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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Impact Zone
Orlando, Florida

Off the heels of a very exciting Madison Square Garden show, Impact Wrestling returns to the Impact Zone. Tonight’s show begins with a video recap of last week’s action. As expected, the video once again focuses heavily on the interactions between Jeff Jarrett and the New World Order. The video starts off covering the in-ring confrontation between Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash. It then transitions to Samoa Joe volunteering to take on the N.W.O. by himself and the match between A.J. Styles and Kevin Nash. The video then finishes up with a long look at the T.V. title match between Kurt Angle and Raven, highlighting the wild finish which involved Raven winning via a distraction by Matt Morgan and Scott Steiner and then being attacked from behind by Abyss. Once that’s all done, the opening music video begins and the show kicks off.

Once the pyro has finished up, the cameras pan over the entire Impact Zone and then move to the announcer’s desk where Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to tonight’s broadcast. They give a rundown of all of tonight’s action, focusing heavily on the main event between A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe. Once they are finished with their opening hype, the music of the new T.V. champion Raven begins to play.

Raven steps out of the entrance tunnel with the T.V. title fastened around his waist. He pauses for a brief few moments to pose for the crowd before slowly making his way down to the ring. Once inside the ring, he demands a microphone.

Raven: Well, what can I say? I’ve once again made history; I’m once again going down in the record books, what else is new? You’d expect at a moment like this, winning a title, being the first person ever to hold that title, would be a moment of joy and I’m sure it would be for most wrestlers but as you all know, I’m not most wrestlers. I’ve tried to be excited about this, I really have. I spent hours alone pondering what this means but my mind remains clouded. Something is causing me pain and sorrow and that something is “The Monster” Abyss. Ever since I beat Abyss in the first round of the tournament a little over a month ago, he’s been trying to attack me and last week he succeeded but why? Why Abyss? Have I not been nothing but good to you over the years? Tell me Abyss, please?

Raven looks around the Impact Zone for a few brief moments before returning to try and speak. But before he can say anything more, he is interrupted by the theme music of Abyss. “The Monster” himself emerges from the entrance tunnel and makes a bee line right towards the ring and Raven. Abyss then enters the ring and gets right in Raven’s face.

Raven: Wow, you’re a lot taller than I remember.

Abyss doesn’t seem amused, he remains focused on Raven. Raven then takes a step back so he can speak again.

Raven: Any way, Abyss, I’m not mad at you or anything, I just want to know. What’s been going on in that big ol’ head of yours that’s been making you want to attack me?

Abyss remains silent.

Raven: I really don’t care what it is; I just want you to tell me.

Abyss then grabs the microphone right out of Raven’s hand and starts to speak.

Abyss: Because he told me to!

Raven has another microphone handed to him from the outside.

Raven: Who’s he? God? Buddha? Jesus? Who?

His name is not important right now.

Raven: Ok, ok, fine…Could you do me this one favor then?

Abyss doesn’t say anything; he just sort of nods his head.

Raven: Tell this “he” that if you or he wanted a fight, all you had to do was ask and I would have gladly given you a fight.

Again, Abyss doesn’t say anything.

Raven: Ok, I’ll make this easy for you then; I’ll spare you the anxiety. There is a big event coming up, it’s called Victory Road, I’m sure you’ve heard of it? Since I am a champion once again, it’s required of me to defend my title every so often and Victory Road is the perfect place and you’d be the perfect opponent. Simply put, you against me for the T.V. title at Victory Road, what do you say?

Abyss then grabs Raven and pulls him closer to him.

I say yes!

Abyss’ music begins to play as Abyss exits the ring, leaving Raven standing alone. The camera cuts away just as Raven is picking up his title and leaving.

Cutting to the back, we see Christopher Daniels desperately trying to locate a tag team partner for his upcoming match against Kazarian and Mistico. If he is unable to find a partner, he will be forced to take them on by himself. Luckily for Daniels, he spots Desmond Wolfe in the distance.

Christopher Daniels: Yo Desmond!

Desmond turns to face Daniels but doesn’t say anything.

Christopher Daniels: Dude I’ve got a huge favor to ask of you, you’re the last person, please say yes…Will you be my partner?

Desmond looks at him kind of funny.

Desmond Wolfe: Umm, sorry little buddy, I don’t swing that way.

Christopher Daniels:
Not that kind of partner, ya perv! I meant will you be my tag team partner, against Kazarian and Mistico?

