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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I saw Ishii in a tag recently and he was solid but kind of annoying. Can someone give me five-ten Ishii matches from 2012 to watch where he looks really good?
5/20 vs Goto
7/19 w/ Nakamura & Tanaka vs Tanahashi, Goto & Akebono
5/27 w/ Nakamura, Okada & YOSHI-HASHI vs Tanahashi, Goto, Naito & Tonga
12/2 w/ Nakamura vs Sakuraba & Shibata

Isn't a load of "great Ishii matches" per se but he always delivers a great performance in everything he's in. The Goto match is definitely great though. The Nagata match from 11/12 last year was an awesome 10 minute example of why Ishii is so great.

Hopefully the Ishii/Nakamura tags from the tag league surface soon.

Originally Posted by Nervosa View Post
I'm still in the process of watching more from him, so I haven;t seen nearly enough, but here are some of my favorites:

Nakamura, Ishii, Okada vs. Naito, tanahashi, Goto
Ishii vs. Goto
Ishii, Yano, Iizuka vs. Stong Man, Nagata, Nakanishi
Ishii/Nakamura vs. Laughter7
Ishii, Nakamura, Okada, yujiro vs. Tanahashi, Anderson, goto, tonga
Ishii, Nakamura, tanaka vs. Tanahashi, Goto, Akebono

Seabs, have you seen that last one, with Akebono? Ake missing an elbow only for Ishii to follow up and yell 'brainbuster' on a man he clearly won't lift is awesome.
I brought the show just for the Ishii/Akebono interactions and it was well worth it. That spot is so awesome. While you're going through this stuff you should watch the MiSu 8 man from the same show as the Ishii/Akekbono 6 man. So much fun and it has TAKA/Taichi being the greatest goofballs going.
Originally Posted by EmbassyForever View Post
vs Okada? vs Tanaka?
Okada match was average. He's had a crazy amount of matches with Tanaka but I can't remember any of them being great.
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