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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

Originally Posted by Seven Sheps a-swimming View Post

It's Aries trying to get in Bully's head again but for totally different reasons. The story behind this is real solid and has Aries in a cocky role and Bully wanting to pulverise him, much like Sacrifice but at the same time everything's changed. Seriously hoping they just get the time to go out there and tear the house down because it's not like the ppv is accomplishing anyway, at least give me a MOTYC and no Hogans. plz
Very good point. That's why the dynamic this time is intriguing. At the root of who Bully and Aries are as characters, physically and in personality remain. Only now it is not only about the competition but with the Brooke/Hulk aspect thrown in the mix it adds another layer and makes the bout more personal. I liked the determination Aries had to attain reciprocity against the Bully at Sacrifice. Aries' "cockiness" then was David's defiance of Goliath's power. This time Aries "cockiness" is of evil intent and Bully will use everything in his power to smash this little prick finally after all the insults and prying into his relationship (whatever it is) with Brooke. I also share your feelings that the match should go 1 on 1 in its entirety with plenty of time. Do the added angle stuff with Brooke/Hulk afterward.

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