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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Watching Extreme Rules 2010

Tag Team Gauntlet: Sho-Miz vs Morrison & Truth/MVP & Henry/The Hart Dynasty **
I hate gauntlets.
Hair match: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio *** 1/2
Really fun performance from both guys. Crowd was really hot and very disappointed in Punk's victory (the desired result). These two make magic when they face off (nh).
Strap match: Shad vs JTG *
Nobody cared about these guys at all. That's sad because they seemed to be trying hard. (TLW)
WHC: Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton ***
Good match. As a person that found Swagger okay as WHC I have to say I didn't even feel like this was a BIG main event style fight. It was a good match though.
Street Fight: Sheamus vs Triple H *** 1/2
Sheamus won and nobody seemed to care, some rub that was. Enjoyed the match tremendously though. It was good and physical. HHH did a great job keeping up the injury angle and the stretcher write off was a great touch.
Cage match: Edge vs Chris Jericho **1/2
This whole feud was lackluster as hell. This match was no different. Its not terrible but I expected so much more from these two. It came off as a match inside a cage instead of a CAGE match. The crowd wasn't into the match much at all and its hard to say whether the match put the crowd to sleep at times or whether the crowd was just a bad crowd.

Crowd didn't seem as into it as they should have been, specifically for Edge's offensive flurries. They seemed only to wake up when Jericho tries to escape and when they think a Spear is imminent. The Super Codebreaker was awesome, too bad the crowd didn't react like they should have. Jericho's wimpering and cowardice didn't go over well at all. The crowd really sucked the shit out of this match.

Disappointing affair, all the way around.
Extreme makeover: Michelle McCool vs Beth Phoenix DUD (TLW)
Last Man Standing: Batista vs John Cena *** 1/4
Horseshit finish, let's get that out the way first. It was creative but made Batista look foolish and in such a Looney Tunes Elmer Fudd fashion. It was embarrassing to say the least.

Very slow start, not much happening as the two really seem to be warming up as if they never faced each other before.

As the match progressed It was interesting to see Batista working a body part (the knee & ankle), its rare any type of psychology comes in on Batista's part, even more shocking is that he broke out a Figure 4 Leglock to further work the body part. I guess Flair did teach Batista basic ring psychology but its rare that he actually uses it. Of course as Cena starts his 5 moves of Doom he automatically forgets all of Batista's efforts to work the knee & ankle, as he starts jumping around as if the match just started...typical JC.

The AA on the chair spot, the wooden table spot both seemed mundane, in fact Batista forcefully ramming Cena into the ring post seemed more brutal as did he throwing Cena through the barricade. The big crowd pleaser, the AA from the steps through the announce table, woke the crowd up and was actually pretty fucking cool to see. Batista did a good job of really drawing out the most of that 9 count.

Decent match between the two outside of the terrible finish. I personally think their first two encounters may have been better.
I like the extreme rules PPV. Its the only one other than the big 4 I get every year. This particular event was okay, even though nothing particularly must-see occured.
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