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Default Re: Forced Religion = Child Abuse.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Tell me is do you call other men often in internet women and bitches because that makes you feel like you talk to a girl?
That girl that told you that necrophilia is great, was that actually a man you call a girl?
Is that the reason why you are so obsessed with assholes and that you post in the WoW section whenever someone posts an ass?
Was that maybe the reason why you decided to be Atheist because religious people are not allowed to lick assholes?
Lol dude you keep making shitty jokes to run away from not being able to reply to me for shit each time I prove you wrong.Ok sunshine I'll play along.

Yeah the chick who liked necrophilia was a chick,She was with me in school back in Kuwait and since I was close to my friends in Kuwait we'd tell each other everything.

Also dumbass,I've NEVER stated I want to lick "assholes" just buttcheeks.Licking buttcheeks is not the equivalent of licking assholes.

And another thing,In islam drinking is not allowed and I still hate drinking and will never drink,Thats one thing I like about islam so no I did not leave islam to be "free",You're pathetic trying to convince yourself every assumption you can think of is real because you live in a bubble of stupidity.

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