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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Clark Griswold View Post
Shit, I forgot about Benjamin, how the fuck did I do that? It really worked wonders getting guys like Punk and Bourne over and hell, it saved Morrison and Miz's careers, imo. Makes me rather happy that Hulu Plus which I have for the next two months has every ECW from 2008 to the end. I liked Tatsu. He was different and pretty good in the ring. He even got the win in that WM 26 battle royal.

Would love to see Goldust back. He was in great shape before. I don't think he does Superstars much anymore but I love how they got him into the WHC feud for a little bit.
We seem to forgot about these wrestlers who had gold motifs while on ECW. (Goldust & Gold Standard...bad joke?)

It made Miz's career for me. I wasn't a fan until he made his way onto ECW. After that I was sold.

Oooh. Go watch as many ECW's from 2009 as you can. I did it via dailymotion. The quality on some were questionable so your outlet is the clear winner. Glad I got to relive it though. That's the fun part.

Tatsu was cool. ECW made me care and like him. It probably could have been the same if they used any face in that situation. That's my point on how well ECW made people look credible. Everyone on there could really be considered legit to some degree. Remember VANCE ARCHER? Ok, his run wasn't much. But, seeing Hoyt for a tiny bit was still worthy for me.

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
I really don't know about that. This year has just been awful from every angle. Even the only good part of it (Road to WM) isn't what it's made out to be. Rock/Cena was disappointing with all the "Dwayne" and twitter bullshit, End of an Era was the three legends cutting the same promo every week and the rest of the stuff were completely irrelevant. They were coasting in the first two months then after Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar kept things relevant for a while before things went to shit after Extreme Rules. It's not even mindless Punk hating, I just have had absolutely no reason to care about anything this year that didn't involve part-timers. Cena/Laurinaitis/Big Show was fucking boring, Punk's love triangle with AJ and Bryan was horrendous (not Punk's fault here, the angle was just awful), Raw 1000 was good but Punk's heel turn was the most underwhelming choice they could have made going forward. Because the "shooting" stuff was hot for one month back in 2011. Now, instead he became a one-dimensional whiner about demanding respect and since then, it's become a one-man show. Unfortunately, the one man it's centered around has not done anything worthy of making it watchable. I really think everyone who makes the cliché "I only watch for Punk" comment is hopeless.
I watch for CM Punk.

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