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Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*

Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post
I never want to be thought of as the best player in the section. TOO MUCH PRESSURE. I'd rather be the underdog that everyone hates and no one wants to see win.

and my "haha I WON IN YOUR FACE" comments are things I look forward most to when I win as scum.
You gotta be like Kobe and have ice water in your veins. He doesn't feel pressure. "Underdog" and "hate" don't go together. If I'm going to hate someone in a competition, it's always the favorite. I like to root for the underdog because I feel sorry for them.

Originally Posted by MILA KUNIS' CHRISTMAS EYES View Post
Magic isn't the best player in the section. Faraday is the best imo.

Looking back the most recent games where i was non town;

WF mafia - win
texas justice - win
Wildlife 2 - win
transformers - idk, game fizzled out. think scum won.
Cartoon network - lost
80's action hero - win
movie villain - win/draw idk. sXe screwed up.
Stoner - win

so looking at it one way i have won 7 out of my last 8 non town games which is a 87.5% win rate. Which sounds a lot better than it is b/c of those games i really only performed in stoner, wildlife and wf mafia.

I'd like to think i have the least readable game. Never thought of as town. ever


award ideas:

Best new role -
Ethan619 memorial trophy for worst gameplay -
Britney Spears Trophy for Biggest Mental Breakdown -
I think Magic has been a better scum player than him this year; can't comment on the previous years I've missed. Faraday has a more readable scum game than Magic though the former is the most influential player in the section. I'd say they're Town play is pretty even.

I like the Britney Spears Award idea, lol.

Originally Posted by SantaFitz View Post
I was your Usurper and you got lynched without me having to do anything.

No way. I call MVP for the Jobbers scum team. I outed Evo before I got lynched or else nobody ever would have lynched him because he was the town leader.

I wouldn't say I'm the best at being scum. I don't even want the award though because that seems like something that would attract a lot of attention when I am scum.

I'll take Most Improved Scum player since I went from saying the scum alignment in my first game to being competent as scum. Also my first game would be a candidate for WOTY for a single game.
Sorry Taylor, I forgot you were even on the Jobbers scum team. Now I recall you did well to out Evo but tbf it doesn't take skill to out a player on your way out.

I remember your's and Striker's first game cause it was my first time being GF and you two were totally new and I didn't know how to guide either of you so Scrilla helped you guys. Both of you have come a long way from that.

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