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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'm down for a series of matches as well. Is it just strictly WWF/E affiliated? How many matches as well are we talking series wise? 3 and above?

Truth be told I've seen a lot of WWF/E feuds in their entirety so I'll leave it someone else to maybe recommend something that may slip my mind. Hardy/Edge sounds like something I could do, since I adore the Summerslam war and haven't seen the Cage match for a good year and a bit. Can't remember much about their street fight on Raw and the Ladder match which ended the feud. Any other suggestions for feuds?

Can't remember much at all about Punk/Cena 8/22. NOC and Sheamus/Show are definitely the two best matches since Punk/Bryan in May. NOC is a really great take on the MITB match, with Punk now playing the well scouted and methodical champion who has a counter for everything Cena throws at him but grows increasingly frustrated with as Cena refuses to lie down. Some people had an issue with the amount of nearfalls, but truth be told its not that much different to how they paced the nearfalls in the MITB match (save for one spot where Cena does perhaps get up to early to hit a desperation move). Show/Sheamus is just evidence of how a remarkably simple formula when executed to perfection can lead to a great match.

Flair/Steamboat is a truly magical series. COTC is probably the best match as a whole, but something about the atmosphere and character dynamic in the Chi Town match makes me adore it. I also think it deserves praise for being their shortest match from the famed '89 series and yet still being in contention for their best. Can't forget about the House Show matches in Landover and Philly either.

Flair/Windham really can be considered a superior series, though I wouldn't begrudge anyone for preferring Flair/Steamboat. You still get a beautiful character contrast which dominates the sequences and transitions and makes for a constant story which adds meaning and depth to the match as a whole. Plus 1987 Barry Windham might be the most naturally talented wrestler I've ever seen.

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