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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Played through the Mankind AE story today. All done except for the last bonus match with HHH and Kane in a cage. I can absolutely murder Kane without him reversing a damn thing except for throwing me off him when I try for the mounted punches challenge. Took me a fair few attempts to land all 10. Then the moment I did, the guy went all Cena on me. Reversing as much as possible, even landing a fucking Tombstone on me. No matter what I did to him (he should have been bloody brain damaged after all the attacks to the head I'd done at this point), he would get up and stop me from climbing out of the cage. Ever. Damn. Time. Didn't matter how many DDT's I landed, how many Spinebusters (Signature move since I can't use finishers for the challenge)... the guy just kept fucking going. Ended up turning the game off after 20 minutes .

Finally finished up my CAW too. He looks mostly the same as he has in the last couple of games . Move set isn't the greatest, but I did the best I could with what the game gives me. Created a finisher too. Much better than the crap I made last year . Pick the opponent up in a back breaker position, throw them onto my shoulders, lift them up and bring them down gut first into my knee, then on the rebound from that, suplex position and brainbuster to finish . Even gave Universe mode a try. I leave everything as it is pretty much, and only play as my CAW. Edited one match with him so I had a title match against Sheamus on SD. Won the belt, then at the PPV challenged Punk for the title and won, then defended the WHC against Bryan. Had a falls count anywhere match with Bryan on Raw the next night, then another match with Punk at the next PPV and an I Quit match with Bryan. And in between all this... I randomly had some sort of feud with Jack fucking Swagger . Match against Primo... Swagger attacks me from behind. The week after, match against Swagger. After the match he tries to attack me and I throw him out of the ring. Week after that... triple threat with Swagger and Primo, shake hands with Primo . Those are the only cut scenes I've had so far, and I've not had any options to do anything like beat the fuck out of Primo instead of shaking his hand .

Also, while playing Universe mode, I couldn't help but think that this isn't really anything new. I don't know why my mind has been blank for the last 2 years... but this is nothing more than the season mode from SD 2 and Raw 2 with a few more cut scenes and the ability to edit matches .
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