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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Cynical Miracle View Post
Who's the better overall package then guys?

Edge or Punk?
Microphone: Edge (I've never really found Punk convincing but listening to Edge's promos from late 04 onwards, he just has something in him that I can't point my finger at. The way he delivers his words, the intensity and his facial expressions. He sounds dead serious about what he says. Specially when it comes to backstage segments. Specially when talking about being overlooked by HBK and Benoit for Taboo Tuesday, his promo before the Taker match at WM24 and the quasi-shoot on Matt Hardy before SummerSlam. Punk is a natural talker but I don't dig his smart-ass style much. He can deliver amazing promos at times, though. Most notably the infamous "pipebomb" shoot.)

Ring skills: Equal (I really don't think I can pick a better guy on this one. Both have their hits and their misses and neither have an "explainable" wrestling style. Given the right opponent, they can deliver but neither are going to be anywhere at the top of my "greatest wrestlers" list.)

Charisma: Don't know. Neither man are the ones that show their charisma naturally or stand-out for it like Cena, The Rock or Flair.

Characters: Ultimate Opportunist/Rated R Edge is awesome and what I'm going with. Punk had something going on with that "rebellious" Voice of the Voiceless character for about a month but otherwise, I'm not a fan. SES was also very one-dimensional and repetitive.

Look: Punk has one of the worst main eventer looks ever. Despite being so proudly Straight Edge, he looks like a homeless junkie and I don't know if he has an ounce of muscle in his body. No jokes. Edge is not exactly comparable to Batista or Mark Henry but he's got this one too.

Heel/Face: Edge is a better heel as shown by his 2005 character. He is just so despicable there, I actively root against him when watching the matches or segments. As a face, Edge is able to pull it off better since I just can't buy into Punk as a face at all. He was terrible as the sympathetic babyface in the Jericho feud and he was terrible at being Cena 2.0 with his terrible attempts at being corny.

Feuds: Both had their best feud with Cena but Edge is by far Cena's greatest rival ever so the answer is clear here. Unfortunately for Punk, his feud with Cena was cut short but it had a lot of potential. Since then, I couldn't have cared less about the restart of their feud because it is missing that natural chemistry from 2011.

Originally Posted by Clark Griswold View Post
Did you see Del Rio's moonsault from SD last night? It kinda owned. His enziguri late in the match was pretty sick too.
Haven't watched a single Smackdown since Orton got suspended, so you can bet on me missing it. I have watched a few matches here and there, almost exclusively Orton stuff but my answer is an obvious no. I'll have to go check it out now you mention it, though. A MOONSAULT from someone like Del Rio? He's a pure athlete but due to his height, I never expected that.

Originally Posted by Best In The North Pole View Post
From 2009-Present , do you know how many NEW WWE Champions there have been (that haven't won a world title in a previous year) ?

Three, and they've ALL been heels at the current time that they've won.
Let me guess, Miz, Del Rio & Sheamus?
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