Desmond doesn’t say anything; he just gets a look on his face like he’s pondering it deeply.

Desmond Wolfe: Oh, why not?

Christopher Daniels:
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Desmond Wolfe:
Alright, alright, enough. Let’s get going before I change my mind.

Daniels then quickly runs off camera as Desmond follows him slowly behind.


Match #1: Christopher Daniels & Desmond Wolfe vs. Kazarian & Mistico

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the very first match of the night, a tag team match featuring the team of the X Division Champion Kazarian and the luchador Mistico taking on the newly formed team of Christopher Daniels and Desmond Wolfe. It will be interesting to see how both teams work together, seeing as this is all four men’s first ever times working together. Daniels is the first man out to the ring, followed shortly thereafter by Desmond Wolfe. Mistico is the next man out to the ring and last but not least, the X Division Champion Kazarian.

Daniels and Kazarian start off the match in the ring for their respective teams. As expected, both sides have a difficult time at first trying to work together. There are communication issues between Kazarian and Mistico and compatibility problems with Daniels and Desmond. Kazarian and Mistico are the first team to break through the awkward stage and start working better together. They abandon their previous strategy and use a strategy based more on non-verbal cues which benefit them greatly. They move very quickly which not only confuses Daniels and Desmond but gets the fans excited as well. With the fans now behind them, they start ratcheting up the pressure even more on their opponents. At this point in the match it appears Desmond employs a “what the hell?” type of attitude, dropping trying to work with Daniels and going in to business for himself. Using a slight power and wrestling advantage, he goes at his opponents full bore, knocking whatever wind they had right out of their sails. He then follows that up with a series of submission like moves, aimed to wear them down even further. Desmond has the momentum clearly in his favor at this point; things are going very well until Daniels decides to intervene. Thinking he needs his turn, he interrupts Desmond’s series of moves to try his own. A fight between the two ensues which obviously gives Kazarian and Mistico an opportunity to rest and regroup. Once the fight is over, Desmond turns around and runs right into a flurry of offense. First Kazarian goes to work on him then hands it over to Mistico who does the rest. After hitting Desmond with a series of quick strikes, Mistico follows that up with a hurricanrana and a pin attempt for a 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Kazarian & Mistico

Following their victory, Kazarian & Mistico celebrate together in the middle of the ring while Desmond and Daniels resume their argument from a few minutes ago. The two don’t argue for long, apparently deciding that it’s not worth the effort, soon going their separate ways. Once all four men have exited the ring, the camera cuts away.

Going backstage, specifically to Jeff Jarrett’s office, we see Jeff Jarrett at his desk when Kurt Angle comes barging in.

Kurt Angle: I want them both Jeff, I want to kick both of their asses!

Jeff Jarrett: First of all, calm down Kurt.

Kurt Angle: Calm down? They cost me the T.V. title last week Jeff!

Jeff Jarrett: Ok first of all, I’m the interim general manager around here and you have no right to raise your voice towards me like that, understood?

Kurt just nods his head.

Jeff Jarrett: And secondly, I seen what happened and although I agree that they shouldn’t have come down to the ring like that while a match was going on, you were the one that allowed yourself to get distracted, they did nothing to cause you that match.

Kurt Angle: Nothing? Come on man!

Jeff Jarrett: Look at the tapes yourself; you’ll see what I mean.

Kurt Angle:
Alright fine then, I’ll just go and take matters in to my own hands.

Kurt then tries to exit Jeff’s office but Jeff stops him just in time.

Jeff Jarrett: Kurt wait. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll give you both of them but you’ll have to wait until Victory Road.

Kurt Angle:
As long as I can get my hands on those bastards I don’t care when it happens.

Jeff Jarrett: I want to make things a little interesting, instead of going two on one, I’m going to make this a triple threat match and to add it more on top of that, whoever wins the match will go on to Bound for Glory and the King of the Mountain.

Kurt Angle: Fine by me but I still want to get my hands on at least one of them tonight.

Jeff Jarrett: Ok, you’ve caught me in a giving mood. I need another match for tonight anyway, how about you and Steiner?

Kurt Angle: Bring it on!

Jeff Jarrett:
Now I have a lot of business to take care of so if you’ll excuse me.

