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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22
Hey guys, it's skinny fuck me again. Ok, so i started to lift really seriously back in September. Now, I'm doing this at home. All I have is a barbell and a bench. So my exercises consist of variations to bench press, barbell curls, bent over barbrell reps, squats and the bench machine has a leg exercise thing attached to it.

I started off benching 40lbs, now I'm at 50. Started off curling 20lbs, now I can get 2 good sets out of 25lbs and then finish up with some 20s. Bent over rows went up from 25lbs to 30lbs. Squats went from 25lbs to 30lbs.

And I know it's only 3 months but I'm lifting more right, so shouldn't my body reflect that a little? I'm expecting too like John Cena over night here but to me I haven't made a single damn gain in size since Spetmeber. So when the hell would it start to look like I actually do start working out? I've seen people make some damn good progress in 3 months (people that I actually know) so what the fuck's the problem with me?
First and foremost, you should be running a split for maximum hypertrophy. Secondly, you need to eat. I seriously hope that you're not doing bench, curls, rows, squats, and leg extensions every single time you work out. More like back and biceps on Monday, chest and triceps on Wednesday, and Legs on Friday to start off until you find what works for you.

Also, you can do a lot more with a barbell than the exercises listed.

Off the top of my head, try throwing in these exercises and variations if you haven't already:
Stiff legged deadlift
Military press
Behind the neck press
Behind the back shrugs
Forearm curls
Reverse forearms curls
Behind the back forearm curls
Hack squat
Upright rows
Reverse grip curls
Walking lunges
Power clean (get the technique down with an empty bar first)
Weighted calf raises

Using the weight plates:

Wrist rollers
Steering wheel
Weighted sit-ups
Weighted push ups
Weighted dips
Donkey calf raises

All in all, you should really focus on the big three: bench, squat, and deadlift. Operate on a serious clean caloric surplus. You can look at i$e's signature for the basics of a bulk. Look into investing some money into a weight gainer if you are truly that thin such as Optimum's Serious Mass that you take in addition to 3 solid meals a day and a snack or two (peanut butter and jelly with a glass of milk, yogurt, fruit and peanut butter, etc).

Originally Posted by Deck the skyfalls View Post

don't know how you can safely squat with only a bench
He may have the multi position barbell frame that allows him to adjust the barbell vertically.

pullups are the best
Indeed. Calisthenics should never be totally phased out of a muscle building routine.

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