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Re: Atheists

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Are you denying that islam doesn't influence people to do harm to others and do immoral acts? Please explain yourself.Also I never said all religion promotes immorality,Just a few certain religions including yours.Also I've never cared about trying to change any of your views.Replying to religious people is just amusing and it sometimes funny to me,Its like talking to a racist or a sexist and I find both sexism and racism hilarious even if I am strictly against both things.
I prefer the notion that, like all things in life, there is both a positive and negative side to 'every' religion/stance (yes, even Islam). In theory Communism works and it's people that are the problem, same goes for religion. Probably why an agnostic view is the most realistic as it seems fruitless to argue the semantics of the unanswerable. Not to say that the pursuit of some form of spiritual enlightenment is a pointless endeavor, because it most definitely isn't. All texts have their wisdom and folly.

Sidebar. Realistically, sexism and racism have their place in the grand scheme and will never be eliminated completely, though I do like the trend of open minded thinking.

I love professional-wrestling.

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