Jeff picks up the phone and Kurt walks out of the room as the camera cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling cuts right in to a promo by the New World Order. In this promo, no one is speaking; rather it’s a look back at their brief time in Impact Wrestling and a look forward to their match against Samoa Joe at Victory Road. Although the video does not come right out and say it, it does hint to the fact that there might be more to everything than meets the eye.

Match #2: Amazing Red vs. Kevin Nash

Cutting away from the N.W.O. promo and back to the ring area, we see Amazing Red is already in the ring, ready to face off against his much larger opponent, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. The N.W.O.’s music hits and Kevin Nash makes his way to the ring. Nash enters the ring, expecting Amazing Red to be scared out of his mind but Red stands firm and refuses to be intimidated.

Once the match starts, Amazing Red refuses to back down. Using his speed advantage and Kevin’s lack of complete mobility, Amazing Red attempts to wear Kevin down with a series of several tiny strikes, hoping that the effort that Kevin exerts trying to catch him will work towards his favor. Red’s plan works very well, he remains out of Kevin’s reach for quite some time but unfortunately he can’t keep this up for very long. Once Kevin manages to catch him, it’s all over. With one powerful big boot to Amazing Red’s face knocking him out, Kevin finishes him off by picking him up and hitting a powerful jackknife power bomb which he obviously follows up with a pin attempt which gets him the victory.

Winner: Kevin Nash

An impressive show of power and strength by Kevin Nash, netting him an important victory going in to Victory Road. Medical staff check on the condition of Amazing Red as Kevin Nash exits the ring. Nash stops in the middle of the ramp for a brief second to look back at the ring and then he continues on. Just as he is entering the tunnel, the camera cuts away.

In this segment, we see Paul London and Brian Kendrick in their locker room, pacing back and forth as Tommy Mercer watches.

Brian Kendrick:
What are we going to do, what are we going to do?

Paul London: I don’t know man, I don’t know; let me think for a minute will ya?

Brian Kendrick: But we don’t have a minute, we need to think of something now!

Paul London:
I know, I know. Ugh, this wasn’t part of the plan at all!

London and Kendrick continue pacing back and forth when suddenly it looks like Tommy Mercer’s had enough. He stands up, grabs both Paul and Brian and slaps both of them in the face.

Paul London:
Thanks, we needed that. Now let’s get focused, we’ve got a match up next.

Now alert and focused on the task at hand, London and Kendrick get up and exit the ring, with Tommy Mercer following right behind them.


Match #3: London & Kendrick w/ Tommy Mercer vs. The New Mega Powers

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for match #3 tonight. It is the second tag team contest of the evening featuring the team of The New Mega Powers, Jay Lethal and Eric Young, taking on the team of London and Kendrick who are making their in-ring Impact Wrestling debuts. The New Mega Powers, who have already gained quite a following amongst the fans, are the first team out to the ring. Obviously following them are their opponents, London & Kendrick. London & Kendrick do not dash to the ring as they have in the past; rather they take the time to continue to strategize about their upcoming match. Eventually they make their way to the ring and the match can begin.

Off the bat, neither team gets a real significant advantage. London & Kendrick have been working together much longer than Lethal and Young have so they should be dominating but they’re not. Rather they are taking their time, still trying to figure out what to do which is also apparently throwing The New Mega Powers off their game as well. Since London & Kendrick seem to be going back and forth over what they want to do, Lethal and Young seem to be doing the same. Neither team wants to take the offensive approach, instead deciding on taking the defensive approach instead. This gridlock seems to want to go on forever but luckily for the fans watching, one team decides to break it and that team is The New Mega Powers. Eric Young “Hulks up” and starts to take command of the match for his team. He tags in Jay Lethal and “Black Machismo” takes over right where Eric left off. The momentum of the match quickly shifts over to The New Mega Powers. As the crowd favorite from the start, it’s easy for The New Mega Powers to get the crowd on their side and once they do, it’s all over. After a brief back and forth, The New Mega Powers hit their combo finisher, a big boot and leg drop by Eric Young, followed up by a flying elbow off the top rope by Jay Lethal who caps it off with a pin and the victory.

Winners: The New Mega Powers

Immediately following the match, Lethal and Young stand in the center of the ring and start posing for the fans. They are not posing long however when, as expected, Tommy Mercer attacks them from behind. London and Kendrick soon join in. The three continue their beat down of Lethal and Young until The Motor City Machine Guns come running out of the entrance tunnel with steel chairs in hand. The three quickly disperse, exiting the ring right before The Guns make it. The two teams have a stare down as the camera cuts to the back.

