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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by ShowStopper '97 View Post
Yeah, I'm the same way. Can't watch something that long on my computer. And I have a pretty good sized screen. But I need that big-screen TV experience to take in a match for the first time. I feel like if I were to watch that match (or any good match) on a computer screen for the first time, I wouldn't be doing it justice. I am a very visual person, so maybe that's part of it. I have to see that match. Might try to put it on DVD sometime this weekend.
Small screen doesn't bother me. I watch stuff on a tiny portable DVD a lot. Same with quality. I'll watch anything regardless of quality as long as it's watchable. My toddlerhood (NOW A WORD) was fuzzy tapings of Sesame Street and Power Rangers. I do sort of agree with the bold part. I've watched matches on computer and actually wanted to turn it off because it was on a computer. I haven't re-watched them and might be underrating some of them.

Originally Posted by #PaulHeymanGuy View Post
We should all individually tackle a different series of matches for the holiday season. Could be a pretty damn fun idea,
I like this idea. I'll probably do Rey/Punk because they had plenty of matches, but I can't remember many of them and I want to watch more 2010 WWE. I remember Armageddon 2008, WM26 and SD 2/12/10. IDK how many else I've watched. I'd kinda like to do Rey/Jericho, Taker/Orton HHH/Big Show and Taker/Big Show, too. Fuck I'm at a point in my wrestling life where I'm up for anything. I've been watching random 2012 indies with guys I've never heard of lately and really digging it. Does someone have a random, out of the blue 2000s WWE feud/series that no one talks about? I'd like to do that. I've never seen the Paul London v Akio stuff, maybe I'll jump on that. Or something UMAGA did.

I dare sometime to do HHH/Michaels.

I've watched like every Punk/Cena at this point. Including house show ones (which were fun but didn't really GRAB me). Did people watch the 8/22/11 Raw one? That was really good shit.

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