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Re: MMA Discussion Thread

But quite honestly, who is in LHW that can beat Jones right now?

Shogun got absolutely obliterated by Jones, and he's much further away from a title shot then close to it after losing to Gus. Rampage and Rashad were Jones's punching bags for the entirety of the fight. Machida got put to sleep by him, and Vitor was beat by Jones, with ONE arm.

Huge fan of Sonnen, but him beating Jones will be as impossible as stapling water to a tree. I wasn't particularly impressed by Gus last night. Shogun was landing every now and then on him, getting inside his range. Difference being when Jones hits, he hits hard and methodical, and he wants you down, he'll keep you down. Teixeira will get physically dissected by Jones because of the reach, ala Rashad and Rampage style. Plus, Jones can wrestlefuck him as well.

Phil Davis was whooped by Rashad for 5 rounds, and will get the same done to him Jones if he fights him. I will say, that he presents the biggest challenge to him on the ground though, because of his strength. Hendo has a punchers chance, I HIGHLY doubt he would be able to get inside Jones, and Jones will make sure to keep him at bay. Especially since Hendo is so predictable. You just gotta avoid that right hand bomb and you're in the clear. Jones is far too much stronger then Jones on ground too, and Hendo (for whatever reason) always avoids going to the ground anyway despite that being his strong point.

No one is in LHW right now that can beat Jones. Of course, someone could always Serra him, but he has no holes in his games, and never underestimates his opponent like GSP did against Serra.

Bring on Silva.

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