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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
QOTD - Do you guys legit read commentary when you're reading a show or do you just kinda' skim through it to see if there's anything interesting or do you read it word for word like you would say a CM Punk promo. Reason being is that I personally, unless there's some chaos going on and what the commentators are saying could/would add a sense of atmosphere, I generally don't read commentary and ready the matches and promos. As well as that, from now on I'm writing my weekly shows without commentary and just briefly describing what the commentators are discussing or whatever, unless of course it adds to the show as a whole, in which case I'd write it out. I'm doing this simply because commentary is fucking draining eventually, and it does get pretty boring and monotonous.

tl;dr -
A) Do you read commentary in shows like you would a promo, skim read it to get a feel of it or completely skip it out because you can't be arsed?
B) If you don usually read the commentary and enjoy doing so, would you be put off or whatever if there wasn't commentary in there for whatever reason?

Edit: For anybody interested or anybody with an ounce of compassion in their hearts (), I shall be writing a lot more over the coming weeks and months because some pissed up, no-hope failure of a 16 stone bloke decided it'd be funny to diving shoulder barge me in my spine this morning, causing me to twist my ankle, leaving me with a 3rd degree ankle strain, rupturing almost all of the tendons and muscle fibers in my ankle. Gotta let it swell down before surgery, but my surgery is booked in for boxing day. So expect my thread to be rocking and rolling the next couple of months

Edit Edit: Lack of creativity and imagination poses this question. Hawkins and Reks tag team name please? Smarmy, opportunistic, wise-guys, generic heel team. Always running their mouth, always looking to get their name out there at anybody's expense, whether it's in the ring or just running them down on the microphone. You get the picture.
It depends what mood I'm in haha. If I am in a 'can't be arsed mood, I won't bother to read the commentary. I did go through a stage where I did what you described; by just summarizing what the commentators were saying when there was an entrance because it is easier.

It just seems like another one of those things where it is just what you find easier.

<3 Get Well Soon.
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