen Hart at WrestleMania. This also means that Big Daddy Cool Diesel will be facing Shawn Michaels. That is our double main event for WrestleMania. We will also see The British Bulldog squaring off against Lex Luger. After what went down earlier on in The Undertaker's match, we will see Bam Bam Bigelow vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Tunney also announced a tag team battle royal this coming Monday on Raw and the winners will face The Smoking Gunns for the tag team titles at WrestleMania. All roads lead to WrestleMania, April 2nd and expect to see more matches being added to the card within the next couple of weeks. Jim Ross thanks Jack Tunney for making these spectacular matches and we are all so excited for WrestleMania.
Backstage Todd Petingill congratulates Razor Ramon on his victory and now Razor will go on to face either Bret or Owen Hart. Two men that he's never defeated before. Todd asked Razor who he'd prefer to face? Razor says It didn't matter to him who he faces because the bad guy likes nothing but a good fight. He's got something missing around his waist and that's gold. Very soon chico, the bad guys's going to have the big gold around his waist and that's the WWF Title. Well some people call me Razor, some people call me bad guy well soon man everybody's gonna call me CHAMP!!!
A video package is shown recapping the feud between Bret and Owen Hart.

Main Event | Submission Match | Special Guest Referee Rowdy Roddy Piper
WWF Championship Title Match | Bret Hart (c) vs Owen Hart
Howard Finkell goes over the rules of this match and then introduces the special guest referee for this match, making his return to the WWF. Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper comes out to a great ovation and Jerry Lawler isn't pleased to see Piper back. Vince reminds Lawler that the last time we saw Piper was at King of the Ring last year when he defeated Jerry Lawler. The Intercontinental champion Owen Hart then came down to ringside. Owen went to give away a pair of sunglasses to a fan but decides to tear them up. Owen gets inside the ring and holds up the Intercontinental title. Can Owen be walking out with two titles tonight. Backstage Todd Petingill interviews Bret Hart and brings up the great matches that Bret and Owen have had against each other. This one has been dubbed as the final encounter and with only Bret Hart’s WWF Title on the line, there's has to be a lot of pressure on Bret right now. Bret said he's only got one thing on his mind right now and that is to punish Owen for what he's put him and the rest of the family through. Bret said he's not a gutless coward like Owen and everyone knows that The Hitman is not a quitter. They know what went down at Survivor Series and after tonight they will know who the quitter really is. Bret talks about headlining the last two WrestleMania's and there is no way that Owen's going to stop him from headlining WrestleMania for a third time. He's going to end this once and for all and he's coming out on top. Bret Hart then comes out to a mega reaction. Bret hands the belt over to Piper and Owen snatches the belt off Piper and poses on the turnbuckle, that could happen tonight. Pin falls are irrelavant, no disqualification, no count outs it can only end via submission. Vince and Lawler argue over who does the sharpshooter better. We get a staredown between Bret and Owen, lots of trash talking and here we go.

The bell rings and Bret and Owen lock up. Bret sends Owen to the ropes and a shoulder block by The Hitman, Bret then comes off the ropes and a leapfrog by Owen, Bret off the ropes and Owen with a drop toe hold. Owen starts celebrating as if he's won the match. Bret back up and they lock up again and Owen sends Bret to the ropes, leapfrog by Owen again, Owen tries a monkey flip, Bret sees it coming so Owen quickly kips up and points at his head warning Bret that he's more smarter than him so Bret knocks Owen down with a clothesline and Owen rolls out of the ring. Owen isn't too pleased. Back in, Bret blocks a right hand from Owen and hammers away at him in the corner and Owen gets to the ropes and Piper gets in between them. Owen shoves Bret, Bret shoves him back so Owen slaps Bret across the face and here we go. Bret hammers away at Owen and Owen bails out of the ring. Owen playing mindgames with Bret in the early going. He gets back in and they lock up again and Owen with a hammerlock on Bret, Bret with a reversal, Owen elbows Bret to the face and Owen yanks Bret down by the hair. He keeps Bret down on the mat with a headlock, Bret back up elbows out of it and puts a headlock on Owen and takes Owen down, Owen kips up and puts a wristlock on Bret. Bret breaks the hold by pushing off the ropes and sends Owen to the floor. Owen gets back to the apron and Bret sends slingshots Owen back in. Bret sends Owen off the ropes, Owen tries a hiptoss, Bret blocks and Bret with a big armdrag across the ring as Owen rolls out of the ring. Bret follows as they fight outside and Piper follows and Owen slams Bret on the apron.

Piper tells Owen to take the fight in the ring but it's all legal and Owen's arguing with Piper. Owen sends Bret back in and starts putting the boots to Bret and goes to work on Bret's arm and Bret counters with a russian legsweep. Bret gets an armbar on Owen but Owen rolls away from the pressure and gets back up. He comes off the ropes but Bret tries a knee lift but Owen with a takedown into a pinning combination but no Owen puts Bret in a boston crab, smart move by Owen but Bret quickly gets to the ropes so Owen breaks the hold. Owen then fires off a quick suplex and then whips Bret hard into the corner. Owen applies a camel clutch will Bret submit? The fans gets behind Bret as he powers out of it but Owen yanks Bret down by the hair and keeps Bret down on the ground and wears down Bret with a headlock. Bret tries fighting back as he comes off the ropes but Owen catches him with a belly to belly suplex. Owen then delivers a few european uppercuts. Bret then ducks a roundhouse kick and starts taking it to Owen with some right hands and follows up with a suplex. Bret teases the sharpshooter but instead he headbutts Owen right into the lower abdomen. Bret gets the figure four leglock on Owen and Owen manages to escape by poking Bret right in the eyes. Owen whips Bret into the ropes and delivers a back body drop. Owen gets an abdominal stretch on Bret, he uses the ropes for leverage but it's legal so Piper can't do nothing about it, Bret manages to escape with a hiptoss on Owen to the floor. Bret follows up with a plancha. Bret brings Owen back to the apron, he tries to suplex Owen back in but Owen with a great reversal slips out and hits a german suplex.

Owen sends Bret to the corner and connects with a roundhouse kick. Owen then goes to work on Bret's knee, he places Bret's foot on the ropes and jumps on it. Owen showing no mercy here for his brother. Owen continues to attack the knee of Bret and posts Bret's leg on the post. Owen sets up for the sharpshoter but no a spinning legdrop on Bret's knee, Owen goes for a figure four, softening Bret up. The fans fire Bret up with lets go Bret chants. Bret hanging on, he will not surrender as Bret fights out by punching Owen in the face which breaks the hold but the damage has been done. Both men back up with Bret limping in the ring. Owen hits a back suplex. Owen motions for the belt. Owen went up top but Bret caught him with a right hand to the gut, atomic drop by the Hitman and follows up with a clothesline. Backbreaker followed by an elbow drop. Bret now with a russian legsweep. Bret with the momentum now. Bret calls for the sharpshooter as Bret trying to apply the sharpshooter but Owen with a handful of Bret's hair and a rake of the face and Bret unable to apply the hold. Owen back up, tries kicking Bret but Bret catches his foot so Owen brings his other foot around and nails Bret with a devastating insiguri. Will he be able to capatalise as Owen drops Bret with a piledriver. What a maneuver. Owen then went up top and drops an elbow drop. Owen then calls for the sharpshooter but can't seem to lock it in as Bret blocks and Bret spins out of the hold. What a counter. Bret then delivers a piledriver on Owen.

The crowd has been going nuts throughout the whole match and when The Hitman is in control the reaction gets louder and louder. Bret then places Owen up on the top rope and fires off a superplex. Both men are down, Bret recovers first and an atomic drop by The Hitman followed by a clothesline on Owen to the floor. They brawl outside and Bret sends Owen into the post. Bret then puts the figure four around the ringpost. Owen gets the ropes but he's in great pain. Jerry Lawler thinks Bret is stopping so low to punish his brother, he is doing anything to keep this title. Owen now limping, Owen then reverses an irish whip and sends Bret face first into the turnbuckle. Owen then exposes the turnbuckle pad and Piper can't do anything about it as it's legal. Owen gets the turnbuckle pad off and Piper is having words now with Owen. Owen tries sending Bret into the exposed turnbuckle but Bret puts the breaks on with a leapfrog on the second rope. Bret tries a crossbody from the second rope but Owen catches him with a dropkick. Owen has Bret in position for the sharpshooter and he's got in locked in, can Bret escape. Bret fighting it and Bret wiggles away and tries to hook his version of the sharpshooter by grabbing Owen's foot and takes him down and locks in the sharpshooter. Owen manages to make the ropes and Bret is forced to release the hold. What a match up and both men now in tremendous pain.

Both men got back up trading lefts and rights, Owen ducks a punch and delivers a back suplex. Owen goes up top and goes for a missile dropkick but Hart catches him in midair in position for the sharpshooter but no Bret has other thoughts as he catapults Owen into the steel turnbuckle. Bret then locks in the sharpshooter, Owen is trying to fight the pain but finally submits. Bret Hart wins and the crowd goes nuts as The Hitman has finally won the final battle against his brother Owen and retained the WWF Title. Vince McMahon states that this has been one of the greatest matches of all time. What a hard fought victory for The Hitman as he's going on to make his third straight WrestleMania main event appearance. He will go on to to defend his title against The Bad Guy Razor Ramon. Bret celebrates in the ring and Vince McMahon says we certainly hope you have enjoyed Saturday Night's Main Event and our next stop is WrestleMania XI. Bret stands on the top turnbuckle and raised the WWF Title belt in the air as the show came to a close.
Winner: Bret Hart
Match Time | 22:15

April 2 | Hartford Connecticut
Current Card
WWF Championship Title Match | Bret Hart (c) vs Razor Ramon
Diesel vs Shawn Michaels
The British Bulldog vs Lex Luger
The Undertaker vs Bam Bam Bigelow
Tag Team Title Match | The Smoking Gunns (c) vs [Winners of the tag team Battle Royal on Raw]


WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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