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Originally Posted by Glass Shatters View Post
Gandhi= Everyone else=
The only reason I'm still replying is because you people are so stupid its fun poking at your stupidity and your inability to defend your positions in anything you say.Why would I be angry? I'm killing you people Everyone else? Some people actually agree with the fact that you're all fucking idiots,Why they don't call you out on your bullshit and just green rep me eludes me though. I know you're pissed and probably want me banned but you're covering it up with the cheesy jokes

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Originally Posted by Glass Shatters View Post
Funny,If I'm not mistaken one of you was complaining about another certain user who couldn't reply and defend what they said and just posted gifs trying to be funny.And Glass do you understand what "Its not always" or are you fucking stupid? I don't know about Choke2Death,But you other 2 are hypocritical childish lying cowards who are trying to cover up that you can't reply for shit and defend your positions and more proof of this is your pathetic attempt by posting these gifs.Thank you for proving my point even more jackasses.

Originally Posted by 777 View Post
I prefer the notion that, like all things in life, there is both a positive and negative side to 'every' religion/stance (yes, even Islam). In theory Communism works and it's people that are the problem, same goes for religion. Probably why an agnostic view is the most realistic as it seems fruitless to argue the semantics of the unanswerable. Not to say that the pursuit of some form of spiritual enlightenment is a pointless endeavor, because it most definitely isn't. All texts have their wisdom and folly.

Sidebar. Realistically, sexism and racism have their place in the grand scheme and will never be eliminated completely, though I do like the trend of open minded thinking.
Yeah I know,For example in islam drinking is forbidden and I love that as I hate drinking.However unfortunately islam has more negatives than positives and influences many to be immoral,Which is why it must not be treated as a harmless belief.When I left religion I was not an atheist,Was an agnostic for a few months then just became an atheist,The truth behind "life after death" or "our creator" can never be known and isn't worth debating I know that but I myself am an atheist because I just don't believe in an afterlife or anything but thats just me atleast.

Originally Posted by RamaDead View Post
islam is pure evil

hence why we must exterminate it

to show how evil it is
They got rid of Nazism right? They can do the same with islam

Though Nazis aren't really 100& gone,They're just the minority people call weirdos because of the fact that their beliefs are fucking stupid and cruel,And thats where islam belongs :kagawa
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