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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Davion McCool View Post

What you have to understand about Mox/Ambrose is that he tends to want incredibly violent things, for no good reason other than he wants them. That is his character. It's awesome.

He once wrestled a tag match against a team from the comedy american lucha company CHIKARA, that included their founder, Mike Quackenbush (the dude in my sig). As well as being famous as a master of 1000 holds and one of the finest technicians on the planet, Quackenbush has also brought a brand of family friendly, laid back silly wrestling to the current indie scene.

In a promo for this random match, Ambrose (then Moxley) screamed "I WANT TO KNOW WHAT MIKE QUACKENBUSH'S BLOOD TASTES LIKE. Because he couldn't tell you".

Now he is in WWE, I bet Ambrose is already pondering what Santino Morella's blood tastes like, or what noise Rey Misterio makes when you break one of his fingers. He likes to hurt people. He really, really likes it.
Keep the Chikara plugs coming...

Missed that tag match. Didn't even know Moxley got to lock up again Quack or members of the Chikara crew. Damn he would have been a GREAT foil to the company. Much like how Kevin Steen was for this year.

He'll probably be a good foil for the aspects that are meant to be oriented towards the PG/kid element. Like you stated with Santino & Mysterio. I could see an assault on Brodus Clay while dancing. All b/c he'd want to end the fun and replace it with misery.

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