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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Clark Griswold View Post
I feel like a Cesaro/Mysterio feud could elevate Cesaro so much. Rey Rey still has tons of credibility.

Thought Burchill was hilarious as the pirate but then he came back even better as a heel. He was sort of delegated to jobbing in ECW but his matches were still usually fun. I don't know if I ever saw Christian/Dreamer from NOC. As a matter of fact, I think I've only seen Punk/Hardy from that show. Their other matches were good though, I agree there. I found the original ECW pretty damn fun, but I couldn't be happier with how ECW turned out when it got revived. Such a nice alternative, but not the alternative everyone was expecting.

I miss the occasional Goldust match out of nowhere. Now we get it with Regal though.
Absolutely. Mysterio might not be exactly at the level he once was at. That's life though. Mysterio proved with the right opponent he can still do something worth seeing. vs Danielson for example. Cesaro could leave that looking like a star. Already did vs Sheamus in a sense. (he lost via countout only)

Pirate Paul Burchill was probably my guilty pleasure of 2006. I loved the hell out of that gimmick. He got over too. Look at the crowd. Facts don't lie. He was a jobber the majority of his ECW stint. At least during the program vs Helms he got some wins in there.

NOC is decent/solid. Has it's high points and it's low points. Low points being the two pathetic divas matches. Fuck me they were bad. Christian/Dreamer is oddly on the lower part of the show. It was just there. Kind of the definintion of a uneventful bout. Luckily Christian won and went on to rule the rest of the year. Granted he was ruling plenty at that point.

Excellent point on ECW being the alternative. It wasn't "EC-DUB" like it tried to be the first 6 months of it's existence. Which I do give credit to Vince for. They gave those fans a little something instead of nothing. Once Paul Heyman left it changed. That's fitting. It was meant to be the off-beat/different brand used elevate younger wrestlers without getting lost in the shuffle on the other brands. Morrison sure as hell benefited from going there. CM Punk debuting on it of course worked wonders. Got time to establish himself and get over with the fans. Matt Hardy, Mark Henry, & from a non-championship push perspective Finlay all got great rubs off the brand too. Oh, and EVAN BOURNE. Great outlet for him. When ECW become a completely new star oriented roster it was stellar. Leading the roster was Christian & Regal respectively which allowed the younger guys to follow behind in a fashion that helped everyone out. Then you had vets like Goldust (who needed it), Dreamer & Shelton all adding to the crop. Dammit I loved that show. That brand made someone like Yoshi Tatsu instantly credible. It's too bad what happened for him. His months on ECW were booked really, really well. They knew what they were doing there. That's the real positive I'm pointing out.

Sad when I heard Goldust departed with the company for what feels like about the tenth time. Hope there could be a window to come back. More random Regal bouts please. I'm partial of course. Idc if they happen on Superstars only either. I'll take that. His tag on Smackdown in England was quality.

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