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Re: Atheists

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Why the fuck are you comparing this to something so fucking insignificant? MLP does not influence people to do anything bad,Why the fuck should I care about it? Though you want something similar? Imagine if there was a show created and its all about raping children and in the show the guys who always win are the ones who rape the children,Won't you fucking criticize that show if somehow a fan of the show was caught raping a child? Yes you would.The same goes for islam and christianity,They are immoral cults that influence people to do horrible stupid shit.Use your brain for once,It works wonders trust me.
I made the MLP reference because it's something that I detest which means that I'm not going to waste time watching the show to give examples of why I don't like it. Just like, it's pointless for you to watch videos of people preaching Islam to try to convince others why you don't like it and why people shouldn't follow it. If you're not trying to change anyone then why did you bring up the (alleged) people on the internet that you've convinced to stop following Islam? When it comes down to it, your whining on the internet isn't going to stop people from getting killed over movies and other atrocities associated with religion. You said it here:

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
What can I say,I really hate cults like christianity and islam.Hell most of the people I'm subscribed to on youtube are people talking against religion,I'm not joking when I say I dislike christianity and islam.I even watch sheik speeches and religious videos to know more.I've actually convinced like 3 people to become agnostics "former muslims" so its sometimes worth it and hey,Religious morons are funny.
Edit: I see that you accused me of being another butthurt religious person which once again isn't true. I'm not even Muslim either.

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