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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

Thoughts & Predictions

Rob Van Dam -c- Vs. Kenny King
- This one suffers from rushing someone into the contenders spot. It is a case that is all too typical in this day and age. Win one match and you get the title shot. It's that simple! However, I am glad that they've brought Kenny King back and hopefully he shows off well enough to get featured more often. I'll go with Rob Van Dam to retain.

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez -c- Vs. Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan
- Yet another case of rushing a contender, probably due to the fact that the tag team division doesn't have a whole lot of depth at the moment. I like how TNA handled Joey Ryan's introduction and quest to get a contract with TNA. Since then though he has been rushed into two straight title matches with little build where as if it were up to me, he would probably still be on the path to facing RVD for the title next month. Oh well, this is our tag title match and hopefully it is good. I wouldn't be shocked if Ryan & Morgan actually won the titles and that is who I'll go with. It just seems like the more interesting option and they've put way more into Ryan & Morgan as characters than they have Chavo & Hernandez (BTW, isn't it strange that Morgan & Hernandez is happening AGAIN?!?!).

Tara -c- Vs. Mickie James
- We've seen this match a dozen times, but it is nice to see Mickie back on TV and on PPV. And the matches these two had together in 2010 were some of the best womens matches TNA has ever produced (not up to the level of Kong/Gail, but still pretty solid). I don't see Tara losing the title here as they seem to want to push her as the top girl for now, so I'll pick her to win it.

Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, & Garrett Bischoff Vs. The Aces & Eights
- I think we can count on Devon & DOC being two of the four members. After that, it is anybody's guess. Anyways, I don't see The Aces & Eights getting beat here as they seem to want to keep building their heat. It'll be interesting to see how they do it though. I think most of us are expecting Brisco & Bischoff to ultimately be revealed as members of the group. I wouldn't be surprised if they did that here, maybe even do a bit where Wes & Garrett get "taken out" in some unseen attack, forcing Joe & Angle to go at it 4 on 2 and then Wes & Garrett help out As&Es and are unmasked after the match. I'm just throwing ideas out there.

Austin Aries Vs. Bully Ray
- The storyline is stupid. Immensely stupid. I could not possibly care any less if Brooke Hogan & Bully Ray are having an affair. It makes no difference to the show or to me and it just feels like yet another weak attempt to create soap opera drama, which they failed miserably at with the Claire Lynch angle just a few months ago. All of that said, it feels like they are going to build up Aries as a top heel rather than what we had gotten at Bound for Glory & Turning Point which felt like more of a rush job. The Lockdown Main Event is most likely going to be Aries/Hardy III and they are probably going to start him off on that run right here, so count on an Aries victory. I expect a very good match though as the bout they had at Sacrifice earlier this year was damn good.

AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels
- They are calling it "One Last Time" and I pray to God they are telling the truth. I can't take this match anymore. Yes they have good matches. Yes they work well together. But for heaven's sake, we have seen this match more times that I feel I can only describe it in hyperbolic terminology. For me, the best way to go here would be to have Christopher Daniels finally get a significant PPV victory over AJ, and then continue the AJ Styles storyline where he feels like he's lost his touch in whatever direction they want to go in.

Jeff Hardy -c- Vs. Bobby Roode
- Well Hardy ain't losing the belt. This is just a throwaway title match that they slapped on because they feel like they have to have a World Title match and Roode is their best heel, so bing bang boom, there you go. Hardy will win in what I am sure will be a good match between these two (I thought they had a very good match at Genesis earlier this year minus the DQ finish).

So yeah, this card isn't bad, but it is very rematch heavy and doesn't have a whole lot of intrigue surrounding it. It feels very "paint by numbers" formula stuff which is kind of a disappointing way to close out the PPV year for the company.


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