Cutting to the back, we see Impact Wrestling’s backstage interviewer Mick Foley standing by with “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles.

Mick Foley: So A.J., there’s been a lot of talk recently that you might not be as focused as you should be on your upcoming world title match. Care to comment on that?

A.J. Styles: Yes, I would like to comment. I’d just like to say that I find it amazing that people who have never met me seem to think that they know exactly what’s going on inside my head when the only person who knows what’s going on inside my head is me.

Mick Foley: People just say that your recent involvement with the New World Order has taken your focus away.

A.J. Styles: I got involved against the New World Order because I needed to be. Jeff needed my help stopping those guys, it’s that simple.

Mick Foley: But is that something that you really should be doing?

A.J. Styles: You know, I’m amazed. I figured people would be cheering me, encouraging me for standing up against those guys but no, I’m getting this. I’m getting judged, having people tell me what I should be doing, blah blah blah.

Mick Foley: I think everyone’s just concerned about you is all.

A.J. Styles: Well they shouldn’t be. I’m fine!

A.J. then storms off, leaving Mick Foley alone as the camera cuts to commercial.


Before Impact Wrestling resumes in-ring action, a brief promo is shown hyping up the debut of the new female only show Knock Out: Women’s Pro Wrestling which debuts April 7th on Spike T.V. The promo only lasts thirty seconds. Once it’s done, the camera finally cuts to the ring area.

Match #4: Doug Williams w/ Brutus Magnus vs. James Storm w/ Robert Roode

Match #4 tonight is the first of two singles matches between the two teams that will be competing for the world tag team championship at Victory Road. On one side representing the champions The British Invasion we have Doug Williams. On the other side we have James Storm, representing the challengers Beer Money. Both teams will be looking to gain precious momentum going in to Victory Road. First man out to the ring today is “The Cowboy” James Storm, flanked by his Beer Money partner Robert Roode. Next is the champion Doug Williams, followed closely behind by Brutus Magnus.

Initially the momentum of the match seems to be in “The Cowboy”’s favor. Everything he throws lands and at the same time, everything Doug Williams tries ends up failing or not being as effective. The hopes for a quick and easy victory seem easily in hand. But not so fast my friend. Just as James Storm is continuing to build his lead, Doug Williams’ offense starts to hit more and more effectively. The effects are not apparent at first but as the match drags on, he becomes more and more effective with his moves, to the point where the match is now evenly split. No longer does James Storm have the momentum. Also not playing in to Storm’s favor is the fact that Doug Williams is just as good of a brawler as he is. Now 50/50, the two start trading punches and strikes back and forth. Both partners on the outside are now starting to shout words of encouragement and advice to hopefully try and help their partners in the ring. Doug Williams is able to use this to his advantage whereas the communication problems that have been plaguing Beer Money lately continues. Instead of focusing 100% on his opponent, James Storm briefly takes his eye off the ball to argue with Robert Roode on the outside. This gives Doug Williams an opportunity to seize the momentum for good which he does. Seeing the right moment to strike, Doug Williams gets James Storm in position for the Chaos Theory finisher which he hits beautifully, following that up with an equally beautiful cover for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Doug Williams

Following the match, The British Invasion celebrates in the middle of the ring while Beer Money is left to ponder yet another defeat. Beer Money collects themselves and starts walking towards the back. The Brits soon follow.

Going away from the ring area, the broadcast cuts to an odd promo, prepared by “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. It is a promo showing him training in MMA in preparation for his match against Bobby Lashley at Victory Road. The Pope is narrating it as well even, saying he’s doing all he can to get ready for his match, even going so far as to say that in his brief training he’s become an even better MMA fighter than Bobby Lashley himself. Bold words indeed. Once the promo is finished, Impact Wrestling cuts to commercial.


Match #5: Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner

Coming back from commercial it is now time for match #5 tonight. This match was made earlier in the night by Jeff Jarrett when Kurt Angle stormed in to his office and demanded he get his hands on at least Scott Steiner or Matt Morgan. Not only did Kurt Angle get this match tonight against Scott Steiner but he gets a shot at both Morgan and Steiner upcoming at Victory Road. First out to the ring is Kurt Angle, coming up through the entrance ramp and everything. Once Kurt makes his way to the ring he waits for Steiner to show. Scott’s music doesn’t play which raises questions over whether or not he was going to show. Eventually that question is answered when Steiner comes through the crowd. Angle notices him and heads right towards him.

