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re: TantruM Presents: WWE 2007 - Rejuvenating Nostalgia

JAM's Review

It was good that you ran down the events of Wrestlemania, giving us a reminder. I feel this should always be done because sometimes we forget and it's just basic stuff to add in. The whole promo between Cena, HBK, and Orton was pretty decent. Not really much to say since it was recapped but it was a good opening segment. HBK and Orton are two of my favorites so the main event has already captured my attention and that's all you really wanna do with the opening. But Orton already has the MITB briefcase so I sense that HBK may win this one, no idea really, just a guess.

Failing the boss isn't exactly what you wanna do so it'll be interesting to see what he does with Umaga and AAE since I don't think they'll be off lightly. But then again, he can go on a rampage and make Lashley's life a living hell. The women's match I wasn't too interested in. I think Ashley is better suited as a valet instead of a wrestler but I'll reserve my judgment on that. It kinda felt too early to have Cena back on camera. We could've covered this while he was on commentary but then again, this show isn't in full. Having a match straight away felt kinda long, should've had a commercial break. Hoping the tag team division heats up.

Not really sure McMahon would've faced Lashley one-on-one so I'm guessing that there will be some funny business when the PPV comes. I think it was the wrong choice for Khali to beat Lashley here. It would've been great to have seen McMahon's plans thwarted tonight only to have him come back with someone better. I sure hope Khali isn't his new cronie. I sense that a group will be doing McMahon's bidding, hoping for actually.

I was pretty confused as to why Edge came out and why Orton welcomed him. Then having Cena's reaction there just didn't really fit in. LOL @ "tuning up the van" pretty sure it's "tuning up the band." But anyway, the main event ending just confused me since we don't know why Orton was so welcoming of Edge to get a ringside view of his match. I just don't get it. I think you were going for the "two birds with one stone" approach but it just didn't really work here.

Overall, it was a decent episode. The first episodes are always the hardest to come out with so congrats on passing that. The show felt kind of short and no, it's not because it was in recap. It just felt like the show lasted an hour. Not much really went on in terms of matches and segments as well. So I think next time you really wanna emphasize some huge match or a big segment. I know you did that with the WWE Title situation but there could've been more. Some punctuation errors as well but nothing too bad. Hope the review wasn't too critical. Keep going on!

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