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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Seriously, I don't know what is the problem with that game. Seriously, I don't know if this is because I really love wrestling or what but I just can't play to something else than that game. There is always something I want to do.

However, today was a great day on WWE'13. First, I play to the online for the first time and I think I should buy the DLC because I'm the biggest jobber of all of time. I had just one match, ALL the others matches, there was nothing I could do. In a Elimination Chamber, I enter, take the Rock Bottom in 20 seconds and bye bye. And there was that I quit Match against Goldberg, I think he was really pissed off. I was Daniel Bryan. So, to makes me says I quit, he needed to use like 5 jackhammer, 10 spear, 1 spear throught the barricade and one superplex to the outside.
But at least, there is one match I won. I was CM Punk ( with BITW T-Shirt ) against Ryback ( the model really sucks, looks nothing like the real one ) and seriously, that was a great match. He Shellshocked through the Annonce Table, I beat him up with a Kendo Stick, many suicide dive to keep him in the outside of the ring, 2 GTS and I had finish him with a awesome Anaconda Vice.

And I had also worked on a Scenario, I don't think it's great but that's passable. I had just done Raw for the moment. I had a rivalry for each title. Swagger came back to save Kofi from Ziggler and wants his US Title, at the Royal Rumble, Rock couldn't do his Title Match because a car crashed him and Vince McMahon wanted to suspend CM Punk but with the help of Stephanie McMahon, CM Punk beat up Vince. Stephanie and Punk will do a alliance but I don't know if for Wrestlemania, I do Punk w/ Steph against Rock w/ Vince or against Undertaker w/ Vince. And for the divas, Michelle McCool came back with the divas Title. At Elimination Chamber, Trish will surely beat Michelle McCool and at Smackdown, Molly Holly will came back against Kelly Kelly to give some funny segment and build up Kelly Kelly and at Wrestlemania, I will made a epic Trish Stratus vs Kelly Kelly for the title.

And I don't know if I will take the DLC. Seriously, I hate the idea because it's something that we should had on the disc BUT WWE'13 is THE game I will play in 2013, unlike all my other game, I play to this during all the year so I don't know if I will take it
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