These two former Main Event Mafia members go head to head. Steiner is not even over the guard rail yet when Angle jumps him. The ref pulls Angle off of Steiner, fearing that if he let the brawl go on it would endanger the fans. Angle allows Steiner to get over the guard rail and once he does the fight resumes. Scott gets very little offense in, unable to really get going after being jumped like he was. Angle takes Steiner all around the ring area, tossing him in to the guard rail and steel steps repeatedly. Eventually the action finally enters the ring where Angle continues his assault on Steiner. This time, instead of tossing him around, Angle uses his arsenal of submission holds to wear on Steiner further. Like a sadistic madman, Angle does not allow Steiner to tap out rather he gets him right to that point and then switches his hold. He repeats this until Steiner is nearly motionless. Reveling in the pain he has caused, Angle moves in for the kill. But before he can, Matt Morgan starts walking down the entrance ramp. Repeating his mistake from last week, Kurt takes his eyes off of Steiner to focus on Matt Morgan which allows Steiner to concoct a plan. With the ref focused on Angle and not him, Steiner pulls out what looks like brass knuckles from the inside of his pants. Steiner then uses those knuckles to hit Angle in the back of the head. With Angle knocked out, Steiner then gets him in position for the Steiner Recliner. Since Angle is motionless, it is not long before the ref calls for the bell.

Winner via Submission: Scott Steiner

Kurt Angle once again lets distractions get the best of him, costing him an important victory. Matt Morgan finally enters the ring and joins Steiner as they stare at the knocked out cold Kurt Angle. Medics check on Angle as Steiner and Morgan remain over him, obviously enjoying what they have done. Impact Wrestling then cuts to commercial.


Match #6: A.J. Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Main event time! Coming back from commercial, it is time for the final match of the night featuring A.J. Styles taking on Samoa Joe. Both men are involved in extremely important matches come Victory Road, with Styles being involved in the world title match and Joe being involved in the match to determine if the N.W.O. stays or go, so it’ll be interesting to see how each man is able to focus. First out to the ring is “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles who got angry when he was pressed by Mick Foley about his focus as of late. Next is “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. Joe darts straight towards the ring, not wasting any time.

The match starts off very even with Styles and Joe going back and forth, each seeming to have each other well scouted. That evenness doesn’t last for very long however as Joe, with a sudden surge of energy, takes command of the match. To A.J.’s credit he doesn’t seem to be focused on anything else but Samoa Joe; however he’s still in a bad spot right now. A.J. knows firsthand that when Joe builds up a head of steam, it’s nearly impossible for him to be stopped. But A.J. will need a miracle at this point to stop Joe’s momentum. That miracle ends up coming from an unlikely source when Samoa Joe notices that Eric Bischoff has been watching him from the crowd the whole time. Joe takes his eyes off of Styles for a brief second before returning to A.J. The distraction of Bischoff in the audience managed to pause Joe for a second but it was not nearly enough to slow him down. Styles tries fighting back but Joe has too much momentum going, it’s only a matter of time before Joe finishes him off. That moment comes as Joe gets Styles in position for the Muscle Buster. After a brief struggle and re-adjustment, Joe hits it. He then covers A.J. and gets the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Samoa Joe

Following the match, as the referee raises Joe’s hand, Joe stares down Eric Bischoff who is now standing up and applauding Joe’s victory. The two stare at each other for a few seconds before Joe breaks that by heading towards the back. Now alone in the middle of the ring, A.J. Styles appears to lose it. He pulls at his hair, he yells at the referee, he shakes the ropes, he has a fit pretty much. All of a sudden Jeff Hardy appears out of the entrance tunnel and comes down to try and get A.J. to calm down. The sight of Hardy does manage to calm A.J. down a little. Hardy enters the ring and comes face to face with A.J., still trying to get him calmed down. Once A.J. appears to have mellowed, Hardy extends his hand. A.J. looks at it and all of a sudden out of nowhere he loses it again, attacking Hardy by surprise. Styles only beats on Hardy for a few seconds before coming to his senses. Once he realizes what he’s done, he quickly exits the ring. The show fades to black with a shot of a very upset Styles walking to the back as Hardy slowly stands